Soundproof Jeep Wrangler: 8 Noise Reduction Tactics

Are you tired of hearing that same loud noise of your Jeep Wrangler?

Even though it’s fun to hear it, and leaves an impression of a strong machine, sometimes it just becomes annoying.

Or just maybe you need to drive your toddler who can easily get scared of loud noises.

Of course, it’s not only the machine sound that is a problem. There can be a lot of noises coming from outside of the car as traffic can sometimes be really loud.

In those occasions, instead of horns of other drivers annoying you, you can simply turn the volume up of your favorite song and enjoy it while protected from outdoor noise.

Well, no matter what’s the reason behind, there are some ways to soundproof your Jeep Wrangler in few simple steps.

All you need to do is follow this guide steps and get rid of that annoying noise.

Let’s get through them together.

soundproof jeep wrangler

How to Soundproof Jeep Wrangler

1. Insulate the area beneath the carpet

Firstly, if you think about it, you will see that the biggest part of the noise is coming through your car’s floor, beneath the carpet.

What you can do with this area is insulate it by adding an automotive jute carpet. Since this carpet is 3/8" thick, it will provide great insulation, as well as protection for your Wrangler’s flooring.

Therefore, you will benefit from noise reducing as well with increased durability of your car’s flooring.

Now, other than that, you can simultaneously use self-adhesive FatMat.

FatMat is a sound deadener, primarily made to reduce the noise from your car, but you can also use it for insulating almost every vehicle- trucks, Marine, RV’s, or even home.

With this one, you will be able to decrease that sound distortion and gain the quality of the sound that you deserve.

FatMat comes as self-adhesive pads which you can easily install wherever you want. You just need to measure the right amount and get on the work.

Therefore, the installation process is quite simple:

  • Move your floor mats and measure the size in which FatMat will fit
  • Cut FitMat to the measured size
  • Lay it down and let its adhesive to work for a few minutes
  • check
    Place back your original mats and you are ready to go

If the results that you achieve in soundproofing aren’t satisfying, you should use insulation foam (reflective one) beneath the FatMat.

This product will not just insulate from the noise but from the heat as well. This insulation foam is an affordable thing that can additionally improve your overall noise deadening. 

Again, the procedure is the same. You will need to cut it as FatMat in order to hit the right size and then install it- just underneath the carpet.

2. Buy deadening sound headliner kit

I have tried this one not that long ago, and it showed great results. The one that I bought was DEI.

This custom made boom mat deadener kit will help you insulate your Wrangler not only from the outdoor noise, but from cold and heat as well.

With this one, you will be able to enjoy your conversations, or listen to the favorite music undisrupted. It comes in shaped peel and stick kit, so you will be able to easily and effortlessly install it.

For better results, I would recommend pairing this one with its side window trim kit as they are the perfect combo when fighting noise and temperature loss/increase. 

As you may assume, this solution is perfect if you don’t want to waste time by measuring the size needed to fit etc. When it comes to your house, simply open the box and stick it to your Wrangler.

Here are some of the best automotive sound deadening materials.

3. Use Sailcloth Top

If you are really annoyed by the noise, and you will do anything to minimize it, then this might just be the solution.

However, this solution might be just a bit bigger investment than the previous two, but surely worth it.

Bestop Sailcloth tops are well-known to be quieter than regular ones by 50% at least. This is the best consensus that you can get between driving a Wrangler and the noise problems that it causes.

Choose wisely! There are different designs, and I’m sure that you will manage to fit some of these into your car’s appearance.

With their zipless feature, you will be able to easier take it off or on.

Finally, the secret of its noise-deadening effectiveness lies in its thick material that prevents up to 50% sound more than regular do.

4. Change the weatherstrips

One of the reasons why is there lots of noise or why is it drastically colder all the sudden, might be in weatherstrips.

If you notice the wind blowing inside of your Wrangler when driving a bit faster, then you might want to check your weatherstrips as they are probably out.

Once you detect the very root of the wind and noise, check if the current weatherstrip is sealed properly.

If they are sealed well, but their time has come to an end, then you might need a new one

With a new weatherstrip, you can benefit on several different levels.

  • Great noise protection
  • Great wind protection and thermal loss reducer
  • It will prevent the rain from coming inside your Wrangler

The weatherstrip is easy to install and fit but maybe you should leave it to the expert as even the smallest holes can make unwanted problems.

5. Put Aerodynamic mirrors as great noise fighters

In order to increase the slipstream going over the vehicle and reduce the noise coming from this side, you can buy these amazing JustAddMud mirrors for your Wrangler.

You will get both driver’s and passenger’s side mirrors.

So, how can actually these mirrors help soundproofing your Wrangler?

First of all, you need to understand that this method won’t drastically decrease the noise, but you can use it as addition to some of the methods from this article.

The air will much easier pass through without producing that awful “Schhhhh” sound and vibration that comes from the wind hitting your old mirrors.

6. Consider changing your tires

Now, you know how your current tires are powerful and noisy as well.

Well, maybe you need to change your tires for some that are less aggressive as it will dramatically decrease the noise coming from there.

If you need to change your tires anyway due to their baldness over time, then this might be a two-in-one solution to your problems.

jeep wrangler noise reduction

7. Get some earplugs

This method should be used only if the previous ones did no significant change in noise overall.

The rule is simple: There is no noise if you can’t hear it. Right?

Anyway, it’s not unusual to use earplugs for some longer journeys as they can insulate yourself to a really good level.

The only downfall for this method is that it can possibly decrease your environmental awareness, especially if you use them on the road with heavy traffic where most of the time you rely on your hearing.

I have some great earplugs that I do not use for that cause, but I can tell you that they help a lot while sleeping or concentrating on your work.

Check out these earplugs as they might help to your cause as well.

They are easy to use and fit, and will protect your hearing from whichever unpleasant noise you bump into.

As you can see, they might be one cheap solution to your problems, but I would recommend first trying with previous methods mentioned in this article.

8. Try insulating under the hood

Finally, if you have exhausted all of your possible solutions that I mentioned (which is quite hard to do since they will probably work), then, you can try insulating under your car’s hood.

Namely, if the noise is mostly coming from your hood, then, why wouldn’t you try it? It’s not that expensive and might do the job.

What you need to know about this solution is that is basically a double-edged sword.

It will possibly prevent the noise coming from your machine, but on the other hand it can increase the heat underneath the hood.

That heat shouldn’t be damaging since Wrangler can resist really high temperatures.

However, remember to keep this solution as an ace in your sleeve and not as the primary option since it might not be as effective as previous ones

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On Jeep Wrangler Noise Reduction

These are the most common solutions to your Jeep Wrangler’s sound. Some of them are easy to do, while others require a bit more time and effort.

They all belong to an affordable price point category of soundproofing your car, and even if it costs a bit more- it’s definitely worth.

However, after trying all of this methods, you should probably be able to cut the noise (at least in half if not fully).

All in all, I hope that this article gave you some of the useful tips to soundproofing your Jeep Wrangler.