Cheap Soundproofing Ideas: How to Soundproof a Room Cheaply

cheap soundproofing ideas

Everyday life in the modern era is quite convenient, but there are some problems that emerge sooner or later.

One of the problems that a citizen of a nowadays age can encounter is the noise pollution.

Now, if you have found yourself here, you are most likely the victim of this problem as well.

Some of the questions that regularly emerge from this common problem are:

Can I soundproof my place without construction?

How effective is soundproofing?

Are there any everyday objects that can help me in soundproofing?

How much does it cost to soundproof a room?

Soundproofing sounds like much bigger work than it actually is, and in most of the cases it can be done very easily and it would require no professional help.

Of course, some of the methods require a lot of effort, time, and money, but there are some that are quite affordable and anyone can do them.

This is just our today’s topic: How to Soundproof a Room Cheaply?

So, let’s begin.

cheap soundproofing ideas

How to Soundproof a Room Cheaply

Even though it sure sounds like there are not many possibilities, but there is no room for despair.

Soundproofing a room cheaply is something that is a reality.

You do not really need that expensive equipment to make it bearable to spend your time in a room or to have a good night’s sleep.

Soundproofing can be done effectively with little to no money and just a little bit of effort and creativity.

Door and Windows

Now, the first thing that you can and should start with is the one that is the most overlooked when it comes to soundproofing.

Even when they are not the biggest part of a room, windows and doors can actually make a lot of difference.

Soundproofing The Windows

There are numerous small gaps and cracks around windows and doors and their frames that can leak the sound.

And one thing that is that, if the air can go through it, so can the sound.

Weatherstripping tape:

So the basic thing that should be done here is filling those little holes with something quite cheap as a weatherstripping tape.

You can get 10m of the weather strip for as cheap as $9 and cover all of the gaps around your doors and windows.

This will block the holes and the entry of the unwanted noise.


Similar to a weather stripping tape is the caulk. Even though it can take a little bit more of your time, it is cheap and efficient.

It can be found for around $6. There are more expensive versions, but there is no real need for them, this one will work just fine.


Caulking is a method that takes care of those same gaps that a weather strip tape can take care of.

The only difference is that a weather strip tape can be taken off easily and caulking is permanent.

What is done by using this acoustic caulk is creating an additional layer of mass that can effectively block that airborne noise from passing through.

Therefore, you can add a bit more of it, it will not harm, just pay attention to the functionality of the door or the window.

If you have never done it, but feel like trying, here is a nice video tutorial for you.

Soundproof curtains:

Another thing that you can try when soundproofing the windows are the curtains.

These curtains can be found for as little as $19, and have double function.

Best Soundproof Room Divider Curtains

Soundproof curtains are a nice touch to your room and they can also help you in solving the noise problem cheaply.

They have a layer of special soundproofing material that absorbs the sound in its threads and does not let it jump around the room and produce an echo.

See here for the best noise reducing curtains.

Soundproof acoustic blanket:

Now, it is not very practical to hang curtains above your door, but another thing that can be used is this soundproof moving blanket.

Same as with curtains, it can have a double function.

You can hang it on your door for soundproofing, but you can also attach some nice pictures or drawing of your kids on it to decorate it a little and make it more appealing to an eye.

soundproof door with blankets


The floor is another thing that is taken for granted when any soundproofing project is in the matter.

No one ever thinks of the floor as something that can produce a lot of noise, but it surely could be.

A lot of people believe that hard surfaces, like walls, are just what you need to block the noise, but they can transmit a lot of noise too.

This is even more the case if we start talking about objects accidentally falling on the floor or the sound of footsteps.

how to soundproof a room cheaply


Carpets can come in handy for this matter.

They are not there only for making the room prettier or the floor warmer, but for absorbing the sound and making the whole room less noisy.

Various carpets (like this) can be found for around $30 and they can make a noticeable change in the room.

Carpets and Underpads

When a shoe or a falling object comes into the contact with the carpet, it will absorb the noise of an impact due to its acoustic soft structure.

Yet another thing that carpets can do is lower the echoing in the room and, once again, make it a little quieter.

Acoustic insulation pad:

If you want to make it even more efficient, you can add a layer of acoustic underlay under the carpet and directly onto the floor.

It can be found for under $20 and can bring this solution to a new level.

Naturally, this whole method will not block the incoming noise from the outside, but it can improve the quality of the sound in a room by a lot.

It can also lower the amount of noise that is heard one floor underneath the one in which you have done this intervention.

Mass Loaded Vinyl

Here are some other soundproof flooring materials (with STC and IIC compared).


Now, I have mentioned that the sound from above can easily be solved by placing a carpet and an additional layer of acoustic insulation pad on the floor of the story above, but what about ceilings, can they be soundproofed somehow?

There is one cheap thing that you can try and that can help in absorbing the airborne noise.

Once again, this method will not block the noise completely, but it will absorb the noise that has already entered the room and make the quality of the sound inside of it much better.

Cost to Soundproof a Ceiling

Acoustic foam panels:

Acoustic foam panels are panels that are made of soft sponge- like material that is good in absorbing the noise.

They can be found for around $18 for 12 pieces, but can surely do the work well.

They are the material that is the most popular in soundproofing lately.

Not only because it is cheap, of course, but because of its efficiency too.

I know that they might not be the prettiest sight to look at once you wake up, but they can make you calmer by reducing the level of noise pollution, so I am sure that you would not mind.


Additionally, they can be found in several colors that you can choose from, so you might even find the one that is right for you.

Soundproof Green glue:

Now, most of those acoustic foam panels are self- adhesive, but since you are hanging them above your head, it is never too much of precaution.

This soundproof green glue is the right material for this kind of work.

Not only that it will attach the acoustic foam panels to the ceiling firmly, but it will work as a certain type of sound insulator itself.

It can be found for not more than $20, but if you are looking to get more tubes of it, there is a fair discount for this Noiseproofing Green Glue, and you can get 6 tubes for the price of $69.99. Good deal, isn’t it?

green glue review


And now to the walls! The biggest part of a room and the biggest surface to soundproof.

There are quite a few methods for wall soundproofing, but here are the few cheapest.

Soundproof Your Home

Furniture arrangement:

If you paid good attention to the part about floor soundproofing, you must have remembered that hard and flat surfaces can be good at reflecting the sound, and that it is good to cover them so that the sound does not have what to bounce off of.

One thing that is quite easy to do, and completely free is to arrange your furniture smartly and tactically.

Placing it alongside the walls and covering them in that way will not give enough room for the sound to jump around from one wall to another and produce a lot of echo.

Some bookshelves that are placed nicely just next to the wall can do this, but also make the wall thicker so that the noise coming from the other room does not appear to be that loud.

Also, covering the walls with some nice pictures and canvases can help a lot.


Acoustic foam panels and soundproof green glue:

I have already mentioned these two methods that go well together and have quite wide use in the world of soundproofing.

Being rather soft, these foam panels can soak up a lot of noise and make the quality of the sound much better.


However, another thing that those acoustic foam panels can soak up well is the dust, so make sure to take good care of them and to vacuum them regularly.

However crazy it might sound, vacuuming your walls, it is the right thing to do, and it is much better to be funny a little than to breathe in the dust.

Green glue is there to help hang them up on the walls and keep them there, but also help in soundproofing.

Air Itself

This one might sound a bit weird, but there are some sounds, airborne noise, that can affect your life as well.

These sounds are the sounds coming from the washing machine, dishwasher, and so on.

We are mostly so used to them that we do not even realize that they are making the noise and that they are disturbing us.

Fear not, there are some things that you can try in order to solve this too.

Anti-Vibration pads:

Some of the household items can make some uncomfortable buzz that you are not even aware of.

You become aware of it only once it is gone, this is how used to them you are.

Your fridge, washing machine, or dishwasher can all make some noise due to their contact with a hard floor.

The carpet was already explained, but there is something else that you can put underneath these machines to make this buzz quieter.

These anti-vibration pads can be found for about $12 per pack of 4. It is enough for one machine, and it really serves its function.

After you have placed them underneath the machine, you will be able to hear the difference.

The subtle buzz of a working machine will be even more muffled now that it has something soft underneath it to absorb the sound.

White noise machine:

Another interesting thing is white noise machine.

They are becoming rather popular lately and there are so many of them, so naturally, they can be found for a very fair price.

It can range from $17 to $50; it all depends on your budget.

These machines produce the sound of a certain frequency that is good at masking the noise.

Your brain wouldn’t even know that it is hearing this noise, but it will effectively block the irritation and nervousness from other, by-brain-registered noises.

If you want to know more about the benefits and types of this noise, here is an article that can help you.

Cheap White Noise Machines

On Cheap Soundproofing Ideas

I hope that this article came in handy for you and that you got some good and cheap soundproofing ideas.

Possibly it even inspired you for soundproofing a room completely for free.

Of course, have in mind that the real success of all of these methods largely depends on the circumstances and the level of the noise that you are experiencing.

For that reason, it is the best if you start experimenting a little with some of these.

Hopefully, you will find the right combination and it will help you solve the problem with little effort and even fewer bucks spent.

If not, it can pay off to invest a bit more in some extreme soundproofing.

Your peace has no price now, has it?

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Cheap Soundproofing Ideas: How to Soundproof a Room Cheaply

Cheap Soundproofing Ideas: How to Soundproof a Room Cheaply

We look at some CHEAP soundproofing ideas to help you soundproof your room cheaply. You won't believe the costs of ...

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