Best Quiet Toys for Church Service

best quiet toys for church

If your toddlers can manage to remain quiet for the entire service, then you should consider yourself a very lucky parent.

I am a mom to three very beautiful kids. One of the biggest problems that I have ever had to deal with was to keep them calm during the service.

I have had to be that mom that carries away their screaming child right in the middle of the church service.

With my first one, there really wasn’t much I could do.

Going to church meant being prepared to walk out as everyone watches you with a wailing child in your arms.

The beauty of parenthood is that you learn as you go. A friend introduced me to quiet toys for church and I must admit that Sundays have not been as devastating as they were.

My youngest is still a toddler so in this article, I am going to highlight some of our best quiet toys for church.

If you have been at crossroads wondering how to keep your kids engaged during church, then you should really check this out. You can thank me later.

best quiet toys for church

Tips to Keep The Kids a Minimum Distraction

Although quiet toys may be a bit helpful, sometimes kids can just be troublesome.

You may want to have a few of these tips handy just in case your little one decided to throw a tantrum in the middle of a service.

  • Develop a routine

I can assure you, this will be your best bet. Have your kids know that they are expected to go to church and remain behaved all through the service.

This way, they will get used to staying quiet and composed all through the service. Of course, getting used to a routine will take quite some time hence the need for the other tips below.

  • Introduce a church bag

Your baby’s church bag does not have to be something fancy. It can even be a small tote bag.

In it, bring some crayons, books and a few toys that keep your child busy during the service.

  • Pack some food

Most children will start acting out when they feel hungry.

Packing some snacks could prove helpful especially if you are going to be in church for a couple of hours.

Be sure to bring some water or juice as well.

  • Ensure that nap time is during church

Another very effective way of having your little ones quiet during the service is having them nap all through it.

Of course, if your baby is still very young, this should not be a problem. Simply have them well fed and they will be asleep for the entire service.

If your kid is a bit older, then a nap may not work. In this case, quiet toys will be your best bet.

Now, if you are lucky, your church could have a children’s nursery or a special room where the babies and toddlers are left during the service to play in.

However, it may be better to have the toddlers stay in with you during the service so that they get used to it from an early age.

Quiet toys could be anything as long as they are entertaining enough for the kids and quiet enough so that they do not interrupt the service.

Remember the church bag? Well, make sure they toys can fit into the bag so that you do not have to carry too much around.

If you are wondering what kind of toys to use, here are a couple of ideas.

Best Quiet Toys for Church

1. Books

Books are by far the most convenient quiet toys for church. All you have to do is ensure that they are filled with pictures so that they keep the kid occupied.

You can even have special books for church. This way, because the baby hasn’t had the book all week, they do not find them particularly boring.

For my little one, we have a couple of church-related books with scriptures and pictures of Jesus and other people in the Bible.

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Coloring books are also a good choice.

With a couple of crayons, your baby will be so engrossed with the coloring and before you know it, the service is over.

2. Finger Puppets

Most kids will definitely enjoy playing with finger puppets. The best thing about these toys is that they make absolutely no noise at all.

There are a variety of finger puppets available and I would recommend getting them in different bright colors that will keep your baby entertained.

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3. Teething Toys

One of the most crucial times in a baby's life is the teething stage. Teething can be especially stressful for both the parents and the baby.

A teething baby will definitely be a disturbance during church.

I had the most difficult times when my babies were teething. However, I found that teething toys helped a great deal.

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Besides helping the baby with the pain, the toys keep them engaged and they will forget all about making a fuss in church.

4. Puzzles

Puzzles make for great quiet toys since your toddler requires much concentration for them.

Especially love puzzles because besides helping to keep them quiet, they help develop the kid’s critical thinking.

Of course, puzzles would be a great idea for older kids. As is the case with the books, you can look for some that have church-related themes.

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5. Tiny Dolls

And of course, every little girl loves playing with dolls.

I was a bit skeptical about dolls since I was not so sure that my daughter could remain quiet while playing with them. Turns out I was wrong!

Your little girl will have so much fun playing pretend that they will not mind the long hours of church.

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For your little prince, you could try some stuffed animals. Anything from their favorite toys should be able to keep them engaged enough.

Be sure that the kids know that as much as they are playing pretend, they should remain as quiet as possible.

6. Paper and Pencil

You do not need to spend so much money on quiet toys. Simply throw in a couple of blank papers and some pencils. All kids love doodling.

Going to church with your little ones does not have to be a nightmare anymore. With a couple of these quiet toys, you should be all set.

You can even throw in their favorite toy as long as it is not too big and does not make too much noise.

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