Quietest Bed Frames for Sex and Less Squeaks


There's absolutely no problem if you like being loud during sex. However, if you would like to keep your bedroom affairs private, you have a hard time passing the message along to your bed frame.

Usually, your bed frame will make some noise if there’s some movement. Besides, most of the common bedframes will not serve you right. You might have to hold the headboard against the wall to keep it from moving, but you can only do that for so long.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for the Quietest Bed Frames

If you and your partner are an exceptionally sexually active couple, you may find yourself looking for alternative ways to keep your bedroom business to yourselves.

If you both want to be extremely quiet, the best option would be to get a platform bed. However, if you still want to have a headboard, then you are better off looking for a quiet bed frame.

Shopping for the quietest bed frames is not easy, especially if you haven’t done so before. Well, don’t worry. We went through all the trouble so that you can have an easy time.

In this article, we will highlight everything you need to know about quiet bed frames for sex and how you can buy one easily. Let’s start by having a look at our top 5 picks for the quietest bed frames.

  • Steel and Wood
  • Platform bed
  • Foam padded tape for noise
  • Heavy duty steel
  • Foldable with storage
  • Great choice for little space
  • Steel and Wood
  • Platform bed
  • Designed without frame wood and springs to reduce noise produced
  • Metal
  • With storage
  • Steady silent mattress foundation
  • Wood
  • Fold platform bed
  • 6 legs, more stability, less squeaking

Quietest Bed Frames

Quietest Bed Frames 2020

Available in a range of sizes, this steel and wood platform bed could be what you and your partner have been looking for.

The steel frame and wood blend seamlessly, creating an aesthetically pleasing bed that will blend naturally with your home’s modern look.

The bed also features wooden inserts that you can use to support whatever kind of mattress. Whether you are looking to use the frame with a lightweight mattress or a memory foam one, this frame has got you covered.

So, how will the Zinus platform bed rank in the bedroom?

For starters, the bed comes with both a headboard and a footboard. If you and your partner like trying out different styles, these boards will come in handy.

To help reduce the noise, this platform bed features foam padded tape on the steel frame sides and wooden inserts. You don’t have to worry about any creaking or rocking when getting down to business.

The wooden slats also feature a non-slip tape to prevent your mattress from moving and to keep it in place.

The Suzanne platform bed also allows you to personalize your mattress height.

Regardless of whether you are using a latex mattress, memory foam, or spring mattress, you can use the frame with a spring box and adjust the mattress height to your preference.

Assembling this bed is not challenging and should only take you a few minutes.

We all love some guarantee on any product we purchase. This bed comes with a 5-year warranty, allowing to rest easy on its sturdiness.

Also available in a variety of sizes, this steel frame from Olee Sleep is an excellent choice if you are a bit tied up on bedroom space.

The under-bed of the structure has some ample storage that you could use for linen or any other clothing items.

The sturdy steel frame features a unique design that does the most to ensure you and your partner are comfortable while taking up as little space as is needed.

The frame is also self-foldable, which means you can always fold it to a smaller size when the bed is not in use.

To prevent the mattress from slipping, the bed’s unique design ensures that the mattress is fully encompassed in the frame. The steel slat measures 37.2 x 0.9 x 0.5 inches and can support up to 1200lbs.

According to Olee, the company incorporated six innovations to ensure their customers have the best experience with this platform bed. These are eco, foam, safety, fabric, steel, and comfort innovations.

Besides, the manufacturers ensure that all the screws are secured and tightly fastened to reduce squeaky noises whenever you are getting busy with your partner.

The manufacturers also offer convenience from delivery to assembly. The package comes with all the tools that you would need. Assembling the bed should, therefore, take you no more than a few minutes.

The Aura platform bed frame comes in Twin size only.

The bed features a sturdy metal frame and thick wood slats that offer reliable support for any mattress that you may choose to use on this bed.

Of course, we are more concerned with the frame's performance during intense activity. The bed lacks the typical side frame wood and springs, which reduces the amount of noise produced significantly.

What's more is that the sturdy steel frame and legs prevent the mattress from sliding, allowing you a good night's rest.

To further prevent any wobbling and sliding, the frame comes with central wooden slats that have their individual holds.

These slats are sturdy enough to hold all kinds of mattresses, including heavier deluxe mattresses without needing a base or box spring.

Thanks to the frame’s perfect height, this bed is an excellent choice if you have a small or aging pet that you allow to sleep on the bed.

The stylish finishing on this frame is sure to make this bed an excellent addition to your bedroom. The frame comes with a grey champagne finish that only adds to the frame's durability by preventing rusts, chips, wear and scratches.

Besides, the unique design and finishing add a contemporary feel and modern look to whatever room you decide to place it in.

The enhanced structure of the VECELO metal bed frame gives it ultimate strength and stability, complete with sturdy legs and crossbars for enhanced durability.

When setting up the bed, you can embed the mattress into the frame to help reduce wobbling or sliding, especially during intense activity. 

The mattress foundation is also steady and silent, allowing for strong load-bearing and extra durability.

The frame is available in twin, full, and queen sizes. However, it is only the queen bed frame that comes with a headboard and footboard, so you don't have to purchase them separately.

The screw bars on this metal frame are tightly fastened to prevent any noises. However, you may notice some sounds if the screws become loose.

If you are a little short on space in your bedroom, you are going to love this frame. It allows for 11 inches of clearance space under the framework, which you can use to store whatever items you would like.

Even if you are not a handsy person, you don’t need to worry about putting this frame together. It comes with all the tools that you will need, plus clear and detailed instructions on how to assemble the bed.

The frame also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, you could always try it out and send the frame back within this time if you are not impressed by its functionalities.

Perhaps you are more inclined to wooden beds. If that is the case, then the KD platform bed will definitely leave an impression.

The overall design of this frame is quite commendable. 

The bed is an excellent space-saver, making it ideal for small apartments, college students, or anyone who is looking to save on space. It also comes with rounded corners to match the shape of your mattress.

An innovative addition is the six legs included on the frame. Thanks to these, you and your partner’s weight is evenly distributed, providing more stability for the bed. This also reduces the chances of any creaking or squeaking during sex.

The bed frame folds into half, which makes it portable and more comfortable to store. You can, therefore, decide to move the frame whenever you feel like without going to too much trouble.

With a maximum weight limit of 400 pounds, the KD platform bed is ideal for heavier mattresses. The bed comes with a 5-year warranty so that you can be sure of the manufacturer's confidence in their product.

Buying Guide: Top Features to Consider When Buying the Quietest Bed Frame for Sex

Buying a bed frame that lets you and your partner engage in bedroom play can be a challenge. Although we have given you our top five picks, you may be on the lookout for something different.

As a rule of thumb, your bed frame must be sturdy and stable enough to contain any intense activity. Here are a few other pointers to help you choose the best structure.


Even if we put aside the sexual activities, your bed frame needs to be sizeable enough to hold a mattress big enough for two people.

You are going to require some ample space, so ensure that you choose a frame whose size will accommodate some spare room, even with two people in it.

Most of the frames in our list come in a variety of sizes, with Olee sleep frame available in California King size as well.

Some frames on the market come as one-size-fits-all. With these bed frames, all you have to do is adjust the structure to fit a twin, full, queen or king-size bed. The joints are hardly ever tight enough, which leads to squeaking.

Ideally, you should choose a bed frame that suits a specific designated size.

You could already be having a mattress purchased, in which case you will need to choose the best size accordingly.


The material of your bed frame will play an essential role in helping you decide which one to choose.

Depending on your preferences, your bed frame should be made of materials that are strong and sturdy, of high-quality, and that are built to last.

Two of the most popular choices for bed frame material are wood and steel metal. Wood is an ideal choice if you are looking for aesthetic appeal.

Wood can be made into different shapes, so you are likely to find a range of designs for the bed that you want.

Steel, on the other hand, is a winner when it comes to sturdiness. Steel bed frames last longer and will not crack or chip.

Getting a sturdy wooden bed frame is a long shot. We would, therefore, recommend a steel frame for intense bedroom play.

Headboard and footboard

A bed frame that comes with a headboard and footboard may appeal to couples who like to try different positions in the bedroom.

While these frames offer an advantage, you have to be extra critical when making your choice.

If you would like a frame with a headboard and a footboard, you need to ensure that they are securely fastened, so that they don’t make any noise.

You should also ensure that you place your frame some distance from the wall to avoid banging on the walls during sex.

Weight Limit

Many of the bed frames available in the market come with a recommended weight limit from the manufacturer.

Whether or not you are going to be having some vigorous sex, you need to confirm your frame’s weight limit before you purchase it.

Ideally, the limit should be a couple of pounds extra on you and your partner’s weight combined.


You probably don’t want your housemates or neighbors getting in on your bedroom affairs, so you need to have the noise levels in mind when choosing a bed frame.

Your best bet would be to get a frame that doesn't move quickly to minimize the amount of noise that it makes. Structures that have padded legs and extra ones for support tend to remain fix and won't move during sex.

Bed frames that are more solid and have minimal joints which are well fastened will also not move as much.

On the Quietest Bed Frames

No one wants the neighbors all up in their business when they are having a steamy session in the bedroom. Your bed frame could be the greatest giveaway if you do not pick the right one.

When choosing the best bed frames for sex, you need to ensure that you factor in the noise. Be on the lookout for a frame that offers you utmost comfort and silence.

Our top pick for the quietest bed frame has to be the Suzanne platform bed

The added pad tape on the frame sides and inserts is a welcome addition for anyone looking to keep things on the low. Besides, we love that you can easily adjust the mattress height to suit you.

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