Quietest Window Fans Reviews 2023 (with Buying Guide)

Indoor air pollution is a crucial problem. As such, homeowners are constantly looking for ways to ensure that the air inside the home is fresh.

One of the ways to achieve this is by having a window fan installed. Designed to fit onto most windows, these fans are quite effective in reducing indoor air pollution, as well as cooling the entire home.

However, having a noisy window fan can be a distraction. Holding conversations may become difficult and you may have to turn the fan off just to get some sleep at night.

So, are there quiet window fans? In this article, we have made the work easier by highlighting the 5 best quiet window fans. But first, have a look at all you need to know about window fans.




Bionare Window Fan with Reversible Airflow Blades

  • Programmable Thermostat
  • Electrically Reversible Airflow
  • Fits windows 24 to 37 inches

Lasko Twin Electric Reverse Window Fan

  • 2 Quiet Speeds
  • Snap-on feet to place on tables
  • Fits windows 25 to 35 inches

Air King 9166F 20’’ Whole House Window Fan

  • Ideal for big houses/rooms
  • Storm Guard for bad weathers
  • Fits windows 27 to 38 inches

Genesis Twin Window Fan

  • 3 Quiet Speeds
  • Portable and freestanding
  • Fits windows 24 to 37 inches

Holmes Dual 8’’ Blade Twin Window Fan

  • Energy efficient
  • Electrically Reversible Airflow
  • Fits windows 25 to 37 inches
quietest window fans

How Does a Window Fan Work?

The working mechanism of window fans is different from that of other fans. Typically, window fans operate in two ways.

Window fans work to cool and refresh the air inside the room by either drawing cold air from the outside or expelling the stale air from the inside.

Some window fans can achieve both functions by changing the direction of the rotation of the blades.

Another option would be to get two different fans. One for letting in the fresh air and another for letting out the warm air. These fans could be placed on different windows to maximize their functionality.

Advantages of Having a Quiet Window Fan

You may be wondering whether you need a window fan. Sure, it costs money and will continue to do so after the purchase. So, is it worth it?

Here are some of the advantages of having a window fan.

1. Reduce energy bills associated with the AC system

AC utility bills can get high, especially during the summer.

Having both the AC system and a window fan work during such time can help you reduce your bills significantly.

2. A great alternative to the AC system

A window fan can also be used in place of an AC system. It is much more affordable than the system, resulting in significant budget cuts.

It also helps in cooling the home without all the costs that come with having an AC system running.

3. Fresh air circulation

Your house is home to several odors from different sources. Without proper air circulation, it can get stuffy and lead to air-related complications.

A window fan is great at ensuring the air in your home is constantly circulating to remove any unwanted smells immediately.

Quietest Window Fans 2021

Bionare includes twin fans on this model to help increase efficiency and improve performance.

This feature allows the fan to perform both the intake and exhaust functions at the same time. The fan can draw in cool air, exhaust hot air or even exchange air with the outside.

The fan comes with electronic control with an LCD screen. It also features an LED digital display that allows you to read the current of the airflow.

Using a remote control, you can easily switch between the 3 speed settings from the comfort of your bed, couch or desk.

The fan is quiet when operating in all three settings making it a great choice for use even in the bedroom.

You can also program the thermostat to turn the fan off and on depending on the preferred comfort levels.

The fan is designed to fit double-hung, vertical-slider and casement windows. Installation should not be a difficult thing as the unit comes fully assembled.

When it comes to home appliances, warranties provide the guarantee that the manufacturer is confident in their product. This window fan comes with an extensive 5-year warranty against any defects.

Perhaps you would like a fan that comes with the convenience of using it on either a table-top or floor. Well, this appliance from Lasko could be all you need.

Thanks to the Snap-on feet included on the fan, you can easily move the fan from the window and place it on whatever surface you prefer.

The fan measures 8 inches and comes with electrically reversible twin fans. The fans have independent motor control to allow for intake, exhaust, and exchange of air.

The fan also features two different speed settings both of which are quiet enough for you to sleep through.

Like the Bionare fan, you can program the thermostat to your preferred levels of comfort. The thermostat will then turn the fans on and off depending on the pre-set conditions. This makes it safe to use even during the night.

Designed to be used either vertically or horizontally, the fan fits windows of up to 12’’ high and 25’’-35’’ wide. It also comes with extendable side panels to ensure a snug fit.

The Air-King window fan is a great option for use in both residential and commercial places.

Thanks to the powerful high-quality motor, the fan can circulate air at a high velocity with little or no maintenance required.

Unlike other window fans, this appliance is available in a variety of sizes. The different sizes allow you to choose a window fan that fits window openings between 27 inches and 38 inches.

Just as the name suggests, the fan can be used on the whole house and is perfect for different sized rooms. It is made of sturdy and durable plastic with the blades made of steel. This assures you of several years of service.

Usually, window fans will require that you dismount them, should you ever need to close the window.

This particular fan comes with a unique feature called the Air King’s Storm Guard feature. This allows you to close the window behind the fan especially during bad weather or when securing the house.

Included in the packaging are instructions, sling panels, and mounting hardware.

For households where there are children or toddlers, it is advisable to use the fan in a mounted position. This also prevents it from falling outside the window.

The fan has 3 speed settings which can be changed using the front-mounted rotary control. Although generally quiet, the fan can get a bit noisy on its highest setting.

It would, therefore, not be ideal for use as a bedroom window fan.

Many window fans do not come with the option of versatility.

That is the selling point of the Genesis Twin Window Fan. 

Because it is compact and portable, the fan allows you to install it just about anywhere you need it.

It even comes with a handle that allows for easier transportation from one point to another. The good thing about the handle is that it is well hidden and does not interfere with the fan’s functionality.

With 3 speed settings, you could set the fan to low, medium or high. Even on the highest setting, the Genesis Twin window fan is considerable quiet.

The fan also features two removable legs that allow it to be freestanding for use on any surface.

The twin fans have independent copper motors built to withstand all weather conditions. The independent motors allow you to choose one fan head for intake and the other for exhaust functions simultaneously.

The built-in thermostat on the fan ranges from 60-80 degrees. There are LED lights on the display making it easier to track the temperature setting.

A bonus point for this fan is that it can fit in just about any window thanks to the expandable side panels. These can expand to up to 6.5 inches on either side.

With measurements of approximately 13’’ by 25.5’’ by 6’’, this dual blade fan is designed to fit into most double-hung and slider windows. 

Securing the fan tightly onto larger windows is made easier by the adjustable extender screen and bonus extender panel.

The dual blade operation allows for both intake, exhaust, and exchange of air for full room circulation. The blades have independent motors which make this easier.

The motors on this unit are water-resistant so you can be sure of its reliability. What's more, is that the motors are electronically reversible for your convenience.

What we especially like about this fan is that it is more energy-efficient. It is a perfect choice for people who are concerned with the environment. This is because it uses about 60% less energy than similar products, lowering energy bills.

You can choose to use the one-touch thermostat. With the 2 digital comfort settings, you can set and control the fan speed for optimal airflow and comfort.

Besides being energy efficient, this unit is also cost-friendly, making it a favorite for people working with a tight budget.

However, as compared to other window fans on the list, the Holmes Twin Window fan is quite noisy when in operation which can be inconvenient for use in the bedroom or when having conversations.

What to consider when buying Window Fans?


The amount of noise that your window fan produces is an important factor.

Given that the fan will probably be running for several hours each day, you will want to get a fan that is not too noisy.

Newer models of window fans are much quieter and you will not have to worry about them interfering with your conversations even when on the highest settings.

Size of the Fan

The fan is going to be fitted on your window. As such, it should be an almost perfect fit. If the window fan is too big, you may end up incurring extra costs to buy another one should it topple over.

On the other hand, a small window fan will have the same air circulating back and forth.

Sealing the gaps between the fan and the window could help curb the problem of local circulation.

type of the fan

Window fans fall into two major categories: intake fans and exhaust fans.

Intake fans usually pull cold air from the outside into the room.

Exhaust fans, on the other hand, work by expelling the warm unwanted air in the room to the outside. 

Choosing between the intake and exhaust window fans will depend on many things. However, to be on the safe side, you can simply get a fan that incorporates both features.


If you are going to get a fan that performs both the intake and exhaust functions, reversibility is an important factor to consider.

Some window fans require manual reversibility. This can be quite inconvenient as you have to remove the fan from the window and flip it around.

A better option would be a fan of electrical reversibility.

Through the push of a button, you get to switch to whatever function you want. With remote control, switching between intake and exhaust functions gets even more convenient.


Before you decide on what window fan to buy, it is important that you consider whether or not the fan is safe, particularly if you have children and pets in the house.

The fan’s blades should be made of soft material. Even better, they should not be exposed to avoid any accidental injuries.

Ideally, a window fan that has a screen is a better option. It will help keep insects and rodents from getting into the house. It also prevents burglars from using that window to gain access to your house.


Your window fan needs to be powerful enough to draw in the fresh air and dispel stale air from the room. Of course, the more powerful your window fan is, the better performance it will provide.

Ease of Use

You certainly do not want to get a window fan that will have you spend hours just to get it started. Consider getting a fan that comes with features that make it easy to use the appliance.

Some of these features should include different speed settings, remote control, multiple blades, and extenders. The fan should also be easy to clean.


Just like any other home appliance, window fans range in price. An expensive fan may not necessarily be more effective.

Have a budget for the window fan. Go ahead and do some research on the different fans available that are within your budget to get the best deal.

best quiet window fans

Installing a Window Fan

If you are not sure of your DIY skills, then you should get a professional to install the window fan for you.

However, if you would like to get a bit handy, these tips should help you install your window fan easily.

1. Choose the location

The location of your window fan will have a huge impact on its performance. Have the window fan face the direction of the wind. It should also be installed in the coolest area of the house.

If you are going to use two fans, have them placed across from each other in a room. This will help to promote cross-ventilation. The fan should also be placed at least 1.7 meters from the ground.

2. Take some measurements

For energy efficiency, the window fan needs to fit snugly into place. Measure the chosen location for the fan and ensure that it is right.

It is also possible to get fans that are designed to fit the window frame perfectly. These usually come with expandable panels that let you cover any spaces.

3. Cut the glass

Utmost precision is needed for this step. Use the appropriate tools to get a clean cut. For accurate results, mark the glass before cutting it to make your work easier.

4.Install the fan

Installing the window fan correctly will require some knowledge of electrical and wiring work.

You should also comply with the IEE (Institution of Electrical Engineers) regulations. Ask for professional assistance if you do not know what exactly you need to do.

5. Connect to the power

The last step is connecting the fan to the power depending on the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Extra Tips:

  • Do not install a window fan if the area you live in is close to a garbage area, garage or any area with unpleasant odors. The unpleasant smells and toxic fumes will be drawn into the room.
  • Avoid placing a window fan near the fridge or freezer as this will increase the electricity load

On the Quietest Window Fans

Window fans can come in handy for every homeowner. They are a great asset for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their indoor air and keep it cool as well.

A quiet window fan is especially important as it gets the work done without disrupting other activities in the house.

From the list of quiet window fans above, the Bionare Twin fan stood out as the best one. The three speed settings allow for varied comfort and the unit comes with high performance.

The quiet operation even when on the highest setting is the determining factor for us.

If you are looking for a quiet window fan, we would recommend the Bionare Twin Fan. Be sure to go through the other fans as well and settle for one that suits your needs best.

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