Parents Are Appalled By This Neighbor’s Letter Telling Their Children To Keep Quiet From 7am-7pm

Living in close quarters with noisy children can sometimes lead to tension with neighbors.

From playful shrieks to boisterous games, the sound of children at play can easily travel through walls and floors, causing disturbances for those nearby.

This can be particularly challenging for families residing in apartments or townhouses where noise can be more easily heard by neighbors.

In such situations, finding a balance between allowing children to express themselves and being considerate of neighbors' peace and quiet can be a delicate task.

However, parents were left horrified after their neighbor sent a threatening letter about their noisy children.


According to the Express, the note says: 

"Hi neighbor, we can hear banging almost every day starting early morning.

"It's disturbing our sleep, especially on weekends. We'd appreciate it if you could please reduce the noise and be considerate of your neighbors since you live in an apartment building where noise carries.

If you can't control the noise, we might need to make a formal complaint to building management. Thanks for your understanding."

The mom sparked a huge debate when she shared the serious letter from her disgruntled neighbor.

Some defended the sender, while others said the neighbor should just accept the noise.

The note threatened to report the mom, but she claimed she'd lived in the apartment block for years without any issues, so she wondered what the problem was now.

While some people defended the sender, others questioned why children should live in that type of property.

Still, others argued that the noise wasn't intentional, and the neighbor should accept it.

Some supported the neighbor, with one saying: "Everyone has the right to the quiet enjoyment of their property."

But many sympathized with the mom, saying the noise isn't malicious, partying, or brawls. It is just children. "Some people want the quiet of a house at the price of a unit."

Another warned the mom, if the peace and enjoyment of the neighbors are breached, they can get an eviction notice.

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