How to Get Rid of Echo in Room


The modern life we live today mostly consists of rushing from point A to point B completing either this or that task.

It’s always rushing through crowded streets jammed with people.

And, it’s not the people that make you all edgy, but it’s the noise they make.

As a consequence, there is no better feeling than getting home and enjoying the cosiness and silence of your own apartment.

However, if you are among the unlucky living creatures out there, you know that sometimes this is not the case.

The only worse thing than the noise created by people is having this, or any other, noise repeated multiple times over.

Noise is rather unhealthy and it seriously affects your hearing ability and the nervous system as well.

What additionally creates discomfort is having the noise constantly repeated in your living space.

Luckily, the problem is not one that can’t be solved.

Moreover, in further text, I will give you some examples and tips on how to get rid of the annoying echoes in your precious living space.


What is Echo and Why Does it Happen

Echo is defined as the reflection of sound off of walls or otherwise within confined spaces, the consequence of which is the repetition of noise within the space.

Another definition – the extremely annoying back-voice you hear every time you say something.

How to Get Rid of Echo in Room

We know that the sound travels within space.

Naturally, once the sound is made, it will travel until it reaches an obstacle, which in the present case, would be the walls in your room.

Depending on the material of the obstacle, some portion of the sound will be absorbed while the remaining portion will reflect.

This reflected portion is what makes your peace disturbed and renders life miserable.

Still, there’s no reason to panic, since I have just the thing for you!

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Getting Rid of Echo in your Room

To make your living space a more pleasant one without the irritating echo, there are many options you can choose from.

Even though these will require some modifications of your living space (both minor and major), the end result will be a comfortable room to stay in.

To begin with, let us go with the ones requiring minor changes in your room.

1. Reduce Echo by Furnishing

Now you must be thinking that I’m joking. Well, I’m not.

To make this heading more sensible, let me tell you that the main causes of the echo within a room are hardwood floors, glass (windows) and floors.

These materials do not provide for good sound absorption, so you can try some of the quick tricks below.

Add carpet

I know how hardwood floors are more pleasing to the eye when uncovered.

I also know how carpets are a nightmare in terms of cleaning.

However, being made of fabric they might be a good means to absorb some of the echoes since they are soft.

Soft materials don’t reflect sound so well as hard materials would.

And, don’t worry, I know that covering your floors completely with a carpet is outdated and, moreover, unsightly.

Still, heed my advice and add some small rug underneath your coffee and dining tables.

I am sure you’ll choose the right size and colour to match the other furniture. Or not, if you prefer so.

Carpets and Underpads

“Decorate” with Curtains

Even though you might still think I am joking, again – I am not.

Curtains are mostly used to shield your privacy from the outside world and to decorate your living space.

Additionally, you can use them to enhance sound absorption.

Namely, if you hang proper curtains and draperies, they will make an artificial barrier for the sound before it reflects off the windows.

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Best Soundproof Room Divider Curtains

And when I say proper I actually mean heavy cloth draperies and curtains which will yield better absorption.

More importantly, try to choose a curtain that falls all the way to the floor so it covers up a great deal of the wall too.

Moreover, you don’t need to settle for the regular curtains only.

An array of soundproofing curtains is also available these days so you can choose any pattern and size that fit your requirements.

Although originally made for soundproofing, they are also highly useful in reducing the echo effect.


What I mean here is that you can also use everyday objects to muffle the reverberations in your rooms.

For example, bookshelves can function as an echo reducing means.

Paintings on the walls are also a good idea.

Moreover, try to furnish your apartment with large furniture pieces made of a soft cloth.

These will make your living space more appealing and will also absorb some of the sounds.

get rid of echo

2. Reduce Echo with Expert Solutions

As for expert solutions, I will now present to you some of the feasible options to choose from if you want to live in an echo-free space.

Soundproof blankets

Soundproof blankets are specially designed to soundproof house rooms (or any other) and save you from the street noise, or just the nasty neighbours drilling at 7 a.m. on a Saturday!

These are excellent to be fixed to the walls or placed in the doorways to absorb the vast amount of sound within the room.

Depending on the manufacturer, they come in various sizes and shapes so you can choose based on the space you need to cover.

Next, being made of fibreglass or soft polyester materials provides them with excellent sound absorption properties which will instantly turn your room into a recording studio.

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Install floors with sound insulation

This suggestion will require you to make permanent changes in your living space.

Namely, here you will have to lift the existing floors since you will need to install an underlayer specially made for the sound-dampening purpose.

soundproofing floor layers

The procedure more or less goes in such a way that you remove the old flooring, add this special underlay and then stack the new floor above.

With this method, you need to take into consideration the fact that you will have to engage professionals if you want to do it right.

It is maybe a pricy solution, but once you have this installed, you will not have to worry about soundproofing, sound absorption, or the carpets and rugs, for that matter.

Install acoustic panels

My last suggestion for you all of you fellas tired of noise and echo is the installation of acoustic panels.

These are installed on the walls and ceilings for the purpose of boosting sound absorption in your confined spaces.

These also come in an array of sizes and shapes so you can choose and combine.

Moreover, the core material of the panels is protected by the natural fabric of various colours so you can even use them to decorate your room.

Speaking of core, it can also be made of PP, cotton, acoustic foam, and many other materials.

The most important thing is that whichever you choose, their foamy core will eventually lead to the same result – sound absorption.

do foam bass traps work

They are safe and easy to use and install and you can do it yourself without needing professional assistance.

Moreover, if you don’t like them hanging on your walls, you can install them in the ceilings as well.

And, for more details on acoustic panels and their installation you can check another article prepared about the topic.

Conclusion: How to Get Rid of Echo in Room

With this, I conclude my non-extensive list of the ways to get rid of echo in your living space.

There are other ways, of course, but I chose these since they are both the easiest and the most effective ones.

Of course, you will choose any of the above based on the gravity of the echo problem.

Maybe try with the simplest ones as a DIY project and see if it works. If not, you can always resort to professional solutions and help.

Whichever the case, you now have the solution on how to get rid of echo in your rooms even today.

So, try one, or a few, of the above and enjoy a better quality life.

You can thank me later!

How to Get Rid of Echo in Room


Echoes can be annoying and cool at the same time. Here, we look at how to get rid of echo in a room with practical solutions.

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  1. Add carpet
  2. "Decorate" with curtains
  3. Furnish
  4. Use Soundproof Blankets
  5. Install floors with sound insulation
  6. Install acoustic panels
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