This Woman’s Incredible 1-Ingredient Oven Cleaning Hack Goes Viral

1 ingredient oven cleaning hack

Scrubbing the oven is one of those chores you just have to do as a grown-up, but that doesn't mean it has to be a dreaded task. Thanks to social media users on TikTok, there are some tricks to make it easier and less boring.

According to TikTok user yagmuronerr, having a spotless oven all comes down to using one natural ingredient, so you can ditch those harsh chemical cleaners and their strong smells.

dirty oven

Via TikTok/@yagmuronerr

A viral oven cleaning hack shared by TikToker Yagmur from Toronto has gained over 7 million views and 129,000 likes (as of time of writing).

In the video, Yagmur suggests filling an oven-proof bowl with hot water and adding a sliced lemon before placing it in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius.

The purpose of the lemon isn't entirely clear, but it's believed to help deodorize the oven and leave a fresh scent.

After 20 minutes of steam, the oven is turned off, and the bowl is left inside to cool for 10 minutes.

Yagmur then demonstrates how effortlessly grease and grime can be wiped away using a microfiber cloth soaked in the cooled lemon water, without the need for scrubbing.

While many viewers praised the hack for its effectiveness, some reported mixed results, especially when trying it on microwaves. Nonetheless, the hack has garnered positive feedback overall for its simplicity and efficiency in tackling oven cleaning chores.

In the comments, Yagmur suggested using hot water in the bowl and stressed the importance of letting the liquid cool before cleaning to avoid any risk of burns. While the exact purpose of the lemon isn't clear, some viewers have suggested it's mainly for deodorizing the oven and leaving a fresh scent.

Most viewers have praised the hack, with many sharing their positive experiences in the comments. Although a few said they didn't have success with it, others emphasized the importance of letting the lemon water sit inside the oven for 20 minutes after turning it off.

"It works, when you turn off the oven let the lemon water stay there for 20 mins. This way the steam will soften the dirt," suggested one supporter of the method.

"Try adding cinnamon to that mix! The oven and your [apartment] will smell amazing," advised another viewer, while a third commented: "Awesome idea. I have done something like this in my microwave. I need to try this."

"And I'm here fighting with my hands because of a scrubbing," joked another fan of the hack, while one added: "I used baking soda and water in a cold oven with a scour sponge on old ass dirt and it worked really well. Used vinegar in the removal process."

Some viewers debated whether the hack was effective for microwaves: while some praised it as a game-changer, others reported mixed results, and a few cautioned against leaving the bowl in the microwave for too long.

The hack works best for moderately dirty ovens that just need a little extra care, rather than heavily soiled ones with months or years of buildup.

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