Best Quietest Garbage Disposal 2024: Reviews and Buying Guide

quietest garbage disposals

“Well-cooked food is synonymous to ultimate satisfaction.”

Anybody (foodie or not) would agree with me on this.

However, people would also agree that cooking takes a lot of work and kitchen scraps that end up in your garbage disposal in the process.

Don’t get me started on the “leftovers.”

At the end of the day, our kitchens are messy and smelly.

Now imagine throwing all that in a standard garbage disposal can outside. We’re not eradicating the stench. We’re shifting it elsewhere. 

The amount of work we put in towing that garbage around the house is a different matter entirely.

What if I told you, “We can make things simpler?”

Quiet Garbage Disposals Save The Household

Enter the Garbage Disposals!

Then again, these things have developed a reputation of being noisy. People had to tolerate the annoying grinding sound for years until a smarter alternative came around.

Say hello to the soundproof garbage management systems! More importantly, the quietest garbage disposals.




Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Garbage Disposal with Power Cord L-8000

  • 2800 RPM
  • Magnet based, sound insulated
  • Septic-safe

InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Household Garbage Disposal

  • 1725 RPM
  • SoundSeal Technology
  • Best & quietest overall

General Electric GFC520V Food Waste Disposer

  • 2800 RPM
  • With sound insulation
  • Septic-safe

Moen 1/2 Horsepower Garbage Disposal GX Series (GX50C)

  • 2600 RPM
  • SoundSHIELD 
  • Value for money

Waste King Legend Series 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal with Power Cord - (L-2600)

  • 2600 RPM
  • Septic-safe
  • Budget option

These things collect, process, and discard waste through the kitchen drain in one go. Not to mention these things are environment-friendly, affordable, and a boon when it comes to saving electricity.

However, finding the perfect one is somewhat of a task with all the options lying around.

best quiet garbage disposal

Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

In this “mammoth” guide, you’ll find 5 of the quietest garbage disposal units with in-depth reviews.

I’ve also tucked in a buying guide just in case you want to fly off and do your own research.

Ready? Let’s begin!

best quiet garbage disposals

Why Am I in Favor of a Soundproof Garbage Disposal Device?

Being a writer, I need some peace and quiet around me. Soundproofing my house helps.

Hence the initiative. But this alone didn’t motivate me to pen this article. Let me tell you some of the reasons for which I came up with the topic of quietest garbage disposal.

  • Quiet disposal products process garbage and food waste in short bursts. Thus, they don’t consume too much electricity and save you a considerable sum of money per year in bills.
  • Running loud garbage processors can spell troubles at night. These things can disrupt activities and hamper sleeping habits of the young and old. This can trigger severe psychological and bodily conditions that have long-term effects on human beings.
  • A soundproof waste management system “completes” your home. That’s how I’d put it. If you’re selling a fully furnished house, having a quiet garbage disposal machine in the kitchen will certainly increase the retail value of your house.
  • Have someone at home with anxiety, PTSD or Migraine? Switch to soundproof garbage processors immediately. In fact, I’d advise you guys to soundproof your house as much as possible. Noises beyond a certain level could easily affect children and the elderly by intensifying these conditions further.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Quiet Garbage Disposal

Obviously, “How Quiet Is The Garbage Disposal?” But that’s not the only factor you should consider while putting your thumb on the “purchase” button.

There are a number of aspects that separates “good” garbage disposals from the “best” one. Let’s look at all of them one by one.

How The Garbage Disposal is Made

Garbage disposals are often long-term investments. Surely, you’ll not want to change one in your house just six months into use.

That’s why, my friend, look at how these things are made.

Even if you’re trying to cut costs, don’t compromise on the grinding chamber’s quality to deal with your daily food waste production.

I found top brands using a thick layer of Polymer that often masks chrome-plated steel grinding tools inside with stainless steel components.

Having a thick layer dampens the sound. That’s what we’re here for, right?

On the other hand, sharp parts quicken the grinding process. These things don’t often corrode or succumb to rust.

I often look at the size ratio of products like these. This is important. The size of your garbage disposer should fit in snugly underneath the sink.

Ideal products would leave a substantial amount of space for you to move around and possibly keep smaller cleaning equipment organized.

Insert Image

Evaluate The Motor Capacity Of Garbage Disposal

No matter how good a garbage disposer unit is, it won’t matter much if it doesn’t perform. The performance depends on the power a product gets from its motor.

That’s where Horsepower and RPM come in. The higher the number, the more powerful the motor and the garbage disposal.

People will find a garbage disposal with motors worth 1HP to 1/3HP. But who needs what? Solve this problem and you’ve won half the battle.

Consider your dining habits and waste types. For example, if people are having trouble churning through hard kitchen scraps, you NEED more horsepower to grind through them. No to mention tough food scraps.

Otherwise, the garbage will not be processed properly by the garbage disposal. As a result, you might have a clogged drain to take care of.

Softer materials are easy to deal with and require less power. However, that is not the case with tougher food scraps.

Also, consider your family size. Small families don’t have all that garbage to process.

Thus, a garbage disposal with a ½ HP motor will do. I’d advise a ¾ HP machine for folks with medium-sized families.

The Key Point: Sound Masking System

Let me put it out there: “No garbage disposal can be entirely soundless.”

We just want products that don’t annoy us by being too noisy all the time. Thus, having some sort of sound masking mechanism helps. It brings noise level several notches down.

The large garbage disposals have mechanisms like SoundSHIELD or “Sound Seal.” These things mask the sound quite well.

These mechanisms work by caging the motor within several layers of material and making the outer layer thick (e.g. Waste King).

Some of the large models of powerful garbage disposals are pretty confident in their achievements. So much so that InSinkErator has even devised a scale to measure the sound level. Pretty handy!

This InSinkErator garbage disposal has ranges from 1 to 7 with 1 being “Ultra Quiet” and 7 being the loudest. Users can check where each garbage disposal model stands on the scale before buying.

Smaller models have weaker motors with a low RPM rating. They don’t need additional mechanisms in place. These motors aren’t that loud, to begin with.

Choosing Between Continuous Feed And Batch Feed Garbage Disposals

You’ve probably heard these terms a number of times when searching for for quiet garbage disposals.

These are two types of garbage disposals that operate in different ways.

Once you press the switch, “Continuous Feed” units will get to work until you stop them.

These types of garbage disposals need you to place the drain stopper in place before you can turn them on.

I’m more at ease with the earlier versions of garbage disposals. They are easier to operate and convenient.

On the other hand, batch feed garbage disposals are a tad bit safer than their counterparts. Both varieties can be soundproof. Pick a version that goes well with you.

How Well Does The Garbage Disposal Grind Garbage?

Surely you don’t want a an average garbage disposal that does half the job and bails out, do you?

The garbage disposal must see the job though! By “the job,” I mean properly shredding and grinding the waste. Those are the garbage disposal features you are looking for.

To make sure units do a good job, makers often opt for a multi-stage grinding process. In some cases a garbage disposal can pre-cut the scraps in smaller pieces before grinding them.

Others have two or three small sections which break these scraps down to pieces as they pass through. People can go for any one of the two varieties.

Either way, it’s a win.

Because the motor doesn’t need to work extra hard for the job. And users only need to run these garbage disposals in short bursts.

It saves electricity and utility bills in the long run. Better grinding means fewer drain clogs to deal with

Check Additional Perks (Power Cords, Switches, and Connections)

The final step towards honing in on the perfect (and soundproof) waste garbage disposal unit is to check if the connections are right.

An ideal waste garbage disposal model should have a sink flange.

It connects the model to the sink and prevents materials from spewing back out of the hole.

Be a tad bit careful in choosing what type of switch you want for your model. You’ll find two.

First one is a traditional “Flip” switch and the second one is an “Air Switch.”

Flip switches stay close to the wall-mount for the Continuous Feed disposals while air switches sit on the sink countertop.

In my opinion, air switches are safer than the “Flip” versions. These keep electric circuitry away from sink’s water supply. Thus, people have fewer chances of suffering from shocks.


Do check if your device of choice comes with a power cord or not. Most reputed brands do. A lengthy power cord is handy. It saves you from spending additional money and buying one.

Best Quietest Garbage Disposals 2022

I took the liberty of researching quite a few powerful garbage disposal processing machines myself.

You’ll find top 5 soundproof waste garbage disposal machines below that are perfect at what they do. I must mention that this list is not in any specific order.

Which garbage disposal is the quietest?

#1 | InSinkErating Evolution Excel

InSinkErator Evolution Excel is the best quiet and continuous waste elimination in the world. Described as ultra quiet, its SoundSeal Technology enables high performance with continuous feed disposal feature.

Choose any of these units with your eyes closed!

I began my list with WasteKing, the best quiet garbage disposal. And not InSinkErator for several reasons. It syncs perfectly with the septic system that I use for my house. Both the septic tank and the L-8000 match in size ratio.

Installing it is a breeze. Trust me, you won’t be requiring an expert for the job.

Waste King L-8000 - quietest garbage disposal

There’s a convenient EZ mount system included with the package.

All I had to do is twist and lock the unit in position. I needed a screwdriver, adjustable plier, a hammer, a punch, and 15 minutes of my time.

The L-8000 is sturdy with a polymer body. The thick compartment will hold up even as time runs by.

Even IF the device dies of old age (pun intended), the “Bio-Degradable” materials ensure that no harm is done to the environment surrounding us.

Makers have put in stainless steel grinding parts inside. These can chew through any sort of garbage you feed into the grinding chamber.

Don’t worry about parts degrading over time. Stainless steel is corrosion and rust resistant. Take it from a regular cook, these things are incredibly resilient against kitchen waste.

Waste King L-8000 is no muck when it comes to dishing out power. The garbage disposal unit comes with a 1 HP motor. It can grind through common and “Exceptional” kitchen scraps like a breeze.

The best thing is, it won’t jam even if you put too much garbage inside.

For the rare occasions when this “Continuous Feed” garbage disposal jams, there’s a “Reset” switch. It shuts the garbage disposal for you to unclog it.

Relax! I didn’t forget that we’re here for some of the noiseless garbage disposal units. The motor works on a magnet-based system.

Not to mention, it is “Sound Insulated.” It covers the annoying noise. It is a true quiet garbage disposal marvel and one of the quietest garbage disposals we have reviewed.

The bearings and integrated parts are lubricated as well. This brings the noise-level further down.

Did I mention you’ll have a 32-feet power cord in tow with this device as well? Yes, it means no unnecessary trip to the electrician’s place.

Thanks to this and a convenient switch, you won’t have to run around the kitchen every time to turn it on. 

L-8000 from the “Legend Series” of Waste King perfectly caters to the needs of a family of four.

Thanks to the power it dishes out, you’ll need to run it in short bursts when grinding complicated materials. It’s beneficial when people are looking for a way to reduce their electric bills.

Just make sure you add some water into the mix. The churning becomes easier. Also, the garbage disposal turns waste into bio-degradable, compost-like substance that’s harmless to your surroundings.

When you live with clumsy people and kids, accidents are bound to happen. Waste King prevents important items and valuables from getting flushed the drain with a removable “Splash Guard."

I’ll be honest with you, I had a hard time deciding between the “Evolution Excel” and the “Legend Series” as my first and second choices for this list. The Insinkerator Garbage Disposal is a strong contender.

There’s nothing much to differentiate between the two brands in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

If Waste King L-8000 has a polymer body, this InSinkErator nails it home with a full-on stainless steel chamber and grinding parts.

Some of you might say, “This will increase the overall weight June.” Yes, it will. Ever so slightly. But look on the bright side! The entire product is impervious to corrosion and rust.

As usual, everything you need to install this device and put it to work is packed inside. My novice neighbor next door got to work with the installation instructions and finished it in half an hour!

The steel chamber can hold up to 40oz. of waste inside. Don’t worry if you are a messy cook or have a large family to feed.

Evolution Excel will neatly collect the kitchen scraps as you go about your job. At the end of the day, your kitchen will be as shiny as ever!

Thanks to the 1HP “Dura-Drive” motor that dishes out 1725 RPM, churning through stubborn waste is not a problem. Thus, this device eats anything and everything you throw at it.

Is there are secret to it all that I’m not telling you? Of course! Say hello to the “3-step Grinding Process.”

Thanks to this, Evolution Excel can grind through toughest waste materials one can imagine.

Wait, wait! Won’t throwing too much in “jam” the garbage disposal? As it turns out, no.

I saw a feature called “Jam Breaker” in action which increases the torque up to 500% to break up tough scraps into churn-able pieces.

During test runs for this review, there were times when a jam seemed inevitable.

Thankfully, the makers integrated an “Automatic” reverse gear system as well. It spins the mechanism in reverse in case you fed the machine too much.

There’s a reset button in case of an “Overload” as well!

Getting to the business end of things, InSinkErator has integrated “Sound Seal” technology into Evolution Excel.” It does exactly as the name suggests. The interconnecting parts don’t vibrate.

Also, “Sound Seal” is a form of insulation that prevents churning noises from escaping the barrier inside. 

Worried about sound escaping through the sink opening?

InSinkErator has got you covered with the “Quiet Collar” sink baffle. It further blocks the sound and grants an “Ultra-Quiet” operation.

As with the L – 8000, Evolution Series features a stopper system as well. It’s made of stainless steel and allows precious objects from getting into the grinding mechanism.

I’m midway through my list of “Quietest Garbage Disposals” and here comes a gem of a product that should fit everyone’s wallet.

I won’t argue the fact that it is a bit small compared to the previous two on my list. Yet, the build quality is rather strong.

continuous feed disposal

I expected it to work in tandem with the septic system. It did!

General GFC520V comes with the necessary kits for you to install it with. The makers saved you the trouble of buying every little part including an EZ mount (you get that too) and a trip to the store.

GE sells the power cord separately. Alas! Adding that to the package would be the cherry on top. On the bright side, these cords won’t cost you a lot of bucks.

Yes, like the previous two, this one too has a removable splash guard. It prevents precious things from going down the hole.

Users have the services of a sink collar or a flange that effortlessly ties it with the sink.

At the other end, you have a “Drain Connector” as well. It ties the garbage disposal with your kitchen drain.

GFC520V comes with a nifty ½-HP magnet motor. To be honest, it’s already quiet. Guys at GE didn’t need to put in a sound insulation system in place. Yet, they did!

The insulation system is a definite improvement compared to previous models of this franchise. Considering the price, It’s a “win.” 

Also, GE GFC520V is a “Continuous Feed” disposal system. Meaning, it works all the time.

Wondering just how much of a “beast” the motor is? Well, it dishes out 2800 Rotations Per Minute. This unit can take care of everything a family of three can throw at it.

All one needs to do is turn the wall switch on and that’s it! This garbage disposal will get to work and start churning through waste until you make it stop.

Don’t misjudge it for a feeble garbage disposal just because of a convenient price tag. The GFC520V is a well-built tool with a turntable made of galvanized steel at the bottom.

I saw dual steel impellers that cut through waste material like cheese. These are impervious to rust or any decay. The grinding chamber is nothing short of solid.

That’s not all! GFC520V has a Cold-Rolled Carbon-steel (this is the hardest they come) shaft that connects these blades with the turntable. The shaft is tough.

Also, the cutters/blades are tightly fitted to it. If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about the swivel cutters loosening up anytime soon.

Oh, the steel blades have a 2-step “Pre-Cutter” system when compared to the three-step process of InSinkErator Garbage Disposal Unit on my list.

It shreds the garbage before smoothing it out in the main system.

This little demon can take down all the garbage a small family could throw at it. I’m talking meals, snacks, botched attempts to come up with recipes and more.

Run some tests like me and you’ll find out for yourselves! I had to wait for 25 seconds (yes, only 25 seconds) for a Garbage Disposer full of items to be shredded and grinded completely.

GE supplied this tool with a drain connector too. People won’t have to look long and hard to find one for the job.

 Jams? With a “Sink Stopper” and great grinding blades, these are a rarity. Even then, the makers came up with a “Reset” button that stops GFC520V in its tracks if clogging is imminent.

Since we’re enlisting top noiseless waste churning garbage disposal machines, leaving Moen GX50C out wouldn’t sit well with me.

Partly because it’s noiseless and for additional benefits people get for a low price. It's one the quiet garbage disposal wonders out there.

Moen GX50C has a universal mounting kit with the package.

No matter what’s the size of our sinks’ sizes and bolts, this kit is a perfect fit. I’m not kidding when I say this is one takes the least time to be installed.

Users need to position this device beneath the sink and twist it. If you have a 3-bolt mounting system, it’ll work.

Don’t worry, it comes with a chrome sink flange, a 1-½-inch drain elbow AND a 7/8-inch dishwasher hookup built in.

In case you are wondering what these things do, Chrome-plating makes the sing flange rust resistant. Dishwasher hookup allows the GX50C to collect debris and dirt from… you guessed it, dishwashers.

The drain elbow connects with standard sized connectors and leads to a drain opening.  

Unlike a few of the garbage disposals, this one is lightweight and easy to handle. The GX50C leaves a lot of room beneath your sink after installation.

The size is definitely a plus point if you’re living in a small-ish apartment and want to use the space you get.

With a ½ HP motor, Moen GX50C dishes out 2600 Rotations Per Minute. Oh, the motor utilizes “Vortex” Technology.”

That and the small size contribute to this garbage disposal dishing out so much power to process kitchen waste for a family of two. Don’t worry, it won’t jam midway through the process of breaking down food waste the disposals produces.

Remember I said, “It’s Noiseless” at the beginning of this short account?

Well, Moen features SoundSHIELD technology that dampens the noise coming from the ravaging motor.

This system works by encasing the motor’s inner workings within several layers of sound dampening materials. The grinding chamber itself has thick walls. As a result, the noise dampens further. Now, that's a robust grinding chamber.

To my surprise, makers found a way to integrate a removable splash guard that prevents liquid garbage from getting out of control into the mechanism.

They didn’t miss including the little things like a power cord AND a drain stopper to prevent valuables from entering the drain.

As I conclude my hunt for the quietest garbage disposals, Waste King L-2600 makes it as my last recommendation to readers.

Don’t judge it by the looks. The L-2600 is essentially a miniature version of L-8000 of the “Legend Series” with a few different tweaks here and there.

septic system

For example, you have the EZ mounts that help in pairing it up with the sink. As usual, The L-2600 features a “Twist and Lock” system.

Just twist the garbage disposer once you get it in position. You’ll need to tighten some screws and bolts.

Luckily, you’ll find all you need at home. It requires the same tools as Waste King L-8000 that I covered earlier as a part of my list.

Waste King doesn’t experiment too much with the grinding chamber. In the case of L-2600, it’s the same grinding chamber made of thick Polymer to dampen the sound.

At this point, you’d know what the inside components of this wonder machine are made of. Yes, it’s stainless steel. Thanks to this, garbage grinding is smooth.

The blades work perfectly to cut and reduce garbage before flushing it out the drain. No, the steel won’t corrode or catch rust in 3 – 5 years.

You need to throw some water to process the garbage. The machine turns it in biodegradable compost. It’s harmless for the environment and the sewers.

The “Driving Force” behind such power is a nifty ½-HP motor. Yes, like the “Big Brother,” it runs on magnet-based principles as well.

With 2600 RPM (It’s all in the tagline) worth of spinning power, it should be noisy, right? AND it doesn’t even have a sound masking technology.

No, my friend! The garbage processing unit doesn’t sound like a jet.

The reason is simple: You have a less powerful motor in terms of HP than L-8000. It keeps the power and the noise down.

From what I saw and heard, it won’t bug our ears with a loud noise while running. I don’t see the need for a sound insulation system and bulking up the lightweight unit.

People have a convenient “Wall Switch” to turn this thing on and off. Not feeling it? Try the “Air Switch” on the sink. It’s convenient too.

Also, there’s a power cord tucked in just like L-8000. Needless to say, it’s there to save you extra legwork and a trip to the shop. 

Did I mention that the ½-HP motor saves you some precious dollars?

Well, you need just a few seconds to churn through all the kitchen scraps of a small family. I recommend running it in short bursts.

Do that and it’ll eat less electricity and save a considerable amount of money in return.

You’ll get the “Splash Guard” that keeps valuables from dropping down the drain as well. Don’t worry about your septic tank. It sits in harmony with that too.

Ooh… So many similarities! Even when it comes down to a convenient reset button that prevents overloading and jamming.

This one doesn’t really jam that often. It’s there to cover all the bases.

What’s the difference then? It is in price guys. This one is a cheaper alternative and fits for a smaller family as I keep on repeating.

On the Quietest Garbage Disposals

People will tell you, “Garbage disposal unit is just another kitchen appliance.”

This might be true for some users. But when you’re on a quest of soundproofing your home, putting your fingers on the right one is mighty important as is dealing with the toughest food scraps. With this list at hand, anyone can do that.

If you tell me to pick JUST ONE among these five, I’d say it’s a close fight between Waste King L-8000 and InSinkErator Evolution Excel.

Push me further and I must say, InSinkErator edges in front with the soundproofing mechanism and the “Reverse Gear System.” Click here to get it.

In the end, people should go with their needs and the one that caters to those needs.

If by any chance you guys are still undecided, have a look at the buying guide to decide on your own choice.

quietest garbage disposals


1. Are new garbage disposals quieter?

Refrain from thinking noisy trash tins should stop kitchen discussions - new sound insulation technology has reduced trash disposal noise considerably. Waste King 1hp garbage disposal system is one of the best options if you are looking for the quietest garbage disposal options.

2. Why is garbage disposal so loud?

An object or some food waste might be jammed inside the grinding chamber or anywhere in the grinding system of your machine. Toughest food waste tends to get stuck if you have an outdated garbage disposal.

3. Can I Use Septic Systems With Garbage Disposals?

Yes. You can use a garbage disposal with septic systems. A garbage disposal with a septic system will result in more solid waste. There are certain steps you can take to make sure your garbage disposal works well with septic tanks.

4. What Tools Do I need To Install A Garbage Disposal?

Read the user’s manual first. Take your time understand how the garbage disposal works and what are the necessary steps of safe installation and operation. Most units come with an ez mount system so it's quite easy to install.

To install a garbage disposal you will need:

  • plumber’s putty
  • screwdrivers
  • pliers
  • a saw
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