Dynamat vs Hushmat: Which Is A Better Automotive Sound Deadener?

dynamat vs hushmat

Are you a music lover? Then you surely love it even more in your car, right?

Well, there’s nothing better than an open road and your favorite band playing on the radio.

Unfortunately, that moment can easily be ruined by the noise of your engine, or with road noise.

As we know how echo works and that the car is mostly made of metal/steel, we can assume how bad acoustics sometimes can be.

Luckily, there is a simple solution to this problem - automotive sound deadeners. Some of the most famous ones are Dynamat and Hushmat. 

In this article, we will try to define which one prevails by giving you a wider picture of both of these products and declaring the winner. So let’s start!

dynamat vs hushmat

Dynamat vs Hushmat

A Short Overview of Dynamat

This sound deadener that comes with adhesive on itself might be everything that you need to enjoy your ride.

Moreover, Dynamat is a heat resistant and aluminium coated deadener that will prevent the entire buzz and cut noise in half, surely.

Since it is heat resistant and aluminum coated, it’s extremely safe to install it in your car.

Nevertheless, not only that it can be used for car soundproofing, but its flexibility provides you with the ability to use it in other purposes as well. 

Dynamat comes in various dimensions, hence, you will be able to fit it everywhere you want.

Effectiveness of Dynamat

As we mentioned, Dynamat is one of the most effective deadending mats out there.

Usually, when using deadeners you need to cover as much space as possible in order to get some results. Well, not with this one.

Dynamat will do the job even if just partially covers your car.

Of course, you need to know what part should be covered mostly in order to provide as much effectiveness as possible.

Being thick and sturdy, this material will maintain whole and not tear easily. It’s based on butyl which will improve its elasticity.

The effectiveness of this one goes from 10db to 18db. In order to achieve this, you might need a bit more investment since you will need to cover the entire cabin, and that can be a bit expensive.

Dynamat Installation Process

Now, when it comes to the installation process, this might be tricky. Even though it’s highly effective, Dynamat is a bit trickier to install, and a bit harder to cut into.

That is, mostly because of its thickness. That thickness is the reason for its effectiveness, anyway.

Moreover, that means that you will probably need a help of an expert. In other words, this will result in a bit more expensive investment.

Usage of Dynamat

Simply speaking, you can use Dynamat wherever you have the noise problem. In short, you can use it for:

  • Vibration and noise in the car
  • Thermal prevention
  • Home appliances soundproofing
  • check
    Thermal and soundproofing of PC and similar equipment

Other than that, you can use Dynamat for insulating home theaters.

Furthermore, you can use it to dampen some noise in between floors and rooms and that way boost the sound of wall and ceiling speakers. 

However, since it’s kind of pricey to cover all that space, I do not recommend it for that purposes.

Price Range of Dynamat

Well, since it offers a great performance, it’s normal for this one to belong to an expensive price point category.

Basically, Dynamat is a great solution when covering some smaller parts/spaces. You wonder why? Well, mostly because it costs around $5 square foot.

If you do the math, you will need to invest a bit more for a whole car. It’s definitely worth it, but if you are short of money, it can be problematic.


  • Highly effective
  • Strong adhesive (permanent)
  • Odorless
  • check
    Heat resistant and aluminium coated


  • You will need an extra kit in order to install it, so you will pay a bit more
  • It’s hard to cut it

A Brief Intro to Hushmat

When you meet with deadeners for the first time, it can be really confusing. Namely, most of them are really hard to install.

They don’t come with the right kit for the installation purposes, so logically, it’s harder for beginners to install it.

Luckily enough, Hushmat comes with the great kit which will help you install it a lot easier.

With Hushmat, you will get a knife, roller, control decal and mats, of course. Therefore, you won’t need some unnecessary expenses for the kit.

They are thick, and can easily block the noise. It will effectively damp the vibrations down.

Effectiveness of Hushmat

When it comes to thermal resistance, sound deadening and bonding, Hushmat is similar to Dynamat.

This one is a reliable deadener which can insulate the noise significantly.

Hushmat is a great heat-resistant since it is butyl-based. It’s completely safe putting it in your car.

One more similarity to its rival is that it comes in various kits - you can choose between bulk, door, or floor package.

Simply speaking, this one is a cost-effective solution to your car noise problems.

Hushmat Installation Process

Unlike Dynamat, Hushmat is one of the easiest to install deadeners on the market. The reason behind is its thickness.

Namely, Hushmat is a lot thinner than Dynamat so its cutting and installing are way easier.

Nonetheless, this one’s simplicity to remove is something that none deadener can do, yet. Of course, this is a great thing if you wish to replace it.

The problem behind is, that it can fall off if the ride is a bit rough.

Usage of Hushmat

Now, the usage of Hushmat is a bit narrowed unlike Dynamat. Primary, Hushmat is used mostly in audio and automotive applications.

Nevertheless, it can be used for fire trucks, Western star and Peterbilt trucks.

Furthermore, as we mentioned, Hushmat can come with various kits - the ones for boats and ships (marine), as well as RVs.

For that cause, you can order the universal kit and use it for aforementioned purposes.

Price Range of Hushmat

When it comes to the price range of Hushmat, we can put it into an affordable price point category.

When we do the math, we get around $2 per square foot. As you can see, it’s quite cheaper than Dynamat.

But keep in mind that this stands only for audio and automotive applications. When it comes to door and floor kits, it will go up to $4 per square foot


  • Extremely easy to install and remove
  • Affordable price point
  • Impressive durability
  • check
    Great overall performance


  • The narrow field of usage
  • Falls off easier than Dynamat

Similarities in Heat Resistance and Odor of Dynamat and Hushmat

Basically, we mentioned earlier that the Hushmat and the Dynamat are based on butyl. That gives them exceptional heat resistance.

Therefore, these two act really well at high temperatures. They will not fall off, or release any odor.

Both can withstand some exceptional temperatures that can go up to 240 ºf. Impressive, right?

Dynamat vs Hushmat: Which is Better?

As a matter of fact, it’s really hard to decide which one is the winner between these two. Let’s sum it up and try to decide.

  • In the field of effectiveness, we may conclude that Dynamat is a bit better than Hushmat. Simply put, it’s a lot thicker and provides better sound dampening.
  • When it comes to the installation process, I find Hushmat a lot easier to install. Since it’s thinner and easier to cut into, I had no problems putting it into my car. Dynamat on the other hand is massive, and it basically requires a help of an expert.
  • Now, we can say that the king of the field of usage is Dynamat. Not only that can be used as a sound dampener for your car, but wherever you have the noise or vibration problems as well. On the other hand, Hushmat is specialized for audio and automotive applications.
  • As far as price range concerns, Dynamat belongs to an expensive price point category, while Hushmat is in the affordable price point category. That pretty much says for itself. Hushmat is the clear winner in this one.
  • Finally, there are some similarities in a heat resistance and odor of these two, so we can call it a tie.

The final score between these two is 2.5 : 2.5 by rounds.  I might call it a tie, but you will surely know which one is better after this article, right?

In the light of everything that I previously mentioned, Dynamat and Hushmat are some of the best sound deadeners out there.

As I gave all the differences, and can’t clearly decide who wins in this battle, it is up to you. It depends only on your preferences which one prevails.

Whether you prefer easiness of the installation, effectiveness or are the prices the ones that matter, you will not make a mistake with buying any of these two.

All in all, I hope that I cleared your doubts and made your decision crystal clear.

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