Best Noise-Canceling Machines for Office: Reviews and Buying Guide

Effects of White Noise in the Workplace?

Is your office based at home? You may have realized that noise from various sources like pets, kids, or persons you live with interrupts your concentration.

Offices located far from home also face the same dilemma, thanks to the noisy neighborhood, environmental sounds, motorists, and chirping birds.

Luckily, there’s a solution to this; getting noise-canceling machines for your office.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Office Noise Canceling Machines

Noise-canceling machines block out any unwanted noise. They are also known as white noise, sound therapy, and sleep sound machines.

There are several noise-canceling machines in the market. Unfortunately, not all of them are excellent. To enjoy optimal results, you need to choose the best noise-canceling device.

But choosing the top noise-canceling machine is like an uphill task. So, I decided to carry out intense research on the finest noise-canceling devices found on the market today.

Keep reading for some insightful information to help you choose a machine for your office.

Best Noise-Canceling Machines for Office:

Best Noise-Canceling Machines for Office

Do you have a limited budget and are looking for a primary noise-canceling machine? Then you should consider this Dohm classic model. It comes with no extra features or sounds.

The manufacturer has gone the extra mile to uplift its quality, explaining why this gadget has survived the market for many years.

Is color your thing?

The Yogasleep Dohm Classic comes in either tan, white, or black. You get to choose the color you love or suit your office’s décor.

You need not worry if your office space is limited. This noise-canceling machine is approximately 6 – inches wide and 3 – inches high.

Most people highly regard products made in the United States of America, and this gadget is no exemption. Because of its top-notch quality, you are guaranteed of its service for many years.

You only need to take good care of it. Because it’s a primary noise-canceling machine, it comes with only one sound. You get to control the sound via a volume control.

Despite being ideal in your office, you can also use it in apartments, hotels, daycares, dorms, or enhancing the babies to sleep.

Because it is white noise, you need not worry about irritating sound loops. Amazingly, this Dohm classic model is the National Sleep Foundation’s official sound conditioner.

No wonder, considering its quality and effectiveness. Based on the users’ reviews, the Yogasleep Dohm Classic is not only useful in reducing noise in the offices but also enhances the room’s great look.

By making the White Noise Sound Machine, the HoMedics Company enhanced users with constrained budgets to own a noise-canceling machine for their offices.

Unfortunately, though it works out great in reducing the noise, it does not last long. If you need to use a noise-canceling machine for a short while in your office, this option would be ideal.

With a lifespan of approximately 1 – 2 years, you get enough time to plan for a better gadget if out of cash for a durable noise-canceling machine.

With its six variety of sounds, you get spoilt of options. You can either use one of the White Noise, Summer Night, Rain, Thunder, Brook, and Ocean sounds.

I once owned one and worked out great in lowering the noise in my office. But I fell in love with its rain sound. It worked magic on me when I wanted to sleep. I could get into dreamland almost immediately.

I also loved the fact that you can run it using either electricity or batteries. As a result, it is very convenient in offices with no power or if the power goes out.

Using its timer, you get to set it to run for a specific time based on the noise in your office, or when you need to take a break.

Carrying it to and fro is easy due to its small size. It can fit in your suitcase. If your budget is low and can’t afford to add a dime, the White Noise Sound Machine is the best option.

It is one of the noise-canceling machines that come with a hefty price, but it’s worth investing. It is appealing to look at, and credit goes to its sleek design.

Unlike many noise-canceling machines for office, this gadget comes with ten different sounds for you to choose.

The list includes Fireplace, Meadow, City, Brook, White noise, Waterfall, Ocean, Train, Brook, and Meditation.

With all these sounds, you can use the Sound+Sleep High Fidelity Sleep Sound Machine for other things other than noise reduction.

For instance, if you need to meditate, sleep, or enjoy an uninterrupted relaxation and peace, one of the above sounds will do an excellent job in enabling you to do so.

Though it’s a high-end gadget, it’s not ideal for everyone because of its high price. But considering its features and optimal results, it is a real deal for value for your money.

If you are looking for a noise-canceling machine to buy with confidence, this gadget should rank high on your list. It not only gets made in the USA but also comes with a guarantee of 1,000-day satisfaction.

You get spoiled with the option of using the Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan White Noise Sound Machine. Thanks to its ten ambient noise types and fan sounds.

Among the noise that comes with this gadget are Pink, White, and Brown noise.

After using it to reduce noise in your office, you also get to utilize it in soothing, relaxing, or making you sleep. It is also great to use while meditating and practicing yoga.

My office was a place I could never concentrate due to the environmental noises around. My little bundle of joy could not sleep comfortably and forced me to stay up most of the night.

I bless the day I discovered this noise-canceling machine. On taking it to the office, the concentration was 100%. The same happened at home. On putting on one of its soothing sounds, my daughter slept almost immediately.

Though it comes with either white or black color, its design is fashionable and reliable. If you have an AC or USB, you get easily power it.

If you are tired of a noise-canceling machine that keeps on repeating sounds, you may need to consider this gadget. Its sounds are unique and non-repetitive.

It also contains no moving parts, explaining why it does not create any disturbance in the office. What’s impressive is the fact that any average income user can afford it.

According to most reviews from users on Amazon, the Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan White Noise Sound Machine is easy to use, has a superior sound quality, and does not loop.

But the high volumes may result in distortion. Also, it may not last long, and the white noise variations are not enough.

This product comes with six top-notch natural sounds, making it a viable machine to cancel noise in your office.

The sounds are not only excellent in masking the disturbing noises in your offices but also in enabling you to sleep at home.

The sounds are the Summer night, Thunder, Brook, Ocean, White noise and Rain.

If you are in the office for a particular time, or if the noise experienced in your workplace clears at certain times, you can use the timer to set when the machine runs.

It does not make sense to run your noise-canceling machine in the absence of noise.

You also get to use the timer if you need to rest or sleep for a specified period. The Big Red Roster 6 Sound White Noise Machine will keep running to keep off any disturbing sounds.

The manufacturer of this gadget did an excellent job in its design. It comes with an exquisite look attributed to its silver finish. Its maker has also succeeded in strengthening its lifespan.

With the Big Red Roster 6 Sound White Noise Machine, you need not worry whether your office has electricity. Thanks to the fact that you get to power it using 3 AA batteries or an AC adapter.

You need not buy the batteries or adapter as they come with this machine. But considering reviews from users, this gadget comes with low volume limits.

Also, some owners considered the sounds unrealistic, while they termed the white noise sound as inferior.

But you will love the fact that the Big Red Roster 6 Sound White Noise Machine can run all night if not time set, and the sounds are seamless and looping.

Unlike the Big Red Rooster model explained above, the manufacturer added extra features on this gadget.

Instead of the six sounds with the Big Red Roster 6 Sound White Noise Machine, this machine comes with ten high-quality natural sounds.

The sounds are Thunder, Summer, White noise, Songbird, Rain, Brook, Ocean, Heartbeat, Rainforest, and Waterfall.

Amazingly, the above sounds from the Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine effectively mask all background noises.

Also, they bar any sudden noise, making it one of the best noise-canceling machines found on the market today.

When used at home, this device will not only make you fall asleep fast but also ensure you enjoy quality sleep.

Thanks to the timer made with the Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine, you get to choose when to run. It could be after 15, 30, or 60 minutes. You can also decide to run it at all times.

Carrying this device to your office is no hustle attributed to its small size. Its design and black finish make it blend well with any office. As a result, it doesn’t raise any attention.

You can use either an AC adapter or 3 AA batteries to power it. As a result, it qualifies as a perfect fit to use in offices with or without electricity. You can also carry and use it in remote areas or open fields.

Based on most users’ reviews, this device breaks down quickly and has very short loops. To others, some of its sounds usually rattle the speaker.

But you will like the fact that its sounds are not only top-notch but also loud and realistic. Also, you get able to set the machine’s looping intervals.

Even after reviewing the above best noise-canceling machines for the office above, you may still wonder why you need a top-rated noise-canceling tool.

To enlighten you, here is the significance of a noise-canceling machine in your office.

Importance of a Noise-Cancelling Machine in an Office

  • Background Sound

The background sound played by a noise-canceling machine masks any other noise in the office, making you concentrate only on the sound produced.

Usually, the sound is relaxing and comforting, creating an ample atmosphere for you to concentrate and work in your office.

  • Lack of distractions

Though the noise-canceling machines produce sound, they are different from the regular songs. Your co-workers don’t get to hear them, meaning that they don’t get distracted and lose their concentration.

Visitors to your office or workmates may notice the sound, but it won’t distract them in any way.

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Baby White Noise Machine
  • Convenient and Activeness

Though there exist other products that reduce noise such as earplugs, the noise-canceling machines work perfectly.

Besides, some of the gadgets that can reduce noise like headphones are not suitable to use in an office environment.

Also, noise-canceling machines play a significant role in ensuring your brain stay active and concentrate on essential matters.

All the above information could prompt your decision to get a noise-canceling machine. But you shouldn’t pomp into a store and buy any gadget.

For you to choose the best noise-canceling machine or one ideal for you, there are factors you need to consider. They include the following;

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Noise-Cancelling Machine

Sound Quality

The main reason for getting a noise-canceling machine is to mask all distracting noises in a room. Regarding this, it should provide nothing less than top-notch quality.

The electric or acoustic sound devices work out great if you opt to choose the white noise sound-canceling gadgets.


If you are picking a noise-canceling machine to use in your office, you may need to consider your business’s image. Your office represents your company’s reputation.

You should consider picking a noise-canceling machine that will give a positive impression to your visitors or clients, and make them feel comfortable.

It should also improve your office’s look and blend well with the interior décor. It is, therefore, essential to avoid noise-canceling machines that come with suggestive graphics.

Sleek designs are also ideal to use in homes.

Extra Features

If you need a noise-canceling machine to use for various moods, you may need to consider those with extra features.

Avoid devices with only one white noise and opt for a noise-canceling machine with various sounds. Fortunately, the market has appliances with sounds up to ten different ones.

Also, consider a machine that you can control the level of noise you need. A gadget with a timer will also help you time the amount of time you want the machine to run.

A machine with only one sound type and volume will end up frustrating instead of calming you.


Most people think that products with low prices are inferior in quality. But they are wrong. Not all of them; some may only be missing out on some extra features.

Additional features increase the cost of a noise-canceling machine, but it’s worth spending. You get to enjoy a better customer experience with such a gadget than one without.

But it doesn’t mean that a device with no such features is terrible.

It depends on what you want. If you are looking for a noise-canceling machine to serve you for a short time and with one particular sound, then a cheaper device will work out great.

But if you have the budget and want to rip maximum benefits from a noise-canceling machine, an expensive device will be excellent.


It is a waste of hard-earned money to buy a noise-canceling machine that cannot mask all the distractive noises. More so, if it’s a high-end device.

Ensure the machine you choose can play brown, white, red, and pink noises. If not, such a tool cannot cancel the unwanted sound effectively.

On the Best Noise-Cancelling Machines for Office

As described above, noise-canceling machines are essential gadgets in our lives. They are not only useful in our offices but also homes.

But the market gets flooded with millions of noise-making machines, making it a hard nut to crack when choosing one.

Fortunately, you can get the right noise-canceling machine for you if you consider the factors explained above.

Though all the noise-canceling machines are the best, the Yogasleep Dohm Classic emerges as the winner. It comes with unbeatable quality and guarantee.

You will also love its classic design, customized sound experience, and smooth operation.

But if you are still not sure of the best noise-canceling machine to buy, use the reviews described above as your starting point.

With such insight into the best noise-canceling machines for office, you have no excuse not to own one. Experience the comfort of working in a quiet environment.

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