BedPhones vs SleepPhones: Which is a Better Aid for Sleep

bedphones vs sleepphones

Sleep is one of the most important, necessary biological functions you perform every day.

A full 8 hours of sleep, or close to that, are vital in keeping yourself healthy, both in mind and in body.

Without that benefit to your well-being, you could rightfully grow sick or even worse, so it’s important that you make sure you can sleep.

Unfortunately, sometimes there’s just no avoiding the problems that prevent you from having a restful night’s sleep, as we’ve discussed before.

That's why you try to deal with them and at least block out the sources of noise and generally try to fight back against whatever might be causing you grief.

Be it, noisy neighbors or roommates, noise from outside drifting in and many more things besides, there is a solution.

Let me tell you, I was glad to have found this solution because my husband is a snorer.

That's not even the worst of it, either, as my kids tend to be extremely loud when they get up at night to get some water or go to the bathroom.

I was extremely glad to have found these options and will now do my best to walk you through what they can do for you, in hopes of you being able to decide which is the better choice for you.

We’ll also mention some benefits of a good sleep, that these can provide.

bedphones vs sleepphones

BedPhones vs SleepPhones

Before we begin comparing the products, let's look at what they both can offer you, since, with the good night's sleep they bring, you're bound to reap these benefits. Some of them may surprise you:

  • Prolonging your life - A good night’s rest actually helps keep your body in shape and working well, for longer.
  • Avoiding stress and depression - Your brain can work through a lot of issues if given constant sleep since it can slowly but surely lay foundations for betterment over the course of those nights.
  • Improving your memory and focus - Yes, this one seems obvious, but you’d be shocked at how much more you can remember and how easily you’ll pick up on little details, even avoiding mishaps far more easily, with the aid of sleeping properly.
  • Avoiding unnecessary weight gain and inflammation - Sleep is when our body does a lot of vital processes. Some of them pertain to digestion and even maintenance of the body in general, preventing a lot of issues from cropping up.

Now, that you know why these are so useful, let’s go about comparing them:


It might seem odd to start with prices first, but the reason is simple. There is a discrepancy here that needs to be addressed first since it might affect your choice to know it.

In a word, Bedphones are cheaper by a large margin. In the closest cases, they’re twice as cheap as SleepPhones and that difference can go all the way into the range of them being cheaper by a factor of 6 or even 7.

Considering how hefty this difference is, you would be right to presume it’s because the former is much worse than the latter.

Depending on your needs, that’s maybe even true, but we’ll be delving deeper into the subject to make sure you’re not misinformed or think something that’s untrue in this case.


Simply put, the differences are varied enough to make judging this bit of the contest, as it were, nigh on impossible.

Bedphones are a winner, I suppose, in sheer affordability, but that is not even close to the end of it, even for this specific category.

Effectiveness at Aiding Sleep

This would be the category that normally at least gives an explanation for whether or not the price difference is justified, but again, it’s hard to make such a blanket statement. Let me explain why.

First of all, both of these products function in a similar manner, allowing a lengthy cord to run to the machine, giving you plenty of room to work with, while they block out the noise.

So it's not a huge difference for either, in that regard.


Moving on, we find that their general level of noise reduction and cancelation are fairly even, due to the similarities in their base designs.

This leaves us with maybe SleepPhones being the slightly more effective choice, for easing your sleep, overall, which does not tell us much.

Before you go and conclude that SleepPhones are clearly superior, if that is the case, remember that there are more categories to go through.


This might seem an odd thing to even consider when we're talking about products meant to ease your sleep, but one of them has other uses as well.

Yes, the Bedphones can even be worn during:

  • Playing sports - Not recommended for contact sports, of course, but otherwise free to be used in most others.
  • Traveling - Whether it’s a long commute or even city to city, you can wear these in both instances.
  • While focusing on creative work - Writing, painting and so on can be disturbed by outside noise, but you can wear these Bedphones even during such times, without worry.
Bedphones Wireless - The World's Smallest On-Ear Headphones - Black

Despite the name, the Bedphones are not strictly for use only when you’re in bed and want to sleep. Their versatility of purpose gives them a clear edge in this portion of the comparison.

This is due to the fact that SleepPhones do exactly as the name advertises. They make it easier for you to sleep, but nothing else.

You cannot use them in any other circumstances.

When it’s lights out and time to sleep, then SleepPhones are great for the job. In any other circumstances, the headband design makes them simply unusable.

Comfort and Quality

This is when things turn around for SleepPhones, in a big way.

Let’s make it clear, however, that when it comes to range of use and general comfort provided by the cord, both of these products are on an extremely even footing.

The general standard for both is around 4 to 5 feet of cord length and varies very little.

However, let’s list some of the problems of BedPhones:

  • Minimalist design - While not necessarily always a bad thing, this design does mean they can get lost more easily or be crushed if you place your head on them wrong. Furthermore, their comfort for the ear is lesser, even with the thick foam they have.
  • Limiting your sleep - Another major complaint with these types is that you end up unable to sleep on your sides. At best, you get some minor discomfort, which can grow into an irritant all on its own, actually preventing your healthy sleep.
  • Loss of quality - Sleeping on these in the wrong way can even cause them to do their job in a noticeably poorer manner. The quality of the sound they provide can be made worse by the pressure of your ear on them, rendering them far less effective in some instances.
  • Longevity - Not too durable, they can last as little as a year or even less, before needing to be replaced.

SleepPhones, on the other hand, are amazing at this part of the job. They are far more luxurious and comfortable in every regard, compared to Bedphones.

First of all, the headband is made to be comfortable and aid in your sleep, alongside the headphone within it. Not only that, but it allows you to sleep however you like, without any negative effects.

Side sleepers, people who like to sleep on their belly and many more will find themselves hardly noticing them as they strap on the headband.

Not only that, but there is no loss of quality at all, however you use them.

Keep in mind that the headband is even machine-washable, meaning that the material is durable enough and can withstand it.

That’s a very good endorsement, especially when you consider most warranties begin at a year of use, some with even more so.

This is a definite good sign for their possible longevity, beyond just the obvious proof of them being made so well that you can wash them so easily.

This is why the SleepPhones are a hands-down winner of this round.

Conclusion: Bedphones vs SleepPhones

There you have it, a comprehensive and detailed review of the ups and downs of both products.

In the end, it’s hard to declare a proper winner among the two, since there’s not enough in the way of clear victories on either side. 

Simply put, it boils down to what you need the most. If you want versatility at affordable prices, go for Bedphones.

SleepPhones are your go-to if you need the best, most comfortable product aimed specifically at aiding sleep.

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