This simple trick makes your bathroom & toilet smell amazing! (No more urine smell)

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Have you ever visited someone's home and noticed a slight smell in the bathroom, even though it looked clean? 

Or are you worried that you're too used to the smells in your toilet, but guests to your home might notice?

No worries, because we'll tackle those little-known areas that might harbor grime and odors, yet go unnoticed.

Pretty soon your bathroom will become inviting and odor-free for you and your guests!

Clean under your toilet tank with butter knife

Over time, dirt, grime, and even urine residue can accumulate underneath the toilet tank.

Using a butter knife, you can gently scrape away any buildup or residue from this area by wrapping a disinfectant wipe around it. 

This ensures that hidden dirt and odor-causing bacteria are removed, helping to keep your toilet smelling fresh.

Clean crevices with toothbrush and Q-tips

The crevices in and around toilet hinges are often overlooked during regular cleaning but can harbor dirt, grime, and urine residue.

Using an old toothbrush and Q-tips, scrub these hard-to-reach areas with vinegar thoroughly to remove any buildup.

Pay close attention to detail, as thorough cleaning of these crevices can significantly reduce urine odor in the bathroom.

Add a few drops of baby oil inside toilet roll

Adding a few drops of baby oil inside the cardboard tube of the toilet paper roll can provide a subtle and pleasant fragrance every time the roll is used.

As the toilet paper is pulled, the scent of the baby oil is released, helping to freshen the air in the bathroom.

This simple trick can be a delightful addition to your bathroom routine and helps combat unpleasant odors effectively.

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