How to Soundproof a Room with Blankets: 7 Best Ways!

soundproof blankets

It may sound confusing, right? How can you soundproof something with blankets?

Well, there is a way. Especially if those blankets are soundproof.

Whether you are short with money, or you want the effortless solution, these blankets are a good choice.

Of course, if you really want to soundproof something 100%, then you would need to spend a lot of money.

If that’s not the case, and you don’t have that much loud noise that can be easily insulated, you can go with soundproofing blankets.

With these blankets you will easily block up to 30% noise. Again, it depends on how loud that noise is, of course.

Choosing the right blankets

But knowing that blankets are one of the easiest ways to achieve a decent room soundproofing – that’s what attracts most people to use this as their solution.

Even though you will probably not be able to get rid of all the noise, your problem might be easily fixed with these blankets, to some ignoring quiet level.

I personally used these blankets as a temporary solution to the noise that my older kid made inside his room.

They’re a great choice because they don’t require a lot of effort or time to install them – and yet you can take noise blankets down and re-install them when you move.

Since his room is in the middle of our 3 rooms, we needed almost every wall insulated.

Moreover, I have found other methods too expensive, so I tried with blankets.

I ordered a few blankets on Amazon, and after a few days, my problem was solved, almost effortlessly.

How to Soundproof a Room with Blankets

Even though blankets were a temporary solution to my problems, I was considering making them a permanent one.

Then, my older son hit that “golden age” of listening to a really loud music, so we needed a better solution.

If you want to dampen the unpleasant noise, then definitely try this solution.

I was untrustworthy as well even though I’m an expert in this field.

Since they are made from special soundproofing material (some from fiberglass), they are great absorbers of the sound both ways - incoming and outgoing.

The secret is simple - they are too thick. These massive blankets are in most of the cases hard to put up on the wall by yourself.

Well, at least in my case. If you are a bit stronger, than this will be a piece of cake for you.

See it for yourself in this video:

Since they are thick and massive, they will prevent both- low and high frequencies of the sound.

That way, you will be able to fully enjoy your peace, or listen to a bit louder music and not disturb anyone – and yet you’ll feel proud about your DIY soundproofing installation.

How to Soundproof a Room with Blankets

If your room is half-empty and there is not much furniture in it, then soundproof blankets are the best solution.

They will prevent the echo effect, as well as outdoor noise coming through.

What you need to do is add a few blankets on every hard surface that you have in the certain room and your noise problems might drastically decrease.

When soundproofing a room with acoustic blankets, there are several areas that you can cover.

Other than choosing the quality soundproof wall blankets – it’s still important to correctly learn how to block sound from door and what are some of the ideal ways to soundproof a whole room.

1. You can Cover the Doors

Soundproof blankets

First of all, there are acoustic blankets for doors.

Yes, you heard me!

Since the doors are the most noise-sensitive part of your room (along with windows) you will need to cover this area.

Adding a soundproof blanket on your door will drastically increase its thickness and in that way prevent not only the incoming and outgoing noise but thermal leaking as well.

There are some amazing soundproof blankets that you should check out.

I admit, blankets on your door might sometimes look strange, but since there are numerous designs and colors, you will be able to fit them into the overall appearance. 

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2. Use Them for Your Windows

Secondly, as one of the most vulnerable areas of your room, you can use acoustic blankets on your windows.

However, I do not prefer this solution since it takes away from your window’s appearance and view, but if you value your peace more than your view, then I see no problem here. 

It will be a bit difficult to fit the size of the blankets to your window, so you might need some additional measuring and cutting.

Soundproof Windows

Other than relying on blankets – you can also try out noise muffling curtains too as this might leave to a better effect.

3. Install Them on Your Walls

The most common way of soundproofing with blankets is by putting them on your walls.

Nowadays, buildings have really thin walls. You can hear your neighbor tiptoeing through walls.

Therefore, you can use these soundproofing blankets not only to block neighbor’s tiptoeing, but to block him from hearing you as well.

Preferably, you should buy the ones with grommets, since it will be a lot easier for you to install them.

Grommets are little eyelets through which you can hang the blankets on your walls.

These blankets can be seen in recording studios as they block the sound professionally.

Also, they are excellent insulators! But, when I say insulators I do not limit their capability only to great soundproofing.

They are great thermal insulators as well.

When I had them in my older kid’s room, I noticed that the temperature during winter is for a few degrees higher than before I installed them.

So, I’m a living myth buster - they really do increase the temperature and prevent energy leak.

Install Them on Your Walls

Therefore, you will not only benefit from soundproofing but from thermal leak reduce as well.

To put it simple, they are thick and act like a second layer of your wall.

Basically, they are the second layer of defense from noise and cold.

Following the old adage “the bigger the better”, we can relate that rule to blankets as well.

When buying the soundproof blankets for your walls make sure that you get thicker ones.

The thicker they are, the better the soundproofing will be. Also, the thermal leak will be better reduced.

In other words, even if you are short of money, you should be aware of this fact. The thicker ones are not that much more expensive.

Since you are buying them once in a few years, you can do it right. Invest a bit more, and secure your peace.

If you are scared what these blankets can do to your room’s décor, fear not! If your room is in one color, they can even improve the look.

Blankets come in various designs and colors. You can find even flowers on them and small details that can easily fit every room’s interior.

4. Use Them for Ceiling

Use Them for the Ceiling

As living in an apartment can be sometimes annoying due to unkind neighbors from above, you can use these blankets for insulating your ceiling

Whether is that the noise of the washing machine, footsteps, or just baby crying - it does not matter. These blankets will simply do the job.

I admit, it can be challenging putting those blankets on your ceiling since they are heavy, but with a bit of effort, and a hand of a friend, you will easily sleep well - it even rhymes.

5. If you want to be a Good Neighbor From Above, Put Them on the Floor

Not everyone’s going to like placing the sound insulation on the floor – but soundproof blankets can be a great alternative for the carpet.

Since they are thick and soft, they can be used as a carpet as well, with one big difference - they soundproof.

It’s unlikely to hear the noise from beneath your room, it mostly comes from above.

So, why would you soundproof your floor like this? Well, there are a couple of reasons:

First of all, if your neighbor complained about the noise that you are making, you can invest a bit and live in one happy community.

Secondly, you will prevent the echo by adding some carpeting (in this case soundproof blankets that can serve as a carpet as well).

soundproof floors with blankets

So basically, you will not just do a favor to your neighbor but to yourself as well.

As you can see, these blankets are really practical and you can use them for almost every surface and every sound-vulnerable area.

It is a small investment, but definitely worth the money.

These are just mine ideas, maybe you are more creative and can put them to even better use!

And if you don’t really like the idea of floor soundproofing and you’re happy with the results so far – you can keep this as an optional step.

6. Buy the Right Kind of Blanket

In order to achieve the best soundproofing effect of these blankets, you will need to buy the right one that perfectly suits your problem.

Fabric type- This one is a must-know in soundproofing blanket’s world.

You should search for those which fabric is both, acoustically transparent and breathable.

They will, simply speaking, soundproof your room in the best possible way.

In order to check that breathability, just blow the air, and if you notice that it goes through - that means you’ve hit the jackpot.

In most of the cases, if you find breathable fabric, you will get acoustically transparent blanket as well.

How do they work:  These blankets have several layers of defense. The most important are the inner ones.

soundproof blankets

They are usually made from fiberglass, recycled cotton, or mineral wood. In other words- they are dead-end for the noise.

Another thing we already mentioned, and that are the grommets.

Although it’s not related to soundproofing, grommets can ease the overall installation process.

Price range- Price range is the strangest thing about these blankets.

They can be in a cheap price point category, and high-end as well. There is no rule. You need to choose smartly.

Or you simply can buy the one that I bought and save yourself the troubles.

Pick the ones with grommets- Now, this warning is just to make things easier for you.

Namely, purchase those blankets which already have built-in grommets.

That will do the half job for you, since you won’t need to cut or drill them and that way making an eyelet.

Grommets or eyelet will let you simply hung the blankets on your walls, or doors without much effort.

Here is our ultimate guide to buying soundproof blankets.

7. Use Moving Blankets as the Most Affordable Option to Soundproof the Room

Use Moving Blankets as the Most Affordable Option to Soundproof the Room

There is a whole subcategory of soundproofing blankets. It is called “moving blankets”.

If you are short of money, or you want to save some, these blankets will do the job.

I mean, they will block the noise and save the money as well.

However, do not expect the same results as the ones that you get with soundproofing blankets.

These moving blankets are commonly used to cover the furniture and save them from damage.

Also, they can be used in sound-absorbing purposes. In this case, the same rules apply - the thicker the better!

As they are in a cheap price point category, and with the benefits that they provide, we may conclude that they are extremely valued piece of “furniture”.

On Soundproofing the Room with Blankets

Soundproofing the Room with Blankets

If we take into account the aforementioned, these blankets are one handy solution to the noise problems.

Nevertheless, they are affordable to anyone that wishes to achieve his inner peace.

We may conclude that soundproofing with blankets has several benefits - not only for fighting the noise, but for thermal purposes as well.

Therefore, I hope that I gave you some ideas on how to benefit from these blankets.

You can follow any of these steps – but the only way to learn how to properly soundproof a room is to take action on all of these steps to make your room as soundproof as possible.

How to Soundproof a Room with Blankets

soundproof blankets

Do you have some soundproof blankets and wonder how to use them? Here, we demonstrate 7 ways on how to soundproof a room with blankets.

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    1. You Can Cover The Doors
    2. Use Them for Your Windows
    3. Install Them on Your Walls
    4. Use Them for Ceiling
    5. Put Them on the Floor
    6. Buy the Right Kind of Blanket
    7. Use Moving Blankets as the Most Affordable Option to Soundproof the Room
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