Best Quiet Dishwashers 2023: Reviews and Buying Guide

Dishwashers are useful.

But there’s a tiny bit of a problem. They make a ton of noise. The sound can come from a powerful motor, overloading of the product, overexertion, and poor maintenance.

When you’re in pursuit of a soundproof house, these are issues you need to address. Go for products that are silent when working and keep them in top shape.

I’ll be dedicating this guide to educating my readers about some of the quietest dishwashers of 2021, teaching them how to buy one, and offer them a few tips of my own.

best quiet dishwashers

Dishwasher Buying Guide


Dishwashers come in 3 different types. You have built-in dishwashers that need to be set up permanently under a kitchen cabinet.

These are ideal for medium to large-sized homes or apartments.

If you are in for a drawer-type dishwasher, these can either be a single or double door. The latter is obviously costlier than the earlier version. These drawers move forward when opening up.

So, people will need a considerable space in the kitchen to spare if they choose to go for these things.

These two types may make louder noises than the next variety. People will have to spend quite a lot of time setting them up as well.

Portable quiet dishwashers are the most convenient. These are small and lightweight. People can carry them anywhere. 

These box-style products are cheaper as well. You can operate them at a moment’s notice.


Check the inside as well as the outside part of your choice. It helps to choose a reputed brand just to be sure of good build quality.

Generally, people look into the inside part of the machine. I prefer stainless steel interiors. For people who don’t know, stainless steel works as a great carrier of heat.

It helps when you’re cleaning dishes under at a high temperature to eradicate bacteria and germs. Also, there’s a thing called “Heat Drying.”

The top dishwashers in the market use this feature to dry up your dishes in quicker time than usual. A cool perk to have if you pay the price for it. 

Also, look for gray-colored machines.

These will make stains and scratches less visible to the public eye. 


Your machine must have adjustable racks, various positions for arranging dishes and mugs, and flexible doors.

It helps by preventing overloading and malfunctioning.

Some of the models come with oversized baskets to accommodate bigger utensils. 

Look for add-ons like an extra rack for extra stemware like in Bosch SPE68U55UC

You will find fold-down tines and silverware baskets that help you in accommodating extra utensils as well.


This is a major question that we are seeking an answer to.

In my view, dishwashers need to be quiet for us to keep up the harmony of our houses. This is all well and good but how quiet do we need the dishwasher to be?

A whispering sound makes 15 decibels of noise. Normal human conversation makes a noise of 60 decibels. 42 to 53 dBA of sound is considered to be the noise of the rain. 

See this decibel chart for more information.

Make sure your devices generate sound in the range of 42 – 55 decibels. This much is expected. You won’t hear the machine from the next room. 

If you’re having trouble picking between say a 44 dBA dishwasher and a 55 dBA one, here’s a video comparing the sound levels.

Energy Saving

We make hefty investments in dishwashers so that they serve us well, right?

A part of serving as well relates to saving energy bills while working. Make sure you buy a machine that saves you some bucks at the end of the day.

Check for “Energy Star” rating. EnergyStar® rating is a sign that the device can function while running on low energy.

There’s an eco-mode in most devices as well. It reduces energy consumption to a great degree.


When it comes to the best quiet dishwashers out there, makers have installed some sensors in them. These sensors tell you what’s happening in the machine.

Top dishwashers come with sensors to manage the wash cycle settings. Some of the products have ways to monitor water temperature and adjust it.

Water sensors are great as well. These things can determine how much water one needs for cleaning.

There are sensors that tell people how much detergent they need for a cleaning session as well. Naturally, dishwashers claiming to be quiet have noise sensors as well.

Other Important Features

Please consider the control options of your product.

One touch controls are great. They keep dishwashers from malfunctioning. You don’t want to push a button more than once to do the job.

Make sure your machine has a filter. These devices are used to clean dirt, germs, and bacteria from the kitchenware.

Naturally, they get dirty as well. The filter keeps the inside water and mechanisms clean. These things should be removable, cleanable, and replaceable when the time comes.

We don’t always feel like working all day. I’m pretty sure our machines don’t as well. That’s why I’m a stout advocate of a “Delay Timer”.

Set it as per schedule and the device will start washing dishes at your preferred time. Everything is automatic. You just need to press a button and set the mode and forget it.

I’d love a machine with wash cycles and customizable programs. The more the better. Multiple wash cycles make it easy for people to clean all sorts of kitchenware using their machines.

“Quick Wash” facility helps as well. There should be an LCD display in place to give them a clear idea about the proceedings.

Don’t forget something called “Rinse Aid.”

It mimics the human hand and rubs the dishes to provide intimate cleaning. It’s the feature responsible for cleaning bacteria and germs.

Best Quiet Dishwashers 2021

I’m in favor of this counter-top dishwasher first up. 

It’s quiet, efficient, and has awesome benefits for anyone interested to try this awesome piece of tech.

Don’t underestimate a product from hOmeLabs.

Even if it is smaller than most dishwashers, it packs in a cutlery basket, a detergent dispenser, a cup rack, spray arms, a normal basket, rinse aid, and a filter among other things.

Honestly, I couldn’t ask for more from an 18-inch product.

This thing is pretty small. It can easily sit on the kitchen counter. Once you’re done, just store it in a safe corner.

Operating this compact product is as easy as you’d like. Pull out the basket, then fill the detergent holder with a powder, load it with utensils, and make sure it’s connected with the water line.

The next thing to do is to supply the dishwasher with power. Then, turn it on.

If someone is worried about the controls, don’t be. These are quite easy to handle as well. People have six different modes to work with in this dishwasher.

You get a normal mode that allows people to work at the usual pace. The heavy mode is meant for occasions when you have parties at home and need to take care of more utensils than usual.

There’s an “Eco” mode too. It saves people power and precious billing amount in the long run.

The “Glass” mode allows people to wash delicate dishes like ceramics, thin glass plates etc. You have the “Speed” mode to hustle and do the dishwashing in quick time.

Wondering when to refill the detergent? There’s an indicator light put in place to assist people.

You don’t need to dry the dishes manually. hOmelabs countertop dishwasher does that for you. The rinse aid dispenser is here to help.

It won’t put streaks or marks on the glass mugs and sensitive utensils. When considering spare ones, use rinse aids that are compatible with automatic dishwashers.

Wondering if the machine is noiseless? Yes. As it turns out, this portable counter-top dishwasher is reasonably quiet.

This thing makes 55 dB of noise when working in a normal mode.

It’s below the human conversation level. People will barely hear hOmelabs dishwasher machine at work.

People might complain about the sound it makes when expelling water into the sink. But that takes only a few seconds compared to the cleaning process itself. It’s not a big deal.

Just a word of warning: Don’t touch the heating element right after you’re done using it. You will certainly burn your hands.

Also, only operate the dishwasher when you’ve properly put all the enclosed parts in place.

People that are aiming for a wallet-friendly yet feature-laced and of course, quiet dishwasher machine, turn your attention to Frigidaire FFBD1821MW.

This is an US-made machine that stands up to quality and benefit standards all over the USA. 

best quiet dishwashers

The amount of noise will hardly bother homeowners. At 55dBA it’s reasonably quiet. In fact, I could only hear it while working inside a kitchen.

As soon as someone steps out, he/she won’t even notice it. People with a small living space can rest easy too.   

Frigidaire is a “Full Console” dishwasher as well. Meaning, you’d get all the controls on deck when you need them.

Several control modes allow people to clean different types of plates, mugs, plastic cups, and various things that are an integral part of your kitchen.

This little thing has stainless steel parts inside. These parts grant the machine much-needed durability and longevity.

This little machine comes with four different washing modes for the users.

People can utilize the heavy wash, light wash, and energy-saver are some of the options and combinations people can try out.

I’d recommend a heavy wash for a busy day at the house like a party. Light wash is suitable for immediate cleaning of the dishes after a meal.

Energy saver is what it sounds. This mode focuses on saving us some bucks by focusing on cleaning with less power. The performance will remain the same yet, cleaning will take time.

There’s another option titled “China/Crystal Cycle.” This option is for cleaning fragile appliances. It reduces the water pressure by a maximum of 30%. 

This allows for a gentle rinsing and careful washing of the delicate utensils that we use.

You have the option of delay timer as well. One can set it up to start after 2 – 4 hours of delay after you’re done with meals.

All the options can be accessed with one touch. There’s no complex menu navigation. This is what the makers call Ready-Select® Controls.

When we proceed to dry our dishes, this machine supplies us with heat. It can increase the inner temperature to quicken up the process.

Energy saving works here too. You’ll get to see heatless drying via a vent too if you choose the energy-saver mode.

You can use any detergent you like with this machine. There’s a low rinse indicator in place to let you know when the cleaning agent is running low.

Just so the inside part of the device doesn’t get messy, there’s a water filter in place. It’s removable, cleanable, and replaceable.

Even seniors in our houses can operate Frigidaire FFBD1821MW. If you don’t know, it’s ADA (American Disability Act) compatible. People won’t have to work too hard to get this thing up and running.

I love the SD-9241SS prom SPT because it’s so easy to set up in my house.

When I set it up, it was a matter of connecting a few lines together. I could do it in half an hour. 

Trust me, people don’t have to do direct plumbing or anything that eats their valuable time up.

The faucet adapter is an impressive addition. It lets people pair this dishwasher with the standard aerator openings quite nicely. 

It’s portable too. This lightweight dishwasher is easy to maintain and keep in shape as well.

The SD-9241SS comes with a Stainless steel interior. It’s great for cleaning dishes with detergent. Do hot or cold washes with this thing.

The dishwasher can withstand water temperature of up to 154-degree Fahrenheit. One can load 3.65 gallons of water at one time to clean all the dishes.

If you are feeling too tired to do the dishes after dinner, you can insert them and set the timer anywhere between 1- 24 hours for a clean-up job.

People will be able to clean all sizes of plates using this piece of kitchenware. You’d do well to use the upper rack for the bigger plates of your house.

This portable dishwasher contains 8 plate settings to accommodate these plates.

The SD-9241SS is quiet while going about its business. The sound while it’s in normal mode is 55 dB.

There are five different modes besides normal to help us work within this machine.

These are Heavy, Light, rinse, speed, and all-in-one. As described in the case of the dishwasher from hOmelabs, the modes work in the same manner.

This model from SPT dries your utensils using a system called, “Residual Heat Drying.”

In simpler terms, SPT SD-9241SS warms these dishes up to let the water evaporate over time. Users won’t have to wipe these dishes or use their hands in any other manner.   

Let’s assume a thing or two in the cleaning process goes wrong.

People can set the cleaning mode wrong; insufficient water or the detergent container might be empty.

What then? Well, there’s an “Error Alarm” in place. It lets people know if there’s a problem in the process.

There’s a rinse aid indicator in place. This lets people know if they need to replace the attachment or not. Handy thing to have if you ask me.

This thing is energy star certified. The SD-9241SS saves people 295 kW/hr worth of energy per year. This is significant considering the annual electricity bills for some states around the USA.

Who says the best quiet dishwashers need to be portable only?

Some of them are also built-in within the kitchen cabinet. 

Bosch SPE68U55UC 18-inch Dishwasher. It’s super quiet and it cuts down on our energy bills per annum.

quietest dishwasher

When I say, super quiet; I mean it. Bosch SPE68U55 is known to produce a low amount of noise when at work.

If my previous choice from SPT made 55 dB of noise, this one from Bosche accounts for 44 dBA. Yes, 44 decibels only! This is much lower than even a human conversation.

I’m proud to inform all my readers that this is the quietest dishwasher brand manufactured in the USA.

The 18-inch door is perfect for people to work with. I found the size compact. It fits under most kitchen counters perfectly.

Even if someone lives in a small house, creating space for this item isn’t a problem.

The silver dish basket inside is flexible. People won’t have to worry about overloading this thing.

This dishwasher has a complete console onboard. Meaning, you’ll find each and every option a product like this should have at your fingertips.

You have different modes, LED marker to give you an idea about the functions of this machine, and a delay timer for convenience.

The LED panel shows you how much time is left for the washing to be finished as well.

Bosch SPE68U55UC comes with 6 wash cycles that can take care of different types of dishes with the cleaning mode you choose.

Be it normal, heavy, economic mode or express where people can quickly clean the dishes without much of a fuss.

There’s an automatic mode here as well. Load up all your dishes, push the auto button and see the machine take care of the cleanup job. All the while water won't leak.

That’s because the makers integrated AquaPlus® leak protection system. It guards the device in four parts to stop water from dripping.

Then you have the glass protector which guards the unit against physical damages due to accidents.

This thing comes with an additional third rack. Yes, the earlier models from this franchise had only two.

The third rack increases the capacity for this device by 30%. It’s a huge boost if you ask me.

The makers call the technology RackMatic®. As a part of this technology, you have nine possible rack placement options in addition to the standard one.

In addition to that, you have three different height options. These allow you to place different sizes of dishes inside for a proper cleaning.

Bosche has installed Water Softener technology. This feature allows you to set the mode of water movement.

With this, I saw people controlling the flow of water inside. SPE68U55UC determines how water will hit each utensil and ensures a spot-free cleaning experience.

This device is perfect for a family of four. You’ll have to run it twice a day. Even then, this machine is an energy saver.

How much or how little does a dishwasher cost people in terms of electricity bills? Make sense, right?  

I’m rambling throughout these short reviews about saving energy and bills.

It’s high time I gave you EdgeStar DWP62BL that doubles down on its promise like my previous recommendations.

This thing is only 17 inches tall. People won’t need a permanent installation job to make sure it’s working. Just bring it out, connect, operate, and maintain.

The QuickConnect faucet adapter hooks this dishwasher with standard faucets at a moment’s notice. One can store it under a cabinet when done.

EdgeStar is a star when it comes to saving bills. This is the best quiet dishwasher model in terms of saving energy.

This thing eats up only 203Kw/hr. energy per year or $18 per year.

Yes, $18 in electricity bills per year. Just imagine how much you can save using this piece of tech.

There’s a rack for dishes, a shelf for mugs, and a cutlery basket and 3 more places for your utensils.

Have fun working with seven washing cycles. These are all modes you’ll be familiar with at this point in time.

These heavy wash cycles help users to eradicate microscopic bacteria and germs. It can hype up the temperature inside this machine to 149 degrees Fahrenheit.

Yes, this portable thing has a heater inside too. How cool is that?

Add to these the spray arm it has. It’s powerful enough to spray the cleaning solution all over your utensils.

This thing further ensures that users can thoroughly clean their kitchenware without a speck of dirt.

The stainless steel interior doesn’t react to most detergents that people use. With such a small machine, you won’t need too much of water for the cleaning part. Use 2.85 gallons every time people use this device.

Of course, this is applicable if you run the machine under normal conditions.

As far as top noiseless dishwashers go, EdgeStar DWP62SV is sitting pretty and smiling. This thing has a noise level of 52.3 dBA.

It’s well below the sound we make while chattering. I couldn’t hear it at work from the next room at my bestie’s place. It’s legit to say, this one is nearly silent.

EdgeStar has a nice finish and a nice shape overall. In small apartments, this can be a lifesaver and free up valuable space for people.

On the best quiet dishwashers

In the end, I managed to list five of the quietest dishwashers of 2021. Of course, there will be differences in opinion regarding which comes first and which comes last.

 EdgeStar nails it home when it comes to portable dishwashers. It’s energy efficient, easy to operate, and quiet. It sits like a quiet cat in a corner once we’re done with it.

Bosch and Frigidaire are on a tie when it comes to built-in dishwashers. Both of them are reasonably noiseless. 

Bosch edges out when it comes to bells and whistles. But Frigidaire pulls it back when it comes to user-friendliness. It’s more of a friend than Bosch to the elderly people.

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