Mom Says Her Kids Can Never Have Friends Over Because Their House Isn’t Nice Enough

A mom shared her feelings about why she doesn't let her kids have friends over.

She says her house isn't as nice as others, so she feels embarrassed and doesn't want other kids to see it.

The mom made a video in her car talking about how sad it makes her that her kids can't have playdates at their house because of this.

"All of their friends live in nice neighborhoods, nice homes, and I can’t give that to my kids"

She talked about feeling bad because her family doesn't have as much money as her kids' friends' families.

She feels like she's not giving her kids everything they need, and it makes her feel like a bad mom.

Mom guilt is a big problem for many parents. It's when they feel bad about not being perfect and not being able to do everything for their kids.

This pressure makes moms feel like they're not good enough, and it's not healthy for them or their children.

Another Mom Asked For A Playdate, She Suggested Meeting At A Park Instead

The mom told a story about another mom asking for a playdate with her kid, but she felt too embarrassed to let the kids come to their house. She suggested meeting at a park instead.

She explained that her family lives in a trailer park, and she feels ashamed because their home is not in good condition. She said there are holes in the walls and the floors are messed up because of her husband's behavior.

She's not judging people who live in trailer parks, but she feels embarrassed about the way her own home looks.

"It just makes me sad because every mom wants to give their kids everything, and I'm not able to do that with this," she said while crying.

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