Soundskins Review: Products, Pros & Cons and Benefits


In order to make your car soundproof and negate most of the vibrations created by the engine and other parts of the car, you can use different products.

They can make your driving sessions be much more enjoyable because you will be able to listen to your favorite music, talk to your friends or even just drive in complete silence if you want.

One of the best brands for sound dampening products is definitely SoundSkins, with its history of high-quality products and services.

Today, I’ll talk about some of the best products SoundSkins offers, as well as compare it to one of its biggest competitors, Dynamat.


SoundSkins Review

SoundSkin is a company that comes from Australia and ever since its beginnings, it has been one of the best manufacturers of sound dampening products, not just in Australia, but even further.

It offers a lot of high-quality products that are capable of reducing the external noise in your car, lessening vibrations and help with heat resistance.

Different SoundSkins Products

When it comes to different types of products, SoundSkin offers two versions of most of its products, Lite and Pro products.

Let’s find out more about each of these individual types and see how they are different from each other, as well as what are their main goals.

1. SoundSkins Lite

SoundSkin Lite Products are usually made to be used on the interior of car’s doors, floors and different types of panels.

Their main goal is to decrease the amount of vibrational effect your car produces, thus improving the quality of bass.


Apart from that, it is very good when it comes to reducing the external noise that is coming from the car surrounding, such as traffic noise from other cars, etc.

The “Lite” part is there because of pretty common design, which allows you to easily set the product up, without having to use any additional tools and help.

Also, sound dampening effects that SoundSkins Lite offers are lesser than Pro versions offer, but it is still enough for some regular users.

2. SoundSkins Pro

If the SoundSkins Lite version is not enough for you, and you want a product that will definitely make your car completely silent, then you can use the advanced SoundSkins Pro products.

What makes them different than the Lite version is that they have an additional layer of foil, making them more effective than Lite products.

So, what are SoundSkins Pro products good for?

Well, just like Lite version products, they are good for using on interior parts of different panels, car doors, and floors.

Apart from that, they are also quite good for muffling the outside noise, such as the noise coming from other cars, vehicles and similar.

Also, SoundSkins Pro products are enhanced with additional high-quality materials, so they are more effective when it comes to reducing the noise and vibrations, meaning that you will be able to enjoy in completely quiet driving sessions and listen to your favorite music, with improved bass quality.

All of this is there because of additional foil which is in all SoundSkins Pro products, as well as better-quality foam and rubber butyl.

3. SoundSkins Pro Door Kit

As one separate product, I want to list the SoundSkins Pro Door Kit, which is one of the best products this company offers.

It is a very special one since it is made of the best quality materials, with a total of three layers of materials, such as rubber butyl, foam and foil.

Along with that, the foam in this product is a SXA foam, which means that it is also a bit waterproof, which is quite good for rainy and winter days.

The product is also quite easy to apply and set up, since it comes with a roller, meaning that you can simply use it to apply the product and you are good to go.

SoundSkins Pros and Cons

Let’s fly over some of the positive and negative sides of SoundSkins products, to get a short notion of what to expect when using them.


  • They are very good at dampening the external noise.
  • Most SoundSkins products are also built of waterproof materials, which is extremely useful during cold weather.
  • Most SoundSkins products are also built of waterproof materials, which is extremely useful during cold weather.
  • They have excellent heat insulation, allowing your car to always be dry, without having too much moisture during the winter and prevents it from overheating during the hot summer days.
  • Application is pretty simple, without the need to call professionals.


  • SoundSkin is a fairly new contestant on the market, so it still needs to make itself more visible, in order to beat its competition.
  • Because of that, SoundSkin doesn’t offer a wide range of different products, so there are only a couple of variations for you to choose from.

Factors to Consider When Buying SoundSkins Products

There are several different factors to consider if you decide to buy certain soundproofing products, which is also true for SounSkins products.

So, without any further due, let’s discuss what are the most important factors to consider when buying SoundSkins products.


1. The Level of Thickness

One of the most important things to look for in high-quality sound-dampener products is the level of thickness, of course.

The thicker the material is, the better it is at doing its job. In this field, Dynamat is still the leading product, but due to its higher price, people also turn to other alternatives, amongst which are SoundSkins products as well.

Luckily, SoundSkins does a pretty good job with its high-quality materials and additional layers of foam and foil, which comes with the SoundSkins Pro products.

These additional layers of different materials help with enhancing the anti-vibrational and sound dampening properties, as well as improving moist and heat resistance.

2. General Size

When it comes to choosing the right size for your sound-dampening material, the most important thing is to identify the areas that are crucial and focus on covering them.

Of course, you can also spend a bit more money and buy enough materials to cover everything, but there is usually no need to do that.

So, getting that extra material would be a waste of money. There are products of different sizes, allowing you to choose the one that suits you the most.

3. Endurance

Another quite important feature of high-quality soundproofing materials is their endurance, meaning that they should be able to last longer.

SoundSkins products are indeed made to be durable and to last for a long time, due to the excellent materials they are made of.

4. How Easy It Can Be Used

Dynamat products can sometimes be quite difficult to install if you are not experienced in that kind of thing, so people often decide to call professionals to do it for them.

On the opposite side, SoundSkins products are actually quite simple to set up the way you want them to be, due to very detailed and high-quality adhesives, which can fit almost every type of surface.

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Conclusion: Soundskins Review

That would be everything about SoundSkins products I wanted to tell you about today.

If you liked what you had read here, or if you have anything else to add, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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