Quietest Ceiling Fans 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

Ceiling fans are a common feature in many American households. They especially come in handy during the summer when the air feels so dry and temperatures are high.

A common drawback of using ceiling fans is that they tend to be quite noisy. The good news is that there now exist ceiling fans which can operate without being too much of a nuisance.

Best ceiling fans aren’t always the quietest ones, so, how do you choose the quietest ceiling fan?

In this guide, we highlight the important factors that you need to consider and narrow down your options to our top 5 picks for the quietest ceiling fans.

  • 3 blades, 6 speeds, 60 inches
  • Energy star ensures quiet operation
  • Best quiet ceiling fan with lights
  • 5 blades, 3 speeds, 42 inches
  • WhisperWind quiet motor
  • Best ceiling fan for small rooms
  • 5 blades, 3 speeds, 52 inches
  • Reversible, updraft mode
  • Best ceiling fan with art décor
  • 8 blades, 6 speeds, 56 inches
  • Ultra Quiet Motor & balanced
  • Best ceiling fan for home office
  • 3 blades, 3 speeds, 52 inches
  • Rustic, wood like design
  • Best ceiling fan with remote control
quietest ceiling fans

Types of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are available in a variety of designs and styles. Have a look at some of the common types of ceiling fans you are likely to find in the current market.

Depending on the fan type you choose – you might be dealing with a bit more noise than most other ceiling fans.

  • Standard ceiling fans

These are the most common fans. They are found in most homes and have around 4-5 blades. Often, they also feature a light bulb and a pull chain to activate the fan.

  • Low profile ceiling fans

Low profile ceiling fans are also known as hugger fans and are perfect for rooms with low ceilings because they do not use downrods.

Although the air circulation may not be as great, hugger fans provide more floor clearance.

  • Dual motor ceiling fans

These may not be as common as other types of fans. They feature two motors which can be used independently. Such ceiling fans are great for larger rooms.

  • Damp-rated ceiling fans

Usually, ceilings are used in dry areas where they cannot get wet.

Dam-rated ceiling fans can be placed in rooms where the humidity gets high such as the bathroom or the kitchen. They are also great for use in the outdoors.

However, these ceilings tend to be more water-resistant than waterproof and may not do well if the moisture was to get onto the fan itself.

  • Energy Star ceiling fans

These fans consume less energy as compared to other ceiling fans. If you are trying to minimize your utility bills, energy star-rated ceiling fans are your best option. They are also a great option for environment enthusiasts.

  • Remote-controlled ceiling fans

Just as the name suggests, these ceiling fans can easily be controlled by using a remote control. The remote control can turn the fan on and off and also switch between the different speed settings.

These fans are perfect for rooms with high ceilings or simply for people who want to control the fan without getting up.

I know how hard it can be to get the best quiet ceiling fan. So, I went ahead and researched for you.

 Looking for a quiet ceiling fan for your bedroom or lounging area? Have a look at our top 5 picks below.

Quietest Ceiling Fans 2021

1. Emerson CF860FT Protruding Mount 3-Blade Ceiling Fan - best quiet ceiling fan with lights

Thanks to its simple and yet elegant style, this ceiling fan is sure to add a touch of class to your home.

The fan features three blades which run on Emerson's EcoMotor.

The EcoMotor is designed to be more efficient than standard motors. Although it is a powerful motor, the EcoMotor is quieter than standard ceiling fan motors.

Featuring 3 blades, this ceiling fan comes with an integrated dimmable LED light kit. The blades have an angled design that allows the fan to produce a powerful breeze when you need it.

The fan is energy star rated which assures you of quiet operation. The Emerson EcoMotor comes with 6 speed settings so you can choose which one allows you the most comfort.

I especially love that the fan is damp-location rated which makes it ideal for use in both indoors and covered outdoor spaces.

And while it’s not one of the best rated ceiling fans – in my opinion, this is the best LED ceiling fan you can get on the market, and still enjoy the silence.

2. Hunter Indoor Low Profile IV Ceiling Fan - best quiet ceiling fan for small rooms

For small rooms of about 150 sq. feet, you are going to need a ceiling fan of about 44 inches. This 42-inch ceiling fan is a great option for the kids’ room or even that small guest room.

The simple and cute design is a bonus for anyone who does not like too much attention. The white color is neutral allowing it to integrate with most of the pre-existing décor.

The ceiling fan has 5 blades each measuring less than 20 inches. Thanks to the 13-degree blade pitch, the ceiling fan is optimized to ensure ideal movement and peak performance.

This is also one of the best low profile fans that still features 5 blades – so you don’t need to have a high ceiling yet any regular height will do.

You do not have to worry about the fan interrupting your sleep or conversations. It features a WhisperWind motor that delivers powerful air movement with whisper-quiet operation.

This allows you to get the cooling power that you want without too much noise involved.

Featuring a reversible motor, this ceiling fan is perfect for use in both summer and winter. Simply switch the direction of the fan from downdraft mode to updraft mode to get warmer air.

The low-profile ceiling fan also features a pull chain. With just a quick downward movement, you can easily activate the fan. You can also choose any of the 3 motor speed settings for maximum comfort.

A bonus point for this ceiling fan is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. This assures us that the manufacturer is confident in the product making it an ideal purchase.

3. Warehouse of Tiffany Laure Crystal 6-Light Ceiling Fan - Best quiet ceiling fan with art décor

Crystals are some of the accessories that are usually incorporated in ceiling fans and this beautiful masterpiece is sure to get all the guests wowed.

With dimensions of 52-inches by 20 inches, this ceiling fan is suitable for use in relatively small rooms such as bedrooms and small to medium living rooms.

The design and style used in this unit give the fan an aesthetic appeal. It features a metallic finish type that blends nicely with the prismatic crystals. The crystals reflect light from the incorporated light bulbs, making the room a bit brighter.

With the 3 motor speed settings available, you can choose the level of cooling that you want based on the current temperature. The motor is also reversible so you can easily switch to updraft mode during winter.

The 5 blades on this unit amount to a total of 20 inches. The blades are angled to ensure that air is properly and evenly circulated within the room creating a desirable cooling breeze.

Because of its delicate nature, the ceiling fan may not be the best to use for outdoor spaces. Installation requires a bit of hard wiring and assembly. It is, therefore, advisable to have a professional install the ceiling fan.

4. Monte Carlo Protruding Mount Ceiling Fan - best quiet ceiling fan for home office

Working from home is never easy. Making the home office as comfortable as possible is a major concern for homeowners with a home office.

The best ceiling fan for the home office needs to be powerful enough to provide a gentle breeze as you work. It also needs to run quietly to ensure that it does not distract you from your work.

This unit from Monte Carlo is worth checking out if you need one.

The design on this ceiling fan is bold with 8 blades. The blades are perfectly balanced minimizing the chances of any wobbling and rattling sounds.

And even though this fan features 8 blades, it was still voted as one of the quietest fans of 2021.

Another feature that ensures the quiet operation is the included DC motor on this unit. The ceiling fan can get to even the highest of the 6 speed settings without making too much noise.

The motor is also energy-saving and reversible, making the fan ideal for use all year round.

The double lighting feature sets the Monte Carlo fan apart from its competitors. The fan features both a single-bulb downlight and an uplight that will give your home office a stylish look when it is on.

5. Minka-Aire LightWave 52'' Ceiling Fan -best quiet ceiling fan with remote control

The Minka-Aire ceiling fan is perfect for simple people who love rustic finishes.

It is also a great choice for cabins and homes with a rustic contemporary finish thanks to its wood-like design.

With just 3 distressed Koa blades, this ceiling fan delivers on quality without being too flashy. The blades are placed at an angle that ensures air is circulated properly.

But what’s better than the quietest bedroom ceiling fan? A quiet ceiling fan that comes with a remote control!

Setting the ceiling fan to your preferred comfort levels is quite easy. The fan comes with remote control features allowing you to change the settings from the comfort of your couch or bed.

The motor is reversible allowing for use during winter. However, you will have to manually reverse the fan by pressing the switch on the motor. It also features dimmable lights to ensure you choose your preferred intensity for comfort.

Installing this ceiling fan is quite easy. Because there are no special requirements, all you need is some basic knowledge on wiring for the standard assembly.

What to consider when buying Quiet Ceiling Fans?

Shopping for the perfect quiet ceiling fan for your home may not be easy. The different designs and models that are available in the market can get overwhelming.

Choosing a quiet ceiling fan is even harder. Usually, the packaging on the fans does not indicate the decibel level of the noise produced when the fan is in use.

So, how do you know that the fan you have in mind is not going to be a disturbance in the home?

Here are some factors that should help you pick the best quiet ceiling fan.

Type of Motor

The type of motor on your ceiling fan will determine how much noise the fan will produce when in operation. The quietest motor types are oil bath motors, flywheel motors, and DC motors.

Oil bath motors use older technology. Although you will have to do an oil-check every one to five years, vibration and sway are significantly reduced, making the fan much quieter.

Flywheel motors are also commonly referred to as AC motors. They feature high-performance flywheel discs in the motors that absorb shock thus ensuring that the ceiling operates quietly.

And as you can probably understand by now – type of motor is one of the biggest reasons for a noisy ceiling fan. However, with any of the silent ceiling fans mentioned above won’t cause you any troubles – but it’s still important to know how to find a quiet ceiling fan on your own.

DC motors are the best when it comes to noise reduction. They use permanent magnets and therefore do not generate any electrical buzz.

They are also more compact which reduces the chances of any rattling which may result in the noisy operation of the ceiling fans.

Size and quality of the motor

Besides the type of motor used on the ceiling fan, you should also be on the lookout for the size and quality of the motor.

Motors that are large and of higher quality run more smoothly. Smaller motors of less quality are more likely to make clicking and rattling sounds.


The more efficient a ceiling fan is, the quieter it will be during operation.

To determine the efficiency of a ceiling fan, be on the lookout for the energy star and CFM ratings. Energy star fans are about 20% more efficient than other fans.

Besides being quieter, more efficient fans will also help save on utility bills.

Higher CFM ratings may also indicate noisier ceiling fans. Low CFM rated ceiling fans will gently circulate air, making them much quieter.

However, you can also opt for ceiling fans that have average CFM ratings.


The type of mounting that you use for your ceiling fan will depend on the ceiling height. Ideally, the height from the floor to the tip of the ceiling should be at least 8 feet.

For low ceilings, flush mounting is the best option. This keeps the fan as close to the ceiling as possible. As a result, unnecessary swaying is reduced which in turn reduces the amount of noise that the fan makes.

Quality of the fan

To measure the quality of the fan, simply have a look at the quality of the materials used, as well as the hardware used.

Poor-quality ceiling fans are made of poor-quality materials. These include thin sheets of metal and low-end plastics. Such fans will probably make a lot of rattling noise when in use.

High-quality ceiling fans are much quieter when in use. This is because of the use of sturdy and durable materials that take the rattling to a minimum.


A well-balanced ceiling fan will run quietly and smoothly. The fan’s balance will depend largely on how precisely its components were made.

Parts of the ceiling fan that spin can put off-throw the balance. Be sure that the blades, motors, and blade holders are compact before buying that fan.

blade count

The number of blades on the ceiling fan can either make it more or less noisy depending on certain factors.

Usually, fans will have 3-5 blades. The more blades there are in the fan, the less efficient the fan will be.

However, fans with more blades are more balanced as the weight gets evenly distributed. This makes them quieter than other fans.

Hugger fans that have 5 blades also tend to produce less air noise than their 3-blade counterparts. Air noise refers to the sound of actual air being moved.

However, thanks to the technology of DC motors, manufacturers are now able to make quiet ceiling fans with a low blade count.

Getting a quiet 3-blade ceiling fan is possible. All you have to do is ensure that it comes with a DC motor and is made of some sturdy materials to ensure proper balance and minimize rattling and vibrations.

best quiet ceiling fan

Other Factors to Consider

Besides the amount of noise produced, here are some other factors that you should have in mind when shopping for a ceiling fan.

  • Size

The size of your ceiling fan will depend on the size of the intended room of use. For efficiency, bear in mind that the size of the fan needs to be directly proportional to that of the room.

  • Ceiling height

How far is the ceiling from the floor?

For tall ceilings, consider getting a ceiling fan that has a downrod feature. Low profile fans are better for lower ceilings. In any case, make sure that the fan is at least 8 feet from the ground to ensure proper air circulation.

  • Style and appearance

Unlike many other home appliances, the ceiling fan plays a huge role in the aesthetic appeal of the room it is placed in.

Luckily, the colors and materials used to make ceiling fans are available in a wide range. It should, therefore, not be difficult to get something that matches with the existing décor.

Simply take some time to do some research and compare different designs and styles.

  • Warranty

Warranties for ceiling fans vary depending on the brand. Some brands offer a warranty of up to 10 years while others offer a lifetime warranty.

A ceiling fan that has a longer warranty shows that the manufacturer is more confident in the project. Such a ceiling may be a better gamble than one with a shorter warranty.

  • Extra features and accessories

Accessories and extra features bring about the major differences between different ceiling fans. Choose a ceiling fan depending on the accessories that are most important to you.

For example, some ceiling fans come with a light feature while others allow you to control them using remote controls. Newer models even allow for Wi-Fi connection. The more the accessories on a fan, the more expensive it will be.

On the Quietest Ceiling Fans

Choosing the quietest ceiling fan may not be easy, but we hope this list makes the work easier for you.

From the above ceiling fans, the Emerson Protruding ceiling fan emerged the best quiet ceiling fan. This is because it is energy star rated, meaning that it is much quieter than standard fans and comes with several bonus features.

The dimmable lights and 6 speed settings allow you to customize the fan’s operation for your comfort. The powerful EcoMotor generates a powerful breeze while still maintaining quiet operation.

Regardless of what type of ceiling fan you settle for, it should be able to provide functionality and comfort without compromising the general look and feel of the room.

But if you’re solely looking for the quiet ceiling fan for bedroom to avoid any disturbance – ceiling fans mentioned in this post provide both silence and functionality & comfort combined in one.