Dynamat vs FatMat: Which is a Better Sound Deadener?

dynamat vs fatmat

Soundproofing your car is an excellent way to improve your acoustics and overall sound.

Lots of people enjoy listening to music while driving and therefore, the sound quality is quite important.

There are numerous important reasons for soundproofing your car and one of them is the noise cut-down.

Simply put, with soundproofing your car, the noise will be drastically cut. That can be such a pleasure, especially if you are driving on a crowded road - just volume it up and ignore everyone!

So, if you are really pumped up with the idea of soundproofing your car, I’m here to discuss some of the best ways of doing so.

Namely, the Dynamat and FatMat soundproof systems are quite good and really worth.

Now, let’s get to the point. Let’s get a wider picture about Dynamat and FatMat before we make a conclusion about this titan fight.

dynamat vs fatmat

Dynamat vs Fatmat

A Short Overview of Dynamat

Dynamat sound deadener is definitely one of the best solutions to soundproof your car with.

Simply speaking, this deadener is capable of isolating your car perfectly when it comes to noise and unwanted sounds.

The heat won’t make any problems as well, since the aluminium-coated deadener is quite good when it comes to heat-resistance.

Nevertheless, a deadener like this is actually quite valuable no matter the price since it provides pretty much everything that you need in order to soundproof your car.

Now, let’s see what Dynamat is exactly all about.

Effectiveness of Dynamat

There are several things that best describe Dynamat’s performance and value. Namely, Dynamat is thick and will stop any noise from outside to be heard inside the car.

Next, the extremely effective features and design will allow you to enjoy the perfect audio environment that Dynamat provides. This is one of the best things that every audiophile wants in his car.

Anyhow, the butyl-based material that was used for Dynamat is good against heat.  It is odorless and quite effective up to 240 ºF.

It allows Dynamat not to be easily torn apart since it keeps it thick and dense. With its thickness, you can drastically reduce the noise from the road by 9 or even 10 dB.

Dynamat Installation Process

When it comes to the installation process, Dynamat is not exactly a piece of cake.

Sure it needs a lot of time and effort to install it, but on the other hand, it is totally worth and it pays off.

Not only that, but the Dymanat installation process is quite tricky and it requires a proper knowledge about information process before starting anything.

It seems like the hardest installations give better results when it comes to noise insulating. 

Due to the density of the material, you will find it quite hard to cut into the Dynamat which will definitely prolong the installation process.

Usage of Dynamat

There are lots of ways to use Dynamat, even though its primary function is insulating the car.

It is usable wherever you need to cut some noise whether is that your room, vibration canceling in the car or soundproofing home theaters.

It doesn’t matter if you use it for your car or soundproofing something else, Dynamat will show great results. Some of the things you can use Dynamat for:

  • Soundproofing home theaters
  • Vibration canceling
  • Car soundproofing and noise-canceling
  • check
    Boosting the sound quality in your car

Also, there are lots of other things that you can use Dynamat for, as we mentioned.

Basically, it is all up to you to decide where to install it. Keep in mind that bigger zones to cover can cost quite a lot.

Price Range of Dynamat

One of the things that best describes any product is the overall value for the money.

So, Dynamat is actually one of the best deadeners when it comes to the value towards cash ratio.

Since the performance is guaranteed, the price is a bit higher. But, that doesn’t have to mean that you need to spend a fortune to get Dynamat.

Also, you don’t need to cover the whole car. Instead, cover the most crucial parts.

I mean, it costs approximately $5 per square foot, so think wisely where you should put it.

It might be one of the most expensive deadeners but it surely holds pretty massive value for the cash.


  • High effective for car soundproofing
  • Designed with head-resistant feature
  • Doesn’t leave any odor in the car
  • check
    Aluminum coated boots quality and durability


  • The installation process is not that easy and requires lots of effort and patience
  • It’s a bit pricey

A Brief Intro to FatMat

The FatMat deadener is surely one worthy opponent to Dynamat. With the 50 mil nominal thickness, you will find this deadener pretty valuable and worth even for the most demanding jobs.

Also, this deadener is not like Dynamat when it comes to design and materials. Namely, FatMat is thinner and has an asphalt-based structure which ensures perfect sound isolation.

However, the installation process is quite hard and it requires lots of effort and reading of the manual. But, that is just something that you can’t avoid.

So, the FatMat might seem to be an ordinary deadener, but let’s see more about the performance and its true quality.

Effectiveness of FatMat

When it comes to effectiveness and quality, FatMat is possibly one of the better deadeners to have in your car.

The asphalt-based structure ensures perfect sound isolation and sound quality boost as well.

But, there are some downsides to an asphalt-based material. Namely, the asphalt-based structure is not that good with high temperatures.

That is why people use FatMat in a bit colder environments. Also, the thinner structure offers a bit easier installation than Dynamat, but it surely doesn’t offer that great road noise cancelation like Dynamat.

In that light, the FatMat has its own advantages and qualities, but Dynamat is simply a bit better and offers a bit more.

Even though it’s a slight difference between qualities of these two deadeners, it surely is necessary mentioning.

Fatmat Installation Process

The whole installation process of FatMat is a bit easier than Dynamat. Namely, this deadener is self-adhesive, you will find it easier to apply and to install.

However, there are some downfalls in the installation process of FatMat as well. The asphalt base is hard to install and therefore, you need to use the perfect heat temperature during the installation.

Also, you should watch out for the material that might seep out when you apply it.

And, never let the material stick to itself, you simply won’t be able to separate that pieces at all.

Usage of FatMat

Same as the Dynamat, the FatMat can be used for a lot of different things. Some of the things where FatMat excels are:

  • It cuts the noise by half
  • Great field of usage
  • Use on door panels and floors to lower road noise drastically
  • check
    Boosts the bass and sound quality in general

Besides that, there are a plenty of other ways to use FatMat and all of them come to the noise-canceling or sound boosting.

Price Range of FatMat

Considering everything that we said about FatMat, it is normal to conclude that the price is a bit higher than other ordinary deadeners.

It is not as expensive as Dynamat, but if you cover some big space, in the end, it can be pricey.

For the quality that you get, it’s more than just a worthy deadener.


  • Great for road noise cancelation
  • Affordable price point
  • Fights audio vibration distortion
  • check
    Keeps the sound in and the noise out


  • The asphalt base is not that good on high temperatures
  • The installation process requires a bit effort, but not as much as Dynamat

Dynamat vs Fatmat: Which is Better?

Well, both Dynamat and FatMat are quite good in their own ways.

It is certain that Dynamat is a bit better when it comes to effectiveness, but, FatMat has its own qualities in other fields.

It all depends on your preferences and things that you want to accomplish with a deadener.

Some people that are looking for classic noise cancelation deadener find Dynamat as a way better.

But, on the other hand, some that are looking for an easier installation and cheaper solution might go with FatMat instead of Dynamat.

When it comes to materials, I personally prefer Dynamat. It acts better at high temperatures and leaves no odor.

If the price is what matters, then FatMat wins. However, considering both the price and the value that they offer, I find them very similar overall.

Based on everything that I said above, it is not that hard to see that both of these deadeners are quite good and valuable.

I pointed out some of the best things about both of these deadeners as well as bad ones in order to provide you the wider picture.

All in all, it is only up to you to decide which characteristics will prevail.

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