This is not how food should be stored – it spoils twice as quick

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Many people use plastic containers to store leftovers or meal preps, but there are important points to remember for food safety.

Set Your Fridge Temperature at 39° Fahrenheit

Microbiologists caution that bacteria can multiply more rapidly in warmer temperatures, so it's essential to keep your refrigerator set at 4 degrees Celsius, which is approximately 39 degrees Fahrenheit.

This temperature helps slow down bacterial growth and extends the shelf life of perishable foods. It's a critical step in ensuring food safety and preventing foodborne illnesses.

Cool Food Quickly Before Placing It In The Fridge

Cooling food quickly before placing it in the fridge helps prevent bacterial growth and maintains food safety.

When food is left at room temperature for too long, bacteria can multiply rapidly, increasing the risk of foodborne illness.

By cooling food promptly, you slow down the growth of bacteria, preserving the quality and safety of the food.

Use Containers Marked With Symbols Indicating They're Safe For Food Storage

When selecting containers for storing food, it's crucial to look for specific symbols or markings that indicate they are safe for food storage.

These symbols typically include icons such as a fork and a glass, which signify that the container is suitable for storing food.

These markings serve as indicators that the container is made from materials approved for contact with food and meets safety standards for food storage.

Avoid Using Old or Scratched Plastic Containers

Using old and scratched plastic containers can lead to the release of harmful chemicals into your food, posing health risks.

This is particularly important to note with vintage or older plastic items, as they may not adhere to modern safety regulations. It's safer to opt for newer, undamaged containers to minimize the potential for chemical leaching.

Following these guidelines helps keep your food safe and fresh for longer.

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