Soundproofing Water Pump: 7 Noise Reduction Tips

soundproofing water pump

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Do you have a noisy water pump in your house?

I’ve got a water pump for myself and my family quite recently, and I noticed unwanted vibrations and the noise that is quite triggering. It literary drove us crazy, so we needed to do something about it.

Now, you probably wonder what can be the solution to this, on the first sight, unsolvable problem. Well, there are ways to deal with the water pump, but they require a bit more effort.

Luckily, you won’t need to do these things repeatedly.

Once soundproofed, the water pump will be harmless to your peace, and hence, to your nerves. A proper installation and a regular maintenance might solve your problem.

However, there are a few quite effective ways of soundproofing water pump. Let’s check them out.

soundproofing water pump

Water Pump Noise Reduction Tips

These are some of the effective ways to deal with the noisy water pump in house. Some of them are prevention, and some of them can solve your current problem.

Anyway, you will be able to reduce the noise just by following these simple steps.

What You'll Be Needing:

Sorbothane Strip
To prevent vibrations from spreading
A sound deadner for inside of soundproof box
Acoustic Panel
To reduce airborne noise

1. Define the type of the noise

First things first, you will need to define what is the type of noise that you are hearing. It can be vibration and the airborne noise coming from the water pump.

Depending on the type of the noise, there are different solutions to the problem.

Therefore, realizing what the type of noise is will define what the solution that you need to apply is.

Namely, you can hear a vibration noise. This one is quite annoying and comes from the pump that vibrates on the walls or floor where it has been installed.

If this is the type of sound that you are hearing, then your solution is quite simple.

All you need to do is reinstall the pump using isolation strips. Put these strips in between the structure (walls) and the water pump in order to prevent vibrations from spreading.

Secondly, you might hear airborne noise. This one is a bit harder to handle but not impossible.

For the solution, you might need to use some soundproofing methods, or even build a soundproofing box system to insulate it completely.

Let’s elaborate this one quickly in the next section as it deserves special attention.

2. Build a soundproof box to insulate your water pump

The cardboard box is one great way of soundproofing. It requires a bit of effort to build it, but once done, you will forget about your water pump problems.

As the sound travels in waves, it’s quite hard to trap them. Well, not if you build a box to prevent them traveling in those waves.

Before starting to build your soundproof box for the water pump, you will need to measure the size of the pump.

You will need a box that’s a bit bigger than the water pump. Make it with plywood or some panels that are known as acoustic deadeners will simply do the job.

These materials are great sound insulators and will do the job just fine.

If you make a box for your water pump out of these materials, it will reduce the sound by 50%-90% depending on the noise level that your water pump releases.

Of course, the thickness is quite important as in any other soundproofing procedure. If the walls of the box are thin, there is a high chance of sound escaping through.

To improve your soundproof box, you can use some of the soundproofing materials to cover the interior of the box.

That way, with several layers of defense, you will be able to decrease the noise significantly.

noisy water pump in house

So, you might ask- what is the best material to use for the interior? I can recommend some of the materials. Both of them are good deadeners and can be used in a lot of soundproofing situations.

True, they are quite expensive, but quality comes with the price as well. First one is Dynamat, and the second Fatmat. It’s quite irrelevant which one you will take- both of them will do the job easily.

Since they are quite thick materials, and made for the purposes of soundproofing, they will effectively insulate the inside of your cardboard box.

One more thing that is highly important: make sure that your cardboard box does not touch the floor or any wall. That can only make the things worse.

Use some foam rubber or something similar to prevent it from spreading the sound waves to the structure and further to everywhere it shouldn’t reach.

My husband has made a cardboard box for out water pump, and it has shown to be a great deadener for noise. Keep in mind that the more layers you add to your cardboard box will trap more sound inside of it.

Now, here are some tips for you to prevent the noise while installing your water pump, or even buying it. So, take it as prevention methods of noise reduction.

3. Make sure that you position the water pump properly

It’s highly important that you know how to position your water pump. In most of the cases, you will have that vibrating noise caused by irregular pump position.

Make sure that the pump does not (or at least try to) touch any walls or floor. It can increase the noise significantly. Instead of that, try to install it in a plant room, where you have some thick walls.

Also, you may put it behind some large obstruction that will act as a barrier between the receiver and the equipment.

Furthermore, installing it on a concrete surface can make it quite steadier and decrease the noise as well.

Therefore, these are some of the installation tips that can cut the noise at the very beginning.

4. Insulate airborne noise

Limit the potential transmission by insulating the airborne noise.

In order to do so, you will need to create some barriers or use some of the popular soundproofing methods like using acoustic panels or soundproof blankets.

Apply some acoustic absorbers around the noisy area and it will decrease the noise surprisingly.

5. Select the right pump

I know that you have problems with the current pump, and that you want to soundproof it, but let’s make a favor to everyone else who is choosing their water pump, and help them realize that the pump choice can affect noise a lot.

If you are done with trying to soundproof your water pump, then maybe it’s the time for you to buy a new one.

Choosing a quieter one might be a bit expensive solution, but it’s better to buy an expensive one and prevent the noise, rather than invest extra money for some soundproofing techniques.

There are certain noise level specifications in a description of every water pump, and drawing your attention to that part might save you some noise problems.

water pump noise reduction

6. Maintenance can decrease the noise

There are several reasons to maintain your water pump. Noise reduction is one of them, definitely.

Most of the times, a water pump’s motor can cause those unpleasant sounds due to rust.

Make sure that you lubricate the parts that can corrode, replace some worn out parts, and tighten the loose parts.

All of these can affect the productivity of the water pump and noise as well. Keep in mind that you should have some maintaining routine for the water pump.

This is not just a prevention method. You can do all of these things and try to reduce the noise as well.

Well, of course that the rust parts will produce more noise- replacing them might affect noise significantly.

7. Use several methods

Acoustic materials are quite good at soundproofing in general and related to that in soundproofing a water pump as well.

You can put some acoustic mats to enhance pump installation and operation as these materials are capable of absorbing vibration thereby reducing noise levels.

Along with that, you can combine several methods and decrease the noise to 0. For example, maintain your water pump, change worn out parts, lubricate those parts that need to be lubricated, and build a soundproof box.

This will most definitely decrease the sound to some ignoring levels.

Of course, if everything fails (and definitely shouldn’t), you can always but a new water pump.

Keep in mind to check noise specifications this time, and once you install it, follow the procedure that I mentioned earlier.

On Soundproofing Water Pump

If we take into account everything that we previously said, it’s a fact that there are several ways of reducing the noise just at the beginning.

Choosing a proper water pump, and maintaining it can drastically decrease both- airborne and impact noise.

The results can sometimes be thrilling. These are all quite simple methods to go with. Nevertheless, you will not spend a lot of money on it. Ultimately, even a bit bigger investment is worth- peace has no price!

Hopefully, this article has made your life a bit easier, and helped you decrease that unpleasant noise from your water pump.

How to Soundproof a Water Pump

soundproofing water pump

Noisy water pump in your house? Looking for some water pump noise reductions tips? Read our guide on soundproofing water pump and eliminate the noise now!

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Total Time 30 minutes


  1. Define The Type Of The Noise
  2. Build A Soundproof Box To Insulate Your Water Pump
  3. Make Sure That You Position The Water Pump Properly
  4. Insulate Airborne Noise
  5. Select the Right Pump
  6. Maintenance Can Decrease The Noise
  7. Use Several Methods
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