Best Quiet Fans for Sleeping 2024: Reviews and Buying Guides

best fans for sleeping

Are you one of those individuals who struggle to sleep every night?

According to a survey, people tend to face difficulty in sleeping in areas where there are high temperatures. They can sleep easily and peacefully at normal temperatures.

Fans are always helpful in maintaining the temperature of the room so that you do not feel any complications while sleeping.

You should consider quiet fans that are silent, keeps the environment quiet and the temperature of your room ideal for you to sleep. 

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Quiet Fans for Sleeping

When its summer you cannot work or relax without that gentle cool air breeze of the fan. The air relaxes and calms your mind and gives you a fresh feeling that takes your mind far away from where you are.

The only thing that disturbs you is the noisy buzzing sound of the fan.

No one likes to hear it while they are relaxing or while working. It distracts you tremendously in both situations.

No worries, in this guide we will look at some of the quietest fans on the market that makes it easy for you to fall asleep.

  • Type: Tower
  • Weight: 12.8 lbs
  • 3 quiet speeds
  • Type: Oscillating
  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Sound level min : 35 dB(A)
  • Type: Tower
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • 3 quiet speeds
  • Type: Tower
  • Weight: 6.3 lbs
  • Sound 60% Quieter
  • Type: Table
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs
  • 2 quiet speeds
best quiet fans for sleeping

Types of Quiet Fans

  • Oscillating Fans

This kind of fans is specially made to produce the maximum amount of air in the room. They are fixed on one pivot and moves side by side creating air in the entire room.

Oscillating fans are best to be used for small closed places like bedroomsoffice cubicles or living rooms.

  • Tower Fans

Tower fans are the best type of fans in all the ranges of fans. They have good airflow and they look stylish and modern.

Some tower fans do not even use fan blades. These are very quiet and provide great airflow that covers up the entire area. 

Due to their shape, they take up very less amount of space in a room. The latest models of tower fans also have air purifying features with filters.

Moreover, most tower fans oscillate and come with remote controls.

  • Table Fans

Table fans are the most convenient fans for adjusting heights. You can use them in your study rooms, dorms, kitchens, or anywhere you want.

Available in numerous design, shapes, and sizes. 

They are not noisy at all.  They are usually light weighted and can be carried anywhere you want.

Some are rechargeable, others might have cables or a battery with them. Certain models might also have oscillation feature in them.

  • Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are mandatory in most houses. These are electrical fans and save a lot of energy.

They cover the entire room and produce just the right amount of air in the room creating the environment of the cool room. 

In addition to that, some ceiling fans have the feature of producing warm air in winters.

There are available in several designs; you can choose the one that suits your ceiling style. Industrial ceiling fans are ideal for usage in factories and for other commercial purposes.

Things to look for while buying quiet fans


The noise produced by fans can be quite irritating. You do not want to hear that buzzing sound continuously while the fan is on.

So before buying any type of fan, make sure that it is quiet. Look out for those that have noise reduction technology.

Invest a few more dollars and buy the one which can give you a lifetime comfort due to its quietness.

You will never have to worry about the sounds of the fans. This article will surely help you to pick the right quiet fan for you.


Another significant feature to consider before buying a fan is the airflow of the fan.

Air flow means the quantity of air that the fan produces. Good fans have an increased air flow.

Look out for the number before cubic feet per minute. The higher the number, the more the moving air.


You must know what size of fan you have to buy for the particular area of your house.

Now the blades of the fans decide the sizes of the fan. Larger blades tend to produce more noise.


Now there are several designs of fans available in the market. You must make sure you buy one that fulfills your need.

If you want a fan for your study room or kitchen then it must of small size and its height is adjustable. You may go for table fan in this case.

If you want a quiet fan for bedrooms, then you have more options.


Durability is an imperative feature to consider before buying anything. Ensure that the fan is robust and can last up to many years. Check its reviews and sturdiness of the body.


Before buying anything, you always look at the price tag of that thing. Fans are available between fifteen dollars to about sixty dollars range.

Some fancy models of fans also cost about a hundred dollars. Buy the one that fits in your budget.

Best Quiet Fans for Sleeping 2021

Lasko T48310 XtraAir performance tower fans weigh about fifteen pounds and are perfect to make your house cool.

It makes the air environment inside the house healthier and fresher.

The ultra slim and sleek design is modern and can easily fit the interior of your house. It does not require much space.

It is suitable for the living areas, bedrooms, and even for offices. The oscillating features spread the airflow in every direction with its three powerful fans. 

Multifunctional, easily accessible and easy to use remote control. Another great add-on is the electronic seven-hour timer.

Quiet Speeds - 3

With the three fans, the ultra-slim design comes with the three quiet speed feature. With this, you can select the desired airflow and airspeed level conveniently.

Widespread oscillation

The Tower oscillating fan can oscillate in numerous directions making the air to spread and cover a major area of the room.

Multi-function remote control

For the sake of convenience, the fan comes with a multi-function remote control with the help of which you can adjust the settings of the fan according to your choice.

Likewise, you can adjust the timer.

Convenient Features

The fan has various convenient features such that it comes with a carry hand and that makes it easier for you to transport the fan from one room to another where you need the cool air to spread.

Fresh Air Ionizer

The key feature of the fan is its fresh air ionizer that works by adding numerous negative ions into the room air, which ultimately creates a healthier and fresher air environment inside the room.

As the negative ions in the air increase, the air health starts improving and put the unhealthy and dirty air to move outside from the house.

Blue Plug 

All Lasko fans contain the blue plug, which is a safety plug that cuts the current supply to the device in case of abnormal or abundant supply of electricity to the device.

This is indeed a quiet tower fan.

Rowenta Pedestal fan is one of the best oscillating fans.

It does not produce any sound and has about 16 inches oscillating head. 

As soon as the fan is turned on, it produces a sudden and extraordinary response of cool air.

The air produced by the fan is about 1695 cubic feet per minute. It produces very low noise almost equal to the noise recorded in libraries.

The fan has a stable base with a smooth and shiny bronze finish.

You can clean this fan by using a damp cloth or even with a vacuum cleaner to clean it’s front. Do not use any harsh washing product or water to clean the unit. They will damage the fan.

Also, avoid using products such as bleach and other cleaning chemicals as they may destroy the front look of the fan.

Extremely Quiet

The fan works silently even at night when no other sound is heard. Its sound level is only about 43 dB if the fan is fixed at the minimum position.

Remote Control

The modern design of the fan comes with a remote control for the convenient use of customers. Select the required speed from the distance.

You do not have to get out from the bed in the middle of the night turn it on or off.

Turbo Boost Function

The blades are strong and provide powerful and intense airflow at fourth level speed.

5-Blade Propeller

Due to the 5-Blade propeller, the fan creates a strong airflow and increases the level of air. Overall this feature enhances the productivity of the fan.

Powerful Airflow

As soon as the air flow, it creates an immense sensation of airflow.

Adjustable Height

The device can be adjusted to the required height.

Lasko 2511 Tower fans come with a number of distinctive features.  

It comes with multiple settings, you can choose the settings according to your requirement.

This fan is about thirty-six inches tall with three speeds.

The unit has a programmable timer which can be adjusted according to the requirement. Along with the three hushed air levels adjustments.

In addition to these features, it embraces oscillation features that can spread air evenly throughout the room.

Now all the settings and adjustments are done from the touch keyboard that is electronic and consists of a light display that shows the present settings of the fan.

This tower fan has a thin, sleek and modern design. The fan either comes in black or silver color.

The programmable timer on the touch control panel and very convenient to use and the settings that you want can be adjusted on it. The unit has a fused safety plug.

Slim Design

It has a very modern slim and sleek design that takes up very less space in the room. It can be carried around the house easily. Also comes along with a remote control for convenience.

Three quiet speeds

With this feature you can select the suitable speed that spreads the air evenly in your entire room with its oscillation action.

Blue Plug

A safety blue plug is installed on Lasko fans that ensures that the fuse cuts the electrical supply if the system detects any electrical fault or high current amount in the motor of the fan.

Convenient Controls

The touch control system is very easy to use. The control panel allows you to adjust the power, speed, and other functions of the fan.

Elegant Design

The design is sleek and slim and is perfect for your office or home.

Easy to use Features

 Its features are very easy to use plus with the carry handle on it, you can conveniently take it from one place to another.

Dyson Company uses an Air Multiplier technology in its fans so to produce a fluent and strong field of air that spreads all around the room.

It has no fast-spinning blades which means the blades are safe for children and even during the cleaning of the fan.

They come with a cord of length of about 6.6 feet.

These fans are powerful and come with a labor warranty which means if any of the damage happens to the fan, the company labors will fix it. 

The maximum airflow setting of the fan is 500 l/s.

Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower fan includes a programmable sleep timer. It means you can adjust the sleep time of the fine to turn off and on after a specific time range (ranging from fifteen minutes to nine hours).

The unit also consists of a remote control on which you can adjust the presets. This fan is around sixty percent quieter with a powerful airflow.

Air Multiplier technology

With the air multiplier technology in Dyson fans, a smooth, continuous and strong airflow is observed.


The continuous streams of air produced through the uniquely designed blades of the fan make it around sixty percent quieter than other fans of the series.

Less Power Consumed

It is an improved and better version than other fans of the series that saves ten percent of the energy consumed.

Sleep Timer

The programmer of the unit enables you to select the presets, which means you can choose the particular time after which the device turns off.

Remote Control

For the convenient use, it comes with a remote control. In this way, you can adjust the settings like turning it on, off, airflow etc. from a particular distance.

Oscillation Control

The fan also has an oscillation feature that means the fan can spread the flow of air in either direction.

Easy to Clean

It has bladeless design making it easy and safe to clean.

Genesis Clip-On Fan is convertible it can be adjusted to a table fan along with a pin-up fan.

If you want a cool breeze in your office, then this product is the perfect option. 

It is an energy efficient fan, which you can also use in your house even in your bedrooms.

quiet fans for sleeping

It is your choice, how you want to use it. Simply loosen the butterfly screw on the fan and it is ready to be used as a tabletop fan and if you tighten up the screw, then it can be the perfect clip-on fan that you need.

Two quiet fan speeds

Often fans are noisy. But this little six inches fan comes with two quiet speeds, you can select any one of it according to your choice and enjoy the pleasant sleep.

Dual features

A tabletop fan for your study table or a clip on fan for your kitchen, all your choice. Just tighten or loosen the screw on the fan and this is it.

Easy to use

It does not involve any of the technical settings, therefore, it is very convenient to use.

Fully Adjustable Head

This little fan comes with a full pack of features. With its adjustable head, you can turn the head towards any direction to make the airflow in that direction very easily.

Even when it is clipped up on the table it can rotate its head and hence make the air flow in more than one direction.

Rotating Neck

The adjustable head along with the rotating neck makes the fan to rotate in any direction.

Sturdy Base 

This small unit has a super intelligent construction making it easy to turn from the clip on fan into a tabletop fan along with the sturdy base having strong grip clamps that keep the fan fixed in its place ensuring the head moves in all directions without the fear of slipping or falling.

On the Best Quiet Fans for Sleeping

Every home need fans. Now choosing the right one could be a challenging task.

Lasko Xtra Air Performance - T48310 - Tower Fan can be the best option you can choose among these top five picks.

And that is because of the fact that this particular fan consists of all the advanced features you need in a fan and most importantly, it is a quieter model.

Plus its Fresh Air Ionizer feature makes is the best choice of all.

Other fans on the list are also of Grade A and really quiet, but Xtra Air Performance Tower Fan is cheaper than the other fans with similar features.

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