PS4 Fan Loud: Guide to Making the Noise Disappear

ps4 making loud fan noise

Have you ever had a strange feeling that your brand new PS4 sounds as if it's about to take off? Is your ps4 making loud fan noise?

Well, you're not alone, because that's what many players noticed.

The noise might not be very noticeable throughout the day, but it might be unbearable during the night (and we all love the night gaming hours, right?).

You will agree it's a kind of party pooper when you are in the middle of an exciting session.

You might have already searched how to make your PS4 less noisy. So, let us see what are the most common reasons why this happens and the most important of all, how to fix this issue.

ps4 fan loud

Why Is Your PS4 Fan Loud?

What is going on & why does my PS4 sound like a jet engine?

The suspect number one is definitely dust. It's everywhere around us, and no matter how hard you try, it's absolutely impossible to clean it.

It's in the air, on our furniture, on our clothes, and naturally, it ends up on and into the machines in our place.

The same goes for PS4, regardless Slim or Pro. It's not something that happens overnight but gradually, the dust covers the inner and outer parts of your PS4.

The outer ones, being visible, are the ones regularly cleaned.

However, you cannot see what the inner parts look like, but you start noticing that your PS4 fan sounds differently. Your beloved PS4 is getting noisier and noisier, and it spoils the gaming experience significantly.

The next problem has to do with in-game things. If you weren’t able to reduce the noise by now, you might give the settings a try.

Every player knows that games with awesome and detailed graphics are very demanding on the system.

When one plays such games, no matter how new the PS4 is, it will be audible. Some players learn to live with it by simply ignoring it.

But if your PS4 fan is blowing hard, it can be quite dangerous and harmful for your PS4 – along with the unenjoyable factor that affects you.

Now that we listed two main reasons why PS4 fan gets louder and louder, the time has come to see how the problem can be fixed.

How to Fix Noisy PS4 fan without opening it?

If the fan is the only problematic thing concerning your PS4, consider yourself a lucky one, because this is the easiest issue to be solved.

But how to solve such “complicated” issue without having to take apart PS4 pro?

If dust causes the fan to be loud, a simple question comes to one's mind- how to clean the dust? The only natural answer is- use the vacuum cleaner.

How to Make a Shop Vac Quiet

However, this unorthodox method is not the best one. I wouldn't recommend this because it is risky.

When the dust is sucked out through the vent, the fast airflow could dismantle some sensitive inner parts of the console.

As I said, it's not something that I would recommend wholeheartedly, but I decided to mention it if there are those among you looking for a really quick solution to the problem.

At the same time, this unconventional method might reduce PS4 noise – so if you are dealing with a very small amount of noise, this could eliminate the noise or be a great temporary fix.

If the fan still sounds the same, then you opt for some other solutions such as cleaning the PS4 fan physically (which involves taking your PS4 apart unfortunately).

How to quick-fix PS4 loud fan

What You'll Be Needing:

Use this to unscrew the screws so you can remove all the dust from the inside
Canned air
Use this to clean out all the dust after opening the console
Special dustproof and waterproof cover
Prevents new dust from coming in
Enables more air coming inside the PS4 making the fan cool better

If you have tried the abovementioned vacuum cleaning and still don't see the change, you can try out some other things.

Generally speaking, there are some solutions to be tested before you decide to disassemble the console. Since that's the most complicated solution, I shall list those simpler ones before.

You can start by moving your PS4 to some other place, preferably a well-ventilated area.

As the PS4 gets hotter and hotter, the fan is working quicker and quicker, consequently becoming louder.

So, try to put it someplace where you can sense the proper airflow going around. Never lock it in a cabinet.

ps4 making loud fan noise

Speaking of a perfect place for your PS4, have in mind that there has to be enough space around the console. Do not block the back nor the sides.

If there are any other stuff such as bags, books, coats or whatever else, move them. PS4 shouldn't be covered at all.

Consider placing your console vertically. Even though it's usually placed horizontally, try placing it the other way. It may eliminate the heat and noise, making it quieter.

However, if your PS4 still sound the same after trying out all these quick tips, perhaps it requires a more complex approach.

The only way to see what's going on is to open the console. Let’s see how it's done.

How to disassemble PS4?

So, you’ve tried these fast solutions, but the console still sounds as if it’s about to take off. Some people give up at this point, but you’ve had enough. It’s time to learn how to open up a PS4.

Quite annoying, isn’t it? If the quick-fixes don’t work, it’s time to roll up the sleeves and open your console.

Just to note, if your console is less than a year old and requires some service, you can send it for a warranty service.

Once you open the console, it voids the warranty, so you do things at your own risk. If the PS4 is less than a year old, be very careful. If it’s older than that, well, you’ve got nothing to lose, so give it a try.

The first step is to find the screws and open it. The screws are on the back of the PS4, covered by the warranty sticker. The sticker has to be removed. (and, as I mentioned, it voids the warranty)

What you need is a T8 or T9 screwdriver to unscrew the lower screws. There are three of them, and you unscrew them counterclockwise.

Carefully remove the bottom half of your console.

You’ll see that there are some vents on the removed part. The next thing is to remove all the dust that’s clogging the vents from the inside.

It’s nothing complicated at all if you have the patience and the tools needed. Now that you have your console disassembled, get down to cleaning it.

How to clean pS4 fan?

Remember the vacuum cleaning method I described? Well, I’ve got something much better and certainly more effective.​

Once you open your console, you can clean out all the dust using an air compressor or canned air. They are both very effective and significantly improve your console’s performance.

Whatever you use, make sure you don’t blow air into the Disc Drive, because fast airflow can damage this sensitive part.

Here’s one small note for those who plan to use canned air instead of the air compressor. Keep the can in the upright position while cleaning, otherwise, it can expel some liquid on the PS4 and cause more damage.

When you finish the cleaning, what is left is to close the console. Place the plastic cover back on its place and screw it.

This method is rather simple, and besides the instruction I gave you here, if you still feel insecure about how it’s done, check out some videos on YouTube.

After all, if you don’t feel like risking, there are many licensed PS4 services where the issue can be fixed.

How to keep your PS4 safe from dust?

As I said, dust is everywhere around us, and even though there’s no way to make it vanish, still there are some cool tips on how to keep things around us dust-safe.

Once you clean your console thoroughly, try to prevent the new dust from coming in.

Yeah, I said that you shouldn’t cover it, but this is for the sake of protection. So, do not cover it with random stuff, but use a special dustproof and waterproof cover.

Less dust means less noise.

You can try another good method of silencing the console. Every machine resonates different sounds, but the noise can be notably reduced if the machine is placed on an anti-vibration pad.

There are some rubber pads that positively changed gaming experience worldwide. The purpose of these pads is to enable more air coming inside the PS4 making the fan cool better. This has multiple good sides.

Not only does it reduce the noise but improves the performance of the console.

ps4 loud fan

Some players have come up with various substitutes for pads, such as bottle caps, Lego bricks and similar. These solutions look funny and creative but certainly do not fix the issue on longer terms.

If placed on a thing like that, PS4 can slip easily, while the pads are non-slip. So, the investment isn't an expensive one, so do not play with silly alternatives, go for the real thing!

On Fixing PS4 Loud Fan

As you see, the main cause of all the problems with noisy PS4 fan is dust. When the dust clogs the console, it starts getting noisier and noisier, and this definitely prevents one from truly enjoying the game.

Now that you know all the reasons why this happens, how to solve the problems and how to maintain the console clean and silent, get down to business.

In some cases, you can fix a loud PS4 fan by following some of the easier instructions. On the other hand, you might be required to open up the gaming console but don’t let that intimidate you.

It takes some time, the right tools and patience to diagnose and solve the problem, but in return, you get a lot! The sooner you fix it, the sooner you will enjoy all the exciting games!

I hope that my complete guide on how to deal with this annoying issue helped you solve it.

If there are cooler tips on how to deal with noisy fan any of you can share with me and the rest of our readers, do not hesitate, but leave them in the comments!

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PS4 Fan Loud: Guide to Making the Noise Disappear

ps4 making loud fan noise

Is your PS4 fan loud? Does it make the gaming experience less enjoyable? Here's your ultimate guide on fixing and cleaning a loud PS4 fan.

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  • T8
  • Canned air
  • Special dustproof and waterproof cover
  • Pads


  1. (Without opening) Use vacuum cleaner
  2. (Without opening) Place your PS4 vertically
  3. Dissemble your PS4
  4. Clean dust out with canned air
  5. Use a dustproof and waterproof cover
  6. Place PS4 on vibration pads
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