How to Sleep with Noisy Roommates: 11 Best Tips

Having roommates is sometimes pretty annoying thing, right?

It’s most common to have them in your dorm, but you might find yourself in this environment not only in this situation.

So, as a former student I can totally understand the perks of being one, as well as the cons that come with it.

The biggest problem was with those roomies being so loud. I couldn’t sleep, or concentrate on my studies whatsoever.

how to sleep with noisy roommates

Usually, rooms are small and sometimes, even if you have good, sensible roommates, they might be unintentionally noisy.

Sometimes it takes only one moment to ruin your sleep and therefore, your mood for the next day.

Do not despair; there are several things that can be done in order to save your dreams and help you get enough of sleep.

Most of the tips will help you sleep better, but it depends only on your preferences which one will suit the situation best.

11 Tips For Sleeping with Noisy Roommates

1. Put on the Headphones

put on headphones

If you have noisy roommates and you are a music lover, then there is one simple solution.

Of course, it’s hard to fall asleep with the headphones on, but some people can do it easily.

I used to have a roommate that held the headphones in his ears for 24/7.

I wonder, were I so loud, or was it him loving music that much?

Jokes aside, no matter what’s his point, there are some people that can sleep well with headphones on.

If this can’t solve your sleeping problem due to noisy roommates, then maybe it can help you be a bit more productive while studying or working.

It helps ignoring the noise, and of course, if you hit the right note, it can improve your productivity.

As a matter of fact, listening to the classical music has proven to be useful in several ways- increasing productivity as well.

2. Play white-noise 

White Noise Machines

There are certain machines that can help you sleep or work better.

In this case, having a white noise machine can make some additional noise on which your roommates might complain.

However, if you find it suitable, you can go and try with white noise machine.

White noise machine are handy and cheap solution to the noise problems.

These machines commonly produce the sound that makes you ignore every other disturbing noise.

In that manner, it will help you concentrate on this white-noise sound which is simply put, like waterfall sound.

So, if you ask me, choosing between waterfall and the noise of the roommates is quite easy.

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Sleeping with White Noise

White noise machines are cheap and most of them you can find for like twenty-thirty bucks.

This is the one that works quite well for me.

It belongs to an affordable price point category and pays great value for the price.

There are 2 main types of white noise machines- cheaper and more expensive ones.

Cheaper variants can produce only one dominant sound or maybe two to choose from, while more expensive ones give you the opportunity to find your peaceful combination of sounds.

For example, you can combine sounds of woods, of fire chipping, sounds of the sea and much more.

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3. Use a Fan to Improvise

use a fan to improvise

If you don’t have a white noise machine, and you need instant solution to the noisy roommates, you can try with fan.

It sounds funny, but if it can do the job, it’s not at all.

We are all familiar with the fan sound, and how relaxing can it be sometimes.

With this said, you will be able to solve your heat problem and the noise problem with one simple trick.

In other words- two birds with one rock.

Click here for the best white noise fans for sleeping.

best fans for sleeping

4. Skip naps

Wait, why would you skip your nap?

Well, it’s quite simple.

If you sleep less during the day, you will be more tired during the night.

No matter how sensitive sleep you have, once you are exhausted you will fall into it with whatever noise is around you.

Even if the noise is quite loud, the better chances of you sleeping are with your body exhausted rather than with regular afternoon nap.

5. Make your sleep a routine


Stabilizing your circadian rhythm will help you fall asleep a lot easier. In order to stabilize it, you will need to make your sleeping a routine.

What does this mean?

Well, it means that you need to go to bed at the same time every day.

Routine can be boring, but on the other hand, routine makes us more productive.

Sleeping routine is quite helpful when it comes to your own productivity and rest.

6. Keep a sleep diary 

It might sound funny, but keeping a sleep diary can be helpful in several ways.

Firstly, it will subconsciously help you feel better when you see the numbers and how much did you sleep, and secondly, it will help you identify other patterns that might be affecting your sleep.

7. Mobile Apps

mobile apps

Nowadays, there are a lot of mobile apps.

In that sea of apps, there are some particularly made for your sleep and its improvement.

It’s the cheapest solution but I don’t see the problem if it works!

Among those apps, there are a lot that imitate white noise machine.

There is one small difference- you can choose between the sounds that you wish to hear.

You can adjust it to waterfalls, nature, or whatever relaxing sound that will help you sleep better. 

8. Put Earplugs


It might be a bit old fashioned, but if it can do the job, then there is no problem.

Earplugs can be a great thing to block the noisy roommate.

No matter how uncomfortable can it be, you will get used to it by the time.

Nevertheless, there are different materials used for earplugs and they are especially made to accommodate your comfort while spleeping.

For example, when my husband had snoring problems, I had these particular ones.

They are quite comfy and offer special NRR 31 formula for increased noise reduction.

Science says, 31 dB will be gone after putting these into your ears.

For the most of the cases, these 31 dB will do the job. Of course, it depends on the level of the noise as well.

9. Use Earmuffs


Earmuffs are some really amazing thing to have in your sleeping arsenal.

They are not only there to cover your ears from noisy roommates, but your eyes as well.

Overall, it will drastically improve your sleep on several different ways.

I can suggest this earmuff as one of the best and most comfy I came across so far.

Nevertheless, earmuffs are great for travelling.

If you are in the train for example, and you have noisy roommates, then earmuff is quite handy.

It will help you sleep better, block all the noise and unwanted light that may disturb your peace.

10. Herbal Help


Now, there are a lot of medics that can be used to stabilize your heart rate and help you sleep better, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Most of those medicaments will just help you “sleep better” but not help you feel better.

In relation to that, there are some alternatives that can help. Now, this herbal help will be provided without any needs of consuming.

Namely, there are some oils and essences that can deepen your sleep and help you have steadier and restful night.

You can try with lavender oil as it has the ability to lull us.

Also, there are a lot of do it yourself oils and sprays that can help.

Combining 15-20 drops of lavender essential oil with some rubbing alcohol (which acts as an emulsifier) can have a great impact on your sleep.

Spurt just a small dose to the bedding and increase your sleep depth.


11. Combination

Of course, the more the better! If you use several of methods that I suggested, it will drastically improve your sleep quality and help you with noisy roommates.

For example, earmuffs combined with several other methods might increase your sleep quality so drastically that you will wake up with a smile on your face the next day.

Don’t take your sleep for granted. It can make your day, as the start of the day is the most important.

On the other hand, lack of sleep can lead to lack of productivity and a lot of other side effects. 

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Conclusion: How to Sleep with Noisy Roommates

How to Sleep with Noisy Roommates

Given everything that we mentioned, these are some of the basic and easiest tips and tricks on sleeping with noisy roommates.

Of course, you should talk to your roommates firstly, but sometimes the noise isn’t even in their power and they unintentionally produce it.

For those situations, you should follow some of the aforementioned step.

I can guarantee that the certain methods can help in reducing the noise to a level that will help you sleep better.

How to Sleep with Noisy Roommates: 11 Best Tips

How to Sleep with Noisy Roommates

Are your roommates disturbing your beauty sleep? Fret not. Click here to read our 11 best tips on how to sleep with noisy roommates.

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  1. Put on the Headphones
  2. Play White-Noise
  3. Use a Fan to Improvise
  4. Skip Naps
  5. Make Your Sleep A Routine
  6. Keep A Sleep Diary
  7. Mobile Apps
  8. Put Earplugs
  9. Use Earmuffs
  10. Use Herbal Help
  11. Use A Combination
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