Soundskins vs Dynamat: Which is a Better Sound Deadener?

soundskins vs dynamat

In this article, we will talk about all the features of Dynamat and SoundSkins. These 2 materials are some of the best on the market, indeed, but which one prevails is the question we’ll answer.

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soundskins vs dynamat

Get to Know SoundSkins

Coming from an Australian company named SoundSkins, one of their top products carries the same name as the company – SoundSkins.

Proved as one of the best manufacturers of the sound deadening products, SoundSkins comes with a hundred percent quality guarantee.

However, there are two types of SoundSkinss products, so you may choose what fits your budget better – SoundSkins Lite or SoundSkins Pro.

The difference between the two isn’t that great, but it is definitely worth mentioning.

When it comes to the SoundSkins Lite, you get an easy to install 1.5 millimeters wide very dense butyl rubber that you can glue in your car.

It is meant for the interior side of the doors, floors and panels, and it will block the noise coming from the outside and reduce vibrations, which will skyrocket your car’s sound system and experience of listening to music while driving.

Even though it is simply designed for every car, it doesn’t have the extra layer of foil that holds the butyl rubber together, and that’s where SoundSkins Pro comes into play.

So what does it mean actually?

Well since it has an extra layer of foil it is boosting the blocking power of the product. That means that the sounds from the outside have much more trouble getting in your car.

What is even cooler is that that added layer of foam serves as a sound-absorbing agent, as it is also a thermal insulator.

Both SoundSkins Lite and Pro come in rolls that are big enough to cover your doors for example.

And what does SoundSkins actually do? It depends on which type do you buy.

SoundSkins Lite acts as a sound blocker. It prevents all the outside noise getting into, but also the inside noise coming out of the space it covers.

It is a great sound blocker, but if you want a premium experience, besides as a sound blocker SoundSkins Pro acts as a sound absorber with the added layer of foil. Plus, it is around a kilo lighter than a Lite version.

Pros of SoundSkins

Easy to install

Both SoundSkins Lite and Pro are very easy to install.

They come in rolls, so you can cut your preferred shape – for door or for the floor of the car.

Once you cut the piece you need, just remove the layer and place the part where you need it to be. It has a very strong adhesive layer on its side, so once you put it there, it doesn’t move again.

Heat resistant and waterproof

That’s right, SoundSkins products are both waterproof and heat resistant. How come?

Well, it is because of the foam they use, as well as the butyl rubber.

Butyl rubber, for instance, can withstand temperatures up to a hundred degrees Celsius due to its absence of double bond in its chemical structure.

Great for sound deadening

That’s why you are here, aren’t you?

SoundSkins really works wonders for sound deadening. Due to the materials, it is created of, it is one of the best there is. ​

And not only is it going to lessen the outside noise in the car, but it is also going to make your sound system appear much stronger and better.

dynamat vs soundskins

Cons of Soundskin

Just two options to choose from

Since SoundSkins is a rather newly established company (established in 2015), they still haven’t launched a great number of products.

It is perhaps something we can expect in the future, but for now, there is a limited number of products you can choose from if you want to soundproof your car.

It comes in a small package

Unfortunately, both SoundSkins Lite and Pro come in rather small packages.

Compared to the competitor in this text, it is a bit of a problem, as SoundSkins comes in size of only 11 square feet.

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Get to Know Dynamat

With more than three decades-long tradition, Dynamat is a well-established brand in the sound deadening industry.

Its quality is what makes it so recognizable and enduring in all these years.

With the quality comes the price, so you will find it is maybe a bit more expensive than what you were imagining. In this case however, it is very much worth the cost.

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Since most of the car companies don’t spend extra money on making the exceptional sound quality with its sound system (which is understandable, they’ve got a lot of other things to worry about), it is up to you enhance the quality of the audio atmosphere in your car.

To top it off, speakers in the cars are usually placed in metal enclosures which basically don’t do anything, except hold the speaker in its place. It may very be the worst material to place a speaker in.

So if you were in doubt whether you should, or should not use a sound deadening material, know that once you do it, you will recognize the difference immediately and wish you would have done it sooner.

Considering Dynamat has been in the industry for an entire generation (of humans, not cars), they offer various types of their products, so you can choose exactly what you need.

From Dynamat Hoodliner, Dynamat Dynaliner, Dynamat DynaPad, and many others depending on which part of the car you would like to cover.

Our suggestion would be depending on your budget. If money is not the problem, we suggest you Dynamat the whole cabin.

But, if you would like to save a little money, we suggest you use it on the doors, but also on any other place where speakers are.

It is a bit difficult to mount it, as it requires removing all the seats, carpeting, door panels and other panels, and headliner, and then applying Dynamat, but it is nothing that watching a few tutorials on YouTube wouldn’t explain in details.

Pros of Dynamat

Waterproof and heat resistant

Yes, Dynamat is also waterproof and heat resistant.

It is made of very durable materials that block and absorb the sound, but also withstand high heat and don’t allow water to come through it.

Choose what you need

Dynamat has a great number of products.

They are separated into kits for different parts of your car, so you have kits for doors, kits for a trunk, for a floor, kits for the hood and kits for the headliner.

Other than that, you can buy it in bulk, and use one and the same kit for any part you wish to soundproof.

Great for sound deadening

Dynamat is considered one of the best, if not the very best, product for sound deadening.

So, if you buy it, you won’t have any problems with the outside noise once you install it.

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Cons of Dynamat

A bit harder to install

Installing Dynamat can be a bit tricky. It requires a lot of work that, if you are a newbie, will probably be too much for you.

Yes, YouTube tutorial videos can help you, but in our opinion, it is better to find a professional that can do it for you.

It’s more expensive… kind of

Since it comes in the bigger package, it is more expensive than its competitors.

But when you compare the prices per square feet, they are pretty much the same.

SoundSkins vs Dynamat

So, which one is better? Is it SoundSkins? Is it Dynamat?

Since you are searching for the best product to deaden the noise in your car, both of them will do what they are meant to do. Both are high-quality products so only finesses differentiate them.

If you are looking for a thing you can install yourself and feel proud for doing a great thing for your car and you, SoundSkins is the option for you.

However, if you want to use a special kit for a specific area of your car, then choose Dynamat. They offer a much wider range of products for different parts of your vehicle.

The price of both, when compared by square feet, is pretty much the same, so it all comes down to what product, or manufacturer, you personally like better.

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