“Would putting your toilet brush in the dishwasher be ok?”

We all have our own ways of cleaning our homes. Some of us are okay with just doing a quick dusting, while others like to do a deep clean and get into all the nooks and crannies.

But one woman has caused a bit of a stir by admitting that she puts her toilet brush in the dishwasher to clean it.

"I just put the brush and holder in, on their own, on a hot wash, and they come out like new."

She doesn't see anything wrong with it and thinks it's a great way to make sure the cleaning tool is super clean.

The woman didn't realize her cleaning method would cause such a fuss until her friend came over and saw what she was doing.

"She stopped by this morning for coffee, and when I opened the dishwasher to get some mugs, I forgot I had put the toilet brush and holder in there last night."

"She was really grossed out, saying it was disgusting, and even re-washed the mugs I took out and poured boiling water on them before letting me make her coffee!"

Not sure if she did something wrong, she asked for advice on the forum

"Was my friend overreacting? The mugs and toilet brush were washed in separate loads!! Everything came out clean."

It seems like her friend wasn't the only one grossed out by the cleaning habit, as many people on the forum shared their dismay.

One person called it "Really gross," while another said "That's just gross. I don't care how clean it is, just NO."

Others tried to understand, with one person saying: "Well, I guess all the dirt gets rinsed away, but it still sounds gross!"

One person supported the woman, saying: "It's fine. My ex used to do the same. We're both fine. Still friends."

Another person pointed out something that might make the woman think twice, saying: "Do you know that the first rinse in the dishwasher is recycled water? So you're basically washing your dishes in poop."

What Do Experts Say?

Cleaning a toilet brush in the dishwasher may seem convenient, but experts advise against it!

While the hot water and detergent may kill some bacteria, it's not guaranteed to eliminate all harmful pathogens.

Plus, mixing bathroom cleaning tools with kitchen items poses a risk of cross-contamination.

Instead, experts recommend using disposable liners or cleaning the brush separately with bleach or disinfectant to ensure proper sanitation.

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