Quietest Leaf Blowers 2023: Reviews and Buying Guide

Why do I need a leaf blower of all things?

Look around and you’ll find the answer yourselves. If you have a backyard garden or a patio you’ll know what it means to rake in the fallen leaves of the trees.

It is tiresome, right? This is what leaf blowers are for.


These products make short work of amassing all the fallen leaves and dirt. You’ll be able to clean your garden within an hour if you have proper outdoor power equipment in your hands.

These leaf blowers come handy when cleaning sandy decks and winded walkways during summer and spring. Some units are even good for light snow covered roads and wet leaves.

That’s all well and good but one must not disturb his/her neighbors when cleaning the garden. That’s where the quietest leaf blowers come in.

How many times were you woken up by a loud leaf blower? Some of the leaf blowers might not be as loud, yet they still produce a lot of echo. It’s the best leaf lowers for big yards that make the most noise.

You’ll find some of my personal choices here in this article as well.

  • Weight: 3.9 pounds
  • Air speed (max): 155 mph
  • Best use: sweeping patios, driveways, decks and garages
  • Weight: 9.8 pounds
  • Air speed (max): 210 mph
  • Noise level: 69 dbA
  • Weight: 9.8 pounds
  • Air speed (max): 110 mph
  • Noise level: 64 dbA
Quietest Leaf Blowers

My quest for ensuring a soundproof household doesn’t end with the inside of the house. I tend to extend the search for a noiseless device to work with to my garden as well.

Naturally, I want my leaf blowers to be quiet when they are working.

Since I’ve noticed most of the best advertised leaf blowers are still too loud for personal use - here are the top 3 noiseless products that I found during my research. This list includes corded electric blowers, cordless leaf blowers, and battery powered leaf blowers.

Best Quietest Leaf Blowers 2022

1. Sun Joe SBJ597E-SJB 6 Amp 155 Max Electric Leaf Blower - Editor's Choice Quietest Leaf Blower

Who doesn’t want to kick start his/her list on a high note. Hence, I present to you the Sun Joe SBJ597E leaf blower. This is our top choice when it comes to corded electric leaf blowers.

This is the quietest leaf blower on our list that provides 6 Amps of blowing power when you need it the most. It does so without burdening people with an additional cost.

Sun Joe SBJ597E-SJB 6 Amp 155 Max Electric Corded Leaf Blower - backpack blower

The SBJ597E requires some form of assembly before you put it to work. People often complain that the bigger and smaller nozzles don’t fit with each other very well.

You just need to pick them apart and then join them again to make sure they fit in the exact way.

Don’t frown at the motor just yet. When you’re sweeping and cleaning small gardens, patios, and driveways, this little machine is more than enough.

You have a maximum air speed of 155 mile per hour is par for the course. It blows dry leaves and dirt in no time.

I even did a clean sweep of my bike and the front porch with this product. It did great when working on the bike. Cleaning the porch was a breeze.

I’ll say this: it’s not for commercial heavy-duty cleaning. As far as your house is concerned, you’ll be fine.

Want to take a deeper dive into the performance level of this motor?

It delivers 12000 RPM when people work with “No Load.” At the maximum, it goes up to 13,500 RPM. It works with a single speed setting (bummer for some).

But hey, it performs beyond what you’d expect from a unit such as this.

So, how quiet is it? You know… it’s a leaf blower. Even so, the SBJ597E from San Joe is relatively quiet.

I didn’t pick up any kind of whistling or screeching noise while working with it. You can expect it to be less noisy than others from 15 – 20 feet away.

It’s inexpensive but not in any way “Cheap.” Part of the cost reduction is due to the weight. This machine weighs only 3.9 lbs.

That means, one can pick this up and operate with just one hand. It’s perfect for blowing dirt out of the garage and even thin snow covered roads.

This thing comes with a normal cord. People who want to work outdoors can buy an extension cord to go with it.

In my experience, a 50-feet extension cord will do just fine. Sometimes, the two adapters might not connect well through the loop. Buy a replacement adapter and you’ll be good to go.

Being able to carry it with one hand is just one of many perks of the SBJ597E. It’s small as well. That means, one can pack it within a small box and store it away when done.

Car Trunks, Deck Boxes, and broom closets are just a few of the places you can store this thing.

And since this is one of the quietest backpack leaf blowers you can get out there – I’m sure you won’t mind storing this even if it was any bigger.

2. DEWALT DWBL700 Elec Blower - Best Corded Electric Leaf Blower

If you want to take your leaf blowing game to the next stage, you need a suitable product for the job.

As it turns out, I have just the thing with the Dewalt DWBL700 Elec blower.

It’s powerful and “Contractor-grade.” Just by handling it you know that you have a classy product in your hands.

DEWALT DWBL700 Elec Leaf Blower

The best thing is, people won’t need gas to power this machine at all. So, you get to work with a quiet leaf blower. The noise level is 69 dBA. It’s a bit louder than a proper human conversation.

With my experience of working with power tools I can vouch for the fact that from a few feet away, people won’t even notice the sound.

Dewalt DWBL700 handheld blower delivers a staggering 12Amps of power and a professional cleaning experience. The maximum air speed it works with is 145mph. Pretty good

Yes, it’s through a standard nozzle. In terms of air volume, the air moves at 409 cubic feet per minute (CFM).

Don’t worry. The motor is here to stay. The DWBL700 leaf blower is dust resistant due to a heavy-duty construction.

It’s suitable for houses as well as large factories. Indoors and outdoors alike, you’ll not notice a dip in the performance level at all.

Why do I say this? Well, people have a special nozzle that takes care of the crevices at home.

It’s called the “1-inch Concentrator Round Nose” nozzle. This one drives air at the cervices and concrete anchor holes. Not a speck of dirt will go unnoticed.

There’s another nozzle at play called the 1-inch Concentrator Flat Nose. It increases the airflow and delivers 189mph of air. Use it when you need to power through strong and stubborn debris. This is truly a versatile product.

I liked the fact that the Dewalt DWBL700 comes with a speed control. It’s all in the variable speed trigger.

Once you’ve found the ideal speed, you can lock it down by pressing the trigger. It also serves as the On/Off switch.

Don’t want to press the trigger? There’s a lever in place that lets you cycle the speed levels without locking on a particular level. Switch through the speed by maintaining different amounts of pressure.

If you want to use it outdoors, I’ll advise you guys to use a 16-gauge extension cord with it. You’ll find ones that are either 25 feet or 50 feet in length. A standard 110V power outlet will do just fine.

It sucks from grass and any other outdoor surfaces people can imagine.

My one and only beef with the product is that it weighs 9.8lbs. It’s a bit heavy for my liking.

Also, it doesn’t come with a strap. Other than that, it’s a competent tool to clean the gardens or patios with.

This backpack blower is my last offering when it comes to quietest leaf blowers. I preferred this EGO leaf blower over some of the other brands because of the turbine technology, quietness, and variable speed system.

It works cordless as well. This allows users to enjoy greater flexibility.

EGO 110 MPH 530 Battery Powered Leaf Blower

I say quiet because this quiet leaf blower delivers sound performance at only 64dBA. The brushless motor is to be credited in this cordless leaf blower. It works with less vibrations and shaking – which is also known as a quiet blower motor.

Thanks to this, the extended motor life allows for a longer operation compared to its competitors.

This is a cordless device. It NEEDS to have an appeal to it. Thankfully, makers know this and have given the leaf blower an ergonomic shape. It feels comfortable to work with.

Plus, this leaf blower is weather resistant. EGO gave people a machine for all seasons.

Combined with the turbine technology and a 56-volt Lithium battery, the trio is unbeatable.

The electric motor delivers variable speeds of air volume from 250 CFM to 530 CFM at its peak with Turbo Boot mode. It’s much better than DEWALT or gas models in this regard.

This cordless blower provides a maximum air speed of 110mph. This is slower than the earlier models that I mentioned.

But if you want to clean small areas of your house and garden, this is the maximum speed count to go with. It never hurts one to be delicate with things.

The lithium ion battery I mentioned delivers 75 minutes of uninterrupted runtime (in the lowest setting). With Turbo mode, the battery life spans from 15 to 20 minutes.

People can clean every corner of their yard, garden or patio and even inside the house if they so choose.

You need to charge the battery for 50 minutes to be able to work with it. If you don’t want interruptions in between the cleaning task, you’ll have to have another battery.

Good news is that one will have a 2.0Ah battery for free for purchasing a 2.5Ah battery.

This little product weighs around 9.8lbs. I admit that it’s a bit heavy. Initially, I had problems with handling this machine.

To me, it felt that the weight balance was a bit off. But when you get the hang of it, this little product is a blessing for small-time gardeners and patio owners. This is our favorite among battery powered leaf blowers.

How to Choose a Noiseless Leaf Blower?

Picking a quiet leaf blower isn’t like playing Eenie Meenie Miney Moe and pointing our fingers at a random product. The selection is a process.

In this section, I’ll be going over the process which I used to get some of the best in the business on my list today.

While everyone is occupied looking for the best and the most powerful turbo leaf blower – it’s also important to pay attention to leaf blower noise levels , rather than before it’s too late.

I Chose Quiet Leaf Blowers With A Compact Build

Let’s get one thing straight: Leaf blowers shouldn’t be too big or bulky for people to carry.

This is exactly my philosophy for coming up with these products on my list today. Big leaf blowers pack more power. I get that but the trade-off is weight.

Big leaf blower models weigh more and very often the user has to push them around while they work. There are backpack leaf blowers as well.

Backpack blowers can be noisy and blowing wet leaves may be difficult. The sound will seem more than the actual value as the blower’s base is close to you at all times.

These things put strains on your backs as well. Use them for three or five years and chances are: You’ll develop chronic backaches.

And even though everyone hates the sound of a leaf blower – there’s nothing worse than having to deal with a heavy & bulky blower.

That’s why I went with corded and cordless units. These things can be used with one hand. The corded leaf blowers come with a bigger leash of a cord. Some include a handy cord storage hook which proves very convenient when working for long hours.

Cordless leaf blowers require recharging. But you get the luxury of having an additional battery pack at hand at times of crisis.


Avoid the Gas-Powered Products

People will often tell you that the gas-powered leaf blowers pack more power than the corded or cordless units. This is true. But the trade-offs are massive for gas blowers.

For example, gas leaf blowers run on engines. The engines will require frequent tunings and maintenance compared to electric leaf blowers.

Most of the time a gas leaf blower with a two stroke engine. The problem with this is that you need to buy both fuel and oil. This will only increase the maintenance cost of your leaf blower.

And every tool, whether it’s a leaf blower or not that features a motor of any size - it increases the noise & sound which might be even hard to minimize later on.

gas powered leaf blowers tend to get noisy

Also, finding the proper fuel for a gas powered blower is difficult.

I vote in favor of corded and cordless units because of the fact of noise. Gas-Powered blowers claim to be quiet. But gas blowers compared to the corded or cordless products; a gas leaf blower will sound like a siren going off.

Experts tell users to wear a hearing protection at times as well when using a gas powered leaf blower.

The last reason for opting to go for the corded or cordless varieties is the fact of emission. Gas powered models can emit harmful chemicals as they churn through oil.

Yes, there are gas leaf blowers that are CARB compliant. But they don’t stack up to the additional parameters. That is why I would always go with a corded blower.

Check the Motor Quality

Once you have a fix on the cordless and corded models, check the motor’s quality and competence in running the unit. The best machine would be that which has multiple speed levels.

There should be a sound mechanism of switching through the speed levels as well. Look for a variable speed control trigger for more versatility.

Some of the users prefer a device with a single-speed motor. This will also work if you have a small to medium size yard, garden, patio or lawn.

Machines like this are preferable when the cleanup job doesn’t require you to put too much effort into it, especially the ones with a brushless motor.

When checking the motor, notice if the unit is getting too hot too quickly or not. If it IS the case, then the unit is a big “No-No.”

These types of leaf blowers will end up in a repair shop somewhere before the first year is done. Mark my words!

Get the Battery Right

If you go for the cordless units, it’s important to check how the battery performs as well. Cordless units are great when you need to move around the house or need a bit more leash than usual.

But handheld leaf blowers can sell you short when it comes to battery life.

Make sure that the battery gives you enough juice to blow leaves for at least 45 minutes (if not more).

It’s always a good practice to give the blower a bit of a breather. Take a break from running the unit every 15 minutes. This will conserve the battery power and keep the unit alive for years.

Buy an additional battery pack or two just as a backup plan if the current one fails.

Go For Quiet Leaf Blower Models

You know that this was coming, right? I’m always in favor of a quiet leaf blower.

Noise is important even for this small machine. You don’t want to disturb your neighbor during nap times or when he/she’s reading beside the lawn and you are just casually blowing leaves.

That’s why I went for electric or battery operated products that make a noise in the range of 60 – 70dBA.

Judge the unit of your choice by standing 25 – 50 feet away and check the noise level to be sure. Checking leaf blower decibel level while standing next to the unit is not how it’s done – and yet it’s something that most people don’t understand.

Many of the communities have “Quiet Hours” that prohibit using devices that make too much noise. Some communities in California go to such lengths as banning leaf blowers altogether.

It’s better to visit the NoiseClearingHouse to get a fix on your community’s rules and regulations.


On the Quietest Leaf Blowers

Trust me when I tell you that I’ve cleaned through over 1000 pounds of leaves since I’ve had this garden of mine.

Finding the quietest leaf blowers isn’t easy. Many of the handheld blowers I went through claim to be quiet but aren’t. Others don’t stack up to cleaning leaves for very long.

That’s why, when it came to writing this article… I went with my past experiences and hours of research to get a fresh take on the best quiet leaf blowers.